Never know who you run up on, in the woods.

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Never know who you run up on, in the woods.I hunted all my life and few times do I run up on people. I hunt the big woods deeper than most go. Sitting in my stand I see a hunter walking by. I whistle and get his attn. He puts his arms up and starts talking, Thank God I found you. Was not a man, but a women. She got out of her stand and got lost. Had been walking for hours lost. I come down and talk with her. She wanted directions out and ask me to take her. I suggested she stay with me in the stand. I did not plan to walk out till after dark. She had been told to stay in her stand till someone got her. she had to pee and wanted to be away from her stand. She got lost on her way back. I gave canlı bahis siteleri her some snacks and something to drink. Sitting in my stand I have little room. Its near mid day and getting winter warm. Coats off and I notice how good she looks. Her BF thinks she is in her stand about 2 miles away. No phones for either of us and no radios. She tells me how uncomfortable the seat is, I put her on my lap. I warp my arms around her and she relaxes. She is pretty tired and just not comfortable. She turns side way and wraps her arms around me. head on my shoulder and she is sleeping shortly. I watch her sleep and think how good she feels. Nice C cup tits and plump little ass. tipobet She’s 22 and very pretty. She wakes up and moves some. I look down and she smiles. Looks at me and pulls me down and kissed me. Goes on for a bit and I have my hands on a very firm chest. She pulls up her shirt and dumps out a pretty set of tits. stand up and her pants come down. I sit her on the rail of the stand with my coat for padding. I give her some oral pleasure and she returns the favor. After minute or two she mounts me and starts working her ass. Its nice and its wet, more so its a hot one. She has a soft orgasm and stops. I lay her on the floor of the stand and mount her. We fuck slow with tipobet giriş a nice slap with I bottom out. She has another orgasm and is working it to me. I start to back off and cum, she pulls me close, Its ok give it to me. I manage anther orgasm out of her before I pump a load in her.I feel the splash of the cum hitting her cervix and she moans with each pulse. Get dressed and have two hours left to hunt. I would rather enjoy her for that time, I guess I better not. We are acting like two in love and I hold her like she is mine. The day is finished and I walk her out. I find her BF and hand her over. She hugs me and tells me how nice I am. The following Saturday near noon I look up and its her again. We spend a few hours enjoying each other. On the way out a friend tells me how lucky I am. I ask what he is talking about. he tells me how he walked to me and found me fucking this girl. told he could not stand it, he watched with binoculars.