On my Stomach Using a Condom (Challenge #4)

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On my Stomach Using a Condom (Challenge #4)In 2002 and 2003 when I was 23-24 years old, I decided to do a series of interesting masturbation challenges and I made detailed notes of the results. Here are the notes from one of those challenges:Challenge #4 – On my Stomach Using a Condom for 7 Sessions.—————————————————————————————————-DATES: October 10, 2002 – October 27, 2002 LENGTH: 17 Days, 1 Hour, 35 MinutesChallenge: To masturbate by rubbing/thrusting against a surface while lying on my stomach and using a condom for seven consecutive sessions. Expected Difficulty: Moderate (Simple, Moderate, Difficult, Challenging)Actual Difficulty: ModerateRequirements / Restrictions:- Must only rub/thrust my penis against a surface while lying on my stomach.- May not stimulate my penis with my hands. – Must use a condom and ejaculate into the condom.Allowances:- May touch my penis with my hands only when putting the condom on, taking it off, cleaning up semen, or while positioning my penis for thrusting.Dates:Session 1 – Thur. Oct. 10 4:54am – 39 mins – Very GoodSession 2 – Sat. Oct. 12 2:18pm – 32 mins – Very GoodSession 3 – Tues. Oct. 15 3:07am – 39 mins – ExcellentSession 4 – Sat. Oct. 19 1:52pm – 23 mins – AwesomeSession 5 – Tues. Oct. 22 3:05pm – 37 mins – ExcellentSession 6 – Thur. Oct. 24 4:41pm – 35 mins – AwesomeSession 7 – Sun. Oct. 27 4:32am – 57 mins – ExcellentSession Ratings (Highest to Lowest): Awesome, Excellent, Very Good and GoodTotal Time of Challenge: Oct. 10 – Oct. 27 – 2.43 Weeks (17 Days, 1 Hour, 35 Minutes)Observations:I wasn’t exactly looking forward to this challenge, I didn’t think it would be very amazing, I knew it would be different and it was. In each of the sessions I put on a condom (as required by the challenge) to protect the surface I thrust against from semen stains and to make for an easier clean-up. I noticed that getting an erection took a few minutes in each session, and wasn’t as hard as usual once erect. I also noticed I became very slightly less erect each time I was about to put the condom on. After I put the condom on I would use a tissue to remove most of the condom lubrication as I didn’t want it to stain the sheets. In the first few sessions, I was still trying to find a good position and surface for penis thrusting. In the first and second session I was thrusting against my comforter while slightly on my right side/stomach. This felt alright, although I found my penis/condom would stick against the skin of my stomach too often making it uncomfortable. After that, in the same session, I tried thrusting directly on my stomach against the sheets on my bed, but again because of my penis/condom sticking against the skin on my stomach, it was too uncomfortable and I had to stop. I went back on my right side/stomach and thrusted again into the comforter, this time folded around my penis as much as possible. I tried to delay ejaculation for a while yozgat escort by using the start and stop method. Whenever the pleasure got so intense that I thought I would ejaculate, I would either stop or thrust very, very slowly. This is why the sessions were around 30 mins long. In the middle of the second session, I heard a pop and felt a pressure change on my penis. The condom had broke and it exposed the head of my penis. I removed the broken condom, and put on a new one and went back to my session. I figure it was from the extensive friction and heat from rubbing it against my comforter/sheets for so long that lead to breakage.In the third session I thought of a suggestion I read online of wrapping a T-shirt around your penis and thrusting into it, and I also thought of getting the spare soft fluffy pillow out of the closet and putting it under me, then taking a spare empty pillowcase (Instead of a T-Shirt) and wrapping it around my penis with the condom on. This would end the problem of my penis/condom sticking to the skin on my stomach. This worked extremely well, and I used it for the remaining sessions so for the third session onward, the rating of each session went from “Very Good” to “Excellent” or “Awesome”.In the fourth session, I got out the hand-restraint loop of fabric I keep in my drawer and I put my hands behind my back on top of my butt and put my wrists through the loop and pretended to be restrained there, as I thrusted my penis into the pillowcase and soft pillow. Sometimes the sensations I was feeling in the condom felt similar to how it feels to get a blow job. Especially when some of my pre-cum oozed inside the condom, making it slip and slide a bit when I thrusted into it. Other times I thought of the idea of having sex with someone, thrusting into their vagina or butt. I would often grip the pillows tightly and with each thrust, I imagined the expressions on my face as the pleasure increased. Expressions of desperation and ecstasy. I would often get sweaty. My face, arms, chest, legs and shins were sweaty. Sometimes I would have my face lying on the pillow facing to my left, other times I would have my head facing upward with my chin lying on the edge of the top of the pillow.Sometimes the end of the condom would ride up a bit on my penis and the reservoir tip would even point in another direction and I would reposition it back to the proper place. For each of the sessions, I noticed that in the first 10-20 thrusts, there wasn’t much pleasure, but as I continued, the pleasure increased greatly. I found that when the pleasure increased, my breathing became very quick wispy breaths and I felt close to ejaculation, so I tried breathing deeply instead and I noticed that the feeling of impending ejaculation was less, though the pleasure of the thrusts continued. When I ejaculated it felt different than hand stimulation because of the sensation of the condom tip area filling with semen and I could feel escort yozgat the warmth of my semen against the opening of my penis. I could also feel the veins in my penis pulsating around the base of the condom and sometimes it felt like the semen might be leaking out, but it wasn’t. Also, the head of my penis became very sensitive after the first spurt of semen and so continued thrusting after that became so intense that I wanted to stop or slow my thrusting.In the last session, I figured this would be the last time I would do this for a long time so I might as well try to make it the best one yet. I started by lying on my bed with my socks, underwear and shirt on. I did this by the light of the TV set to video mode where it shows only a blue screen, this provided just enough light. Starting like I do with my usual hand-stimulation sessions by pretending someone was dominating me. I took off one piece of clothing, then the next. I thought this would also help me gain an erection a bit faster. I whipped my underwear down a bit quickly as if someone else was whipping them down. I took off my underwear and it still took a few minutes to get a full erection. Then I put the condom on, and started the thrusting into the pillowcase wrapped around my penis on top of the fluffy pillow under me. I turned the fan so that it was blowing over my body, this caused a different sensation and it kept me cool. I started with speed setting 1 then I increased it to speed setting 2 half way through the session as I was sweating more. I got out the hand-restraint loop of fabric and had that on for a while, then I got the idea of trying anal stimulation. I got out one of the surgical gloves in my drawer, put it on my left hand and gently inserted my left gloved index finger into my anus. I tried feeling for my prostate, and I think I was able to glide my fingernail across it a few times because as I was thrusting and doing this at the same time, I felt like I was about to ejaculate, so I slowed my thrusting, sometimes stopping and continued a bit longer with the anal stimulation. I didn’t use lubrication as it would have been messier and not easy to get to the bottle from this position. I pretended like my finger was a penis thrusting in and out of me. After a while, I was eager to get back to regular thrusting, so I took my finger out and took the glove off. As I was thrusting, there were times when it was uncomfortable and even slightly painful and I had to reposition my penis. Later in the session, I was nearing ejaculation, so very, very near and I actually had just started ejaculating when at that moment, I felt that the condom probably broke. I didn’t want to stain the pillowcase with my semen, so I stopped all thrusting and tightened my PC muscles to try and stop the ejaculation in mid-stream. I was partially successful, though when I pulled my penis out of the rolled up pillowcase, I noticed that I did get a good amount of semen on the pillowcase. yozgat escort bayan I wiped it off with a tissue, took off the broken condom and put on a new condom. I still had my erection and was still horny to continue with my session. I started thrusting again for a bit longer, then I thought that this had lasted long enough, I was happy, so I allowed myself to ejaculate again and it was pretty intense. I basically got two ejaculations for the price of one which is extremely rare for me. The orgasm of the first ejaculation wasn’t as intense as the second one.I have to note that there were a couple of times when I broke the rule of “No touching my penis for stimulation”, but they weren’t during an actual session. Once I played with my erect penis briefly in bed when I woke up, and another time I took my erect penis out of my pants while sitting in my computer chair and mostly stared at it or touched it briefly.Conclusions:I found that at first, in the first few sessions, I couldn’t really get into it until I found a method that worked well for thrusting pleasure – the fluffy pillow under me with an empty pillowcase wrapped around my penis (with a condom on). From then on, I was able to get into it more. From the third session onward, with the discovery of this optimal position, the ratings went from “Very Good” to “Excellent” or “Awesome”. I noticed that I longed for hand-stimulation and that at times, I just wished I could get this challenge over with so I could go back to hand-stimulation and my standard fantasies which I found difficult to use in this kind of thrusting-type masturbation. I found that with extended thrusting onto fabric, the friction and heat sometimes causes the condom to break. An experience I would not want to happen during actual intercourse. I now have a better idea of how fragile a condom can be. I found that using the stop and go method I learned in hand-stimulation worked well with thrusting too. It really prolonged the sessions and at times the pleasure was very intense.Being in the position of lying on my stomach and thrusting like this added a new dimension to masturbating. It didn’t feel like masturbation as I knew it, it felt closer to what having sex would feel like. I felt different emotions. I felt vulnerable, I felt “close” to the pillows I was thrusting against, as though I were part of them, inside them. Feeling the air across the back of my legs and butt and with each thrust, feeling them rub against the sheets, it felt very sensual. This type of masturbation is probably the closest technique I have ever used to what intercourse would feel like. That said, I noticed I longed for hand-based stimulation and wanted this challenge to be over with, though from time to time, I might like to masturbate this way.Would you do it again? Recommendations:I don’t think I’d care to do this challenge again. I would recommend that the optimal position/technique I found could be improved upon by adding lubrication somehow, although this would be more messy, it would also probably reduce the chance of condom breakage and increase pleasure.Challenge Status: COMPLETED, MET CHALLENGE REQUIREMENTSMAY HAVE BROKEN A RULE – Read last paragraph under ‘Observations’