On The Plane

30 Haziran 2020 0 Yazar: admin


On The PlaneWell, fantasies do run wild sometimes when you yearn for some cock…. This is one of mine >.< . hope you guys like it ^_^On The PlaneYou make your way to the bathroom (on the plane)………a few moments later, I join you. You meet me with a kiss – with your kiss is a hidden promise! I bite my bottom lip as I look at you with my brown eyes – the look that says I want you so badly.You quickly pull my dress up (only to discover I am wearing NO panties!), as I also try to undo your pants….it is very small in elazığ escort here, but it’s sexy – it gives us reason to be against one another…. We manage to remove all necessary clothing – my dress, your jeans, and half way unbutton your shirt……..you lift me up on the edge of the sink, and force your vicious cock into my tight, soaked pussy! You lean into me, as my back is against the mirror, my feet resting/pushing/kicking the wall behind you – letting the other passengers know what we are up to! I push escort elazığ you away, you sit on the lid of the toilet (which has been covered with necessary paper towels), you grab my waist and pull me to you as get my pussy to your cock,……. I sit straight up, back curved a little, and sit hard on your cock…..you grab my breasts from behind me, rubbing them hard….I swing my hips around in fast, tiny circles as I bounce myself quickly on your dick….swinging my body ….rubbing your dick as it strokes my pussy… elazığ escort bayan I place one hand on the wall, the other on the sink next to us, and bounce my wet little pussy on your hard, pulsing cock as I thrust my pelvis forward and backward in an orgasmic convulsion. I moan (loudly) as I am cumming on your cock, you’re rubbing my body everywhere, feeling my moves, now feeling my pussy contract so tightly on your massive cock.. We both moan, you pull me to you as you bite my neck…..you’re cumming in me, squeezing my waist, my breasts, my pulling at my face to kiss you…. you cum in me……”oh god, fuck me baby!”……….”mmmmm”……….”yessss!” I quickly get up, turn around, bite your lip, your neck, and bend over, sucking our cum off your dripping cock!