one of our many regular weekends

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one of our many regular weekendsPART 4the slopping sound of elliots cock as i speedily tossed it off was getting me hotter and hotter, i needed his cock in me, the other girl started kissing me and dragged in her teeth from my mouth part of the panties there in, we stretched the torn fabric as we clenched it in our teeth, then Elliot rested his cock against my arse hole, though he didnt thrust, instead, he told me to push back, while he held his cock in place and to konya escort prevent slipping, I backed up onto his stiff meaty stick, that feeling of his bell end first entering was so good. and the other girl kneeled infront of us both (we were standing obnviously) so that she could lick my throbbing pertruding hard clit and lick elliots balls as i forced my tight ass down the length of his cock, i couldnt contain myself any longer, i felt my first orgasm aproaching.. escort konya oh my god, her tongue flicking over my clit, and Elliots cock in and out of my ass and the building stages aproaching, i grabbed the other girls head in a ‘keep doing what your doing way’ and then as i peaked i sprayed my hot squirt all over her face and colthes, it was so intence the clenching forced Elliots rock like cock from my ass, as the last squirt left my cunt, elliot was konya escort bayan back in there, now her was doing the pounding.. and sexy and hard too ‘fuck’ i thought ill cum again at this rate, then the dripping girl stood up and smiled at me, my squirt still running down her face, and soddening the vest top, she took the top off and began kissing me deeep., i could taste the flavor of my orgasm on her lips, then Elliot cast me aside, as he brought the girl towards him, ‘such that didty bitches pussy off my cock’ he told her, she looked innocently at him maintaining eye contact all the way down then ballenced his bell end agains her lips, i was on the sofa masterbating and recovering…..TBC…