Nylon does the Double 2

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Nylon does the Double 2We were all spent but the Viagra was keeping our cocks nice and hard. I got up and went to the mini bar for a scotch and I could feel their lustful eyes watching my every move. I sipped my drink and told them I needed to freshen up a bit before anything else happened. I grabbed a quick shower and took my time soaping up my still hard cock. When I stepped from the shower I could here the two of them talking and eased toward the door to take a listen. The friend was asking how good my ass was since I sucked him off so well and the other said that he would no doubt get his turn to fuck me. I liked the sound of that so I slipped on my silk white bikini panties and some sheer barely black tights. I composed myself and walked through the door to find the two of them slowly wanking each other off.They both stopped and stared at me as I walked in and I new it was time to get to work again. I looked the friend in muğla escort the eye and told him to get behind me and fuck me and the bent over with my legs apart and reached for the other hard cock that was crying out to be sucked. I licked around the head and then up and down the shaft then flicked my tongue over his balls and I could hear him start to moan. Meanwhile his mate was pressing his hard dick up against my sexy ass. He was really getting into it and I new this was going to be a good fuck. He delicately made a hole in the gusset and eased my panties to one side before pushing a wet finger into my asshole.Up front he was getting a bit excited and grabbed my head to guide it onto his throbbing member. I was happy to oblige and began to give a slow deep suck. This made his moan louder and deeper and I heard him tell his friend to get his rod up me.He heard that cause I felt the tip of his prick touch my aching hole. escort muğla He started by just pushing the head of it in then after a couple of goes at that he pushed the whole lot in in one thrust. I nearly gagged on the cock in my mouth and had to pull off until he found his rhythm. This guy really wanted this and he was full on hard fucking from the off. He was nearly knocking me off my feet! But the other guy was feeling left out so I focused and lowered my mouth back onto his cock. He tasted great and once I got into it I was sucking so hard and deep while my ass was being relentlessly pounded.After about 10 minutes he pulled his cock from my ass and said he wanted to change positions. He wanted me on my back on the edge of the bed so I could put my shins on his shoulders and he could feel my nylon covered legs and feet while he fucked me. I did as was asked and he wasted no time ramming his cock right back up me. The muğla escort bayan other knelt beside my head so I could turn and suck him off at the same time. My own cock was nearly ready to come so it was a great surprise when a hand wrapped around it and wanked me off. Now I really was in heaven and the moans of pleasure filled the room. I managed to grunt that I was going to cum and I wasn’t the only one to feel that way. I wanted them both to cum all over me and that is exactly what they did. The one in my mouth was first and as I felt that final swell of his cock he withdrew and jerked it with his hand to release his hot spunk over my face and chest. God it was so hot it nearly burnt me. This took the other one over the edge and he gave a couple of last slow hard thrusts before pulling out and covering my tights and belly with his load.They both moved round so I could lick them clean and then we all slumped onto the bed. We were all well and truly fucked out. What a hell of a way to spend a day!After we had all showered and changed they said they had to get going so we arranged another date and away they went. As for me , well that’s another story….