New wonderful person erupted into my world

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New wonderful person erupted into my worldI had reciently broke of a relationship with a younger man taht really was not as I had expected and it sent me for a loop to say the least and so I was thinking maybe I was destined to be alone and that I was about to just give up and say fuck it all and notdeal with the drama of men in my life. God knows I had been thru enough with the ones that I had been. I was bored one nightand had already checked all my sites so I could not sleep and I did not want to goto bed so I thought what the hell I will goto local community site where you could pretty much sell a car buy pussy or get a dog and yes find a date on one of their many personals they had personals for everything and I was not in my usual kinky mood so I just went in to the most usual site whichwas man seeking female and I figured the worst case scenerio I would see a few cock pictures and read some silly shit and sinceI am a beautiful full figured woman I already knew that I would read alot of hight weight perportionate only need apply. Or eventhe most cruel I could come across is no fat chicks so it could not turn out bad because this was not my first rodeo and I openedthe personals and the first ad that I come across is a 39 year old male looking for a single white female and the only 2 qualities thathe wanted was a non cheater and someone looking for a relationship well he did not say what else he was looking for so I figuredthat I would send him an email and see what came from that and so that is just exactly what I did and I waited and really wasnot expecting for anything real to come of it. I sent him 2 pictures and 1 was of me with out makeup and the other 1 was of me all dressed as my gothic self. I was to the point that if he could not take me as I am then fuck him because I was tired of being someonethat I am not. Well a few minutes later I recieved an email notification and so I figured that I would go check it even know it was probably just some spam. I went and checked my email and there was a message from evidently Terry and he said he was interested and not worried about looksand that I could look at his picture and see if I was still interested and I looked and was intriged. So I sent him a message back and told him thatyes I was interested and that I lived in one of the suburbs of columbus and that I was 38 and we talked and sent emails back and forth for a few and thenI sent him my phone number and he tried to call but I did not know the number so I decided to just go ahead and sent it to voicemail I listened to the voice and it was Terry. He had a special accent that only a hood rat dweller from where I grew up would talk I had worked hard to change the slangin my voice so that I was not as easy to figure out where i was from not that I was ashamed of my upbringing but the only good things that came from where I grew up kütahya escort was d**g dealers and prostitutes and I was neither. I gave him my messenger name and we startedim”ing eachother and we talked non stop for 2 days and I mean non stop and I sent him all my favorite pictures from here at hamster andI had also decided that I was not going to hide my porno life style because I enjoyed it and it was a part of me the greatest part of me.After mt last biggest break up and feeling like a useless piece of shit all that kept me going was my fan base on hamster so I was not going to let my fans down and I have not to this very day. Well to much my surprise Terry was intriged and kept asking for more pictures and even stareted reading my stories even though that I had started him slow because I was still scared to scare him away because every one knows my stories can be very hairy to say the least and to make matters worse we started talking about our lives and sex and our beliefs and I was actually afraid for once to meet him because Iwas so afraid that I would and that he would not like me even though he has seen every single side of me and I mean every single tattoo and every single everything about me and then he said the single most wonderful statement that I have ever heard and probaly will ever hear again and it was whenever your ready.Are you serious no man has ever cared one way or another if I cared about anything so I finally said do you want me to take a shower and come over there and hesaid yes I would like to see you but I want you to be comfortable so I broke down my walls and I said ok I am going to take a shower and when I get done I will hit you up on the computer and put it onwebcam so you can know that I am getting ready and he said ok so I ran up before i lost my nerve and took a shower and then ran down stirs and told him I was on the web cam and he watched me as I got ready and did my long hair and which was all he talked about and then when I was ready I told him he could go ahead and come get me and when we got back to his house he was like damn and I said what and he kept telling me damn you have such a pretty face and I was waiting for the usual come back but none came he just kept saying like damn I could not believe how you smelled when you got in the car it was like making me so hornybut I did not want to offend you. Are you serious offended. Telling a woman she smells erotic and appealing was anything but offending at least to me anyways.Well trust me that was not to be the only thing that he surprised me with. And he decided to drink a few beers and then after drinking his 6 pack he then all of asudden he came over to me and started kissing me and was like ready to go to bed I could not say no because I had already seen a picture of his cock and I could notwait to see if what the picture was showning kütahya escort bayan me was true. So we went into the bedroom and we laid on teh bed and he started kissing me and then the next ting I know he was taking off my clothes and what a switch because I am normally the aggresser and I am very dominate and the next thing I know he startes to think that he is going to start eatingme and I was not having it because I have not had a shower because we sat and talked for hours and so he pulled out his cock and slammed it in me like oh my god.I had never felt a cock like that and my biggest turn on was a man that was loud and moaned and groaned and talked during sex and believe me that was something i could not wait for so he was pulling my hair telling me how wet my pussy was and hot and I was lost and yes I said lost I have never lost control of my pussy we were an unbreakable team.I realed in the manand she realed in them and their man parts to make the most out of what package we were delivered well with Terry this was not to be the case this time and even as I write this story for you my dearest fans I am still amazed and at awe as to what I am going to do about my situation. And yes believe me its a hell of a situation. My pussy no longer was listening to me I could not control her she was like linked to him and worked on his command and yes I said commands. I am a squirter but the more he said cum on my cock bitch make it wetreal wet give it to me and do not stop and the next thing that I knew my pussy went from an occasional squirt to a faucet and I mean faucet. I was so surprised but it felt so good and I wasloving it and I begged him to cum I wanted to feel him cum and wanted it bad and he played me to a point of no return. He talked to me and was completely under his spell. I finally started toturn the tables because he had decided that I was his slave and that I was his slut and that was at that moment making me completely that out for mine and the only way that I could figure that I was going to get mine was to take it and I tried in so many ways but if his cock was embedded in my pussy i had no control so after nailing his back with my nails slapping his ass and even biting him I rolled him on to his back and did the only thing that I knew I still had control over and that was my mouth and my fingers and if he wanted to see a tease and feel what it was like to want something and not get it well now was the time for me to take over and show him that I too could be in control and I grasped his cock within my mouth and sucked and took his cock balls deep and sucked the shaft deeply and then released his cock and looked up at him and then realized that he had me by the hair and had his breathe all sucked in and was like wow and for once I had him exactly where I wanted him now he was putty in my handsand escort kütahya I was determined to give him some of the same medicine that he had gae me and I could not wait for it but then yet again he turned tables on me and was telling me how great he was getting his cock sucked andhow well he like it and then I remembered how he was so excited about the fact that when I was getting ready to cum that I purred and boy that noght I growed purred yelled bit and god only knows what else that I was doing but I knew that I was so trying to turn the tables back to being where I again was under control but to no avail there was not going to be a point where I was in charge and I sucked his huge beautifulcock until I thought that lock jaw was going to be the only satisfaction I got that night and yet again he had me at his mercy and then just as I was about to give up Terry rolled over on to his stomach and laid his head upon and my chest and I started rubbing his hair and his shoulders and down his back I went with the very tips of fingers down his ass and he quivered and giggled and I knew that I had him right where I wanted him to say the less and i rolled him slightly to his side and put my left arm under him and then grabbed his wrist with my left hand ad held his legs between my knees in a sizzor hold and then ran my fingersup and down his ass and spine until I could feel the goose bumps start to rise on his skin and he started laughing and squirming but then he noticed he was going no where and he struggled for a few and he said damn no this is not happening I am not about to be dating a chick stronger than me and I ever so huskly said in his ear this what they make zip ties for and he started struggling even more and learned even more that he was going no where completely no where. I could feel the panic in his voice as he thought that I had him right where I wanted him and then to my amaze I gave up on released him chuckled and started caressing his back and the next thing that I noticed was that the gentle b**st had fallen asleep in my arms and I knew right then that I was on a ride was not sure where he was going to take me or how long the ride was going to last but I knew right then that it was going to be a hell of a ride and that I had lost my rein with the life I had lived for 38 years that I was no longer a dominant 5’11” big bold beautiful woman I now was a dicked down woman that would try to regain herself a little at a time if it was even possible but I am not bitching because as I write this exactly 24 hours after that ordeal and orgasmic evening I am still sitting herewith a sore pussy and yet my clit throbs and my heart quickens looking across the living room at him hoping that I may get even a little of what he gave me last night and I could not wait to see if that was at least possible andas I now put this to words I am secretly hoping that I may get the upper hand and I wonder if he too is wondering if he will pay for the dick down he administered to an unknowing dominate white female. Look for the next installment and see if my hopes work out in the end. Good night allblessed be