Online Shopping and Servicing the Server

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Online Shopping and Servicing the ServerYou men out there might be surprised to know that girls chat about their dildos, vibrators, and dongs, things we have sex with, things that are designed by men who wish to sexually pleasure themselves with, when no men are around to give us one.So at her recommendation I signed onto a website for adult toys and was seduced by a Dedo, a Swedish manufacturer of women’s pleasure toys and I will just say, the one I bought has not disappointed me, and has been used as my first choice insertion tool, whenever the mood strikes me.So I was a little surprised when a mail came in from the web-shop I had purchased it from, and in the mail they were offering more of the same toys and extras for basically fucking myself silly.The sender was offering a large range of choices for me to choose from, but only if I would participate in disclosing every time I masturbated and how the event unfolded and if I had a good orgasm.After a set number of mails to him I would receive my gift of choice.As I read and re-read the mail any initial reaction to it subsided, once I had accepted the reasoning behind it, after all I was a known user of sex toys, this guy had sold me one, he had my credit card details, name and address, phone number etc., information I had freely supplied, and now he was horny and needed a like minded female, one that could be persuaded or seduced, by the vast range of sexual merchandise at his disposal, to give him some one on one pleasure.I replied to him acknowledging my existence as a sex toy consumer and told him I was intrigued by his offer and did he compromise other female customers, and if so, did he have a good success rate.Within two hours of sending the mail, my phone rang and on answering it was taken aback to hear the strange male voice on the line, it was him, we were talking to each other on the phone.It was a strange sensation talking to a man, who called you by your first name, especially when you consider that all matters sexual and on the internet are conducted with a modicum of anonymity, and here I was with a potential sexual predator, looking for sex and calling me at home for conformation of my interest.From experience in these types of maraş escort sites because we hide behind a veil or different persona, we can take it one step at a time, slowly releasing more and more about ourselves, as our confidence and our interest in each other grows, until we meet and enjoy ourselves.But as my persona was blown and this guy could simply have turned up at my front door with a clip-board, pen and paper and asked me the same questions, I relented to chat with him, as a mixture of intrigue and sexual innuendo, had captivated me in one mood.So I wanted answers to my questions as laid out on my mail to him, ‘Was he fucking his customers?’My question, as printed, took him off guard, and he laughed nervously but admitted he had compromised some ladies and had some success.He also admitted that these ladies were older and not so desirable, hence their keenness to meet and do it.So how did he know I was not a fat old woman looking for cock? Simple, he had researched my name and found photos of me from my previous job, old photos that had never been removed and he was enamoured by my looks and shape, the oldest being 11 months ago, taken at my farewell party.By now we were matter of fact and chatting like two old friends, all pretence dropped, and all he wanted was to meet me and fuck.He suggested his shop in Stockholm, in a suburb close to where a girlfriend of mine stayed, then remembering my other girlfriend who introduced me to the site, I asked him if he had approached her.I waited as he typed away at his computer then a low whistle came down the phone line as he further checked on her, and a, ‘My God, wow she is hot, she id fit’ breathed into my ear, still silence and then I blurted out, ‘Like to fuck her too?’He laughed nervously, ‘Do you think she will?’ I got the impression he was getting out of his depth and this was starting to look too big for him to handle.’I will call her and ask her, then let you know’, adding, ‘If we do it will be together, and we choose what we want, agreed’ and I got the confirmation I need and hung-up.True to my word I called Pia and we agreed to go up to Stockholm and stay over and visit the shop before returning home. We both went to the shop escort maraş on the Sunday, it was closed to the public, but he was waiting for us and when he opened the door, we were confronted by an older gentleman of Indian decent.Talk about c***dren in a candy store, we were walking about with our mouths open, with Pia picking up vibes and dongs of all sizes and giggling, and he stood there dribbling, staring at two mature MILFS, here waiting to be fucked and serviced by him.Pia grabbed a plastic basket and started to through a wide range of toys into it, panties stockings belts and all sorts of attire, including DVD’s covering all types of sex.At one point she stopped close by him, turned and said into his face, ‘When I fuck I don’t come cheap’, and continued shopping.He came over to me and looked at my selection laid out on the counter top, ‘You like em big’? and with that utterance, put his arms around me and grabbed my ass, pulling my skirt up to expose my knickers, and started rubbing my pussy inside my knickers.He was rough, probably inexperienced, but now urgency had taken over, as his need to fuck a blond Swedish girl and shove his brown penis into her pussy, was resulting in him prodding all the wrong places and missing the target area, which was wet and ready to receive him.As he fumbled and I tried to help, Pia came in behind him, encircling her arms around his waist, and whispered, ‘Easy big boy’, continuing with, ‘Lets all enjoy ourselves’.She sounded intoxicated, her eyes were glazed as she kissed his neck and poked her her long tongue into his ear.She was working the belt on his pants and when undone, pushed them down, lifting one leg, then the other, out of his pants. Soon he stood in his shirt only, with one girls head on each side of his, both of us kissing and licking him, me stroking his hard cock in front of him and Pia fumbling behind him.My skirt was riding high above my waist and my panties were down, in effect rendering my pubic area naked and in that position, I firmly held his cock in my hand, pressing it into my pubic bone and rubbing my clitoris against his shaft.’There you go’, said Pia triumphantly, she was pushing hard against his buttocks as he started to maraş escort bayan dry hump me, his cock resting upright on my belly, trapped in between my labia rubbing my clitoris, and as my hands dropped to his waist they came into contact with Pias, she was doing the thrusting and reaching behind him and feeling down his ass, felt the rubber dong slid in and out of him, she was ass-fucking him, with a big strap-on. ‘You like that’ I asked him, now getting into this absurdity, ‘Fuck he likes it up his ass’ I mouthed as Pia banged away behind him.I heard his groan from deep and as it it rose, so did his sperm, spurting out between our stomachs, ‘He’s fucking cumming’ I yelled to Pia, who responded be sticking her hand between us, scooping his cum and wiping it on his face, then mine, laughing crazily, and finished licking her fingers clean.The heat was on and I found myself kissing him, and his sperm smeared face, gathering a globule with my tongue and sticking it into his mouth and taking it back into my mouth in a sperm swapping exercise, while reaching in between us to try and mount him, but his cock had gone flaccid, by this time.Pia looked comical, she stood naked,as she had stripped off before ass fucking him and now she stood there with the dildo waving and bobbing up and down. strapped to her crotch, and as she advanced on me I panicked, as I thought she wanted to fuck me with it, but she crumpled up into a fit of laughter.I looked across at him and was admiring his physique, willing his penis to respond and get hard again, even suggesting we have a drink before getting into it again.’Why wait’ said Pia as she dropped onto his cock and took him in her mouth, sucking deeply interspersed with ball sucking and crotch licking.Picking up another Lelo I set about relieving myself as he watched me twist and squirm, squeeze my breasts and tug my nipples, I went through the full repertoire of female tricks and manipulations, used in privacy when we masturbate.He watched me with a fascination, normally reserved for the few as his quest for answers to his customers masturbatory methods unfolded before his eyes and the sights and the feeling his cock was experiencing, in Pias mouth, worked as she rose and slid his length into her hairy pussy and fucked him, giving me the visual stimulation of two contrasting skin tones intermeshed in copulation, caused me to cry out in orgasm unashamedly in front of my best friend and her lover.