Mystery Person On my Window Solve!(Part 2)

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Mystery Person On my Window Solve!(Part 2)I left of in……As i snap out of my daydreaming by glance out of my window with a shadow looking in my room (it was at night around 2am). It was dark in my room soo i couldnt tell if there trying to break in my room so i reach for my machete and pretended as i was asleep as the person is comeing in thru my window I…..((But before i start im clear things a bit about my mantion. I live in a Aparment in the Valley in the second floor. My room is the only one in the second floor in the second floor of my apt. There is a roof right out my window for a fire emergency escape connected to all my neihbior windows (if i wanted to i could get out my window walk to the window next to me and get in there Apt) But that is not me im not desprete to steal or do something (sober). On with the story))I see the person comeing straight at me as they come inside my room (my first tought ima get stabed) so i let the person get closer so i can surpris’em with a machete in there neck. As i hear the person getting closer to my feet area bursa escort that wouldnt give me a chance to reach to the neck. By the time i would stood up the person would do what they would have too do to silince me. I hear the person heavy breathing and some noise like if they are trying to get something out of there pocket but as there hand would be caought on to the pocket. So i freaked and stood up as quick as i can and grab the person by the hair with the machete almost about slice the neck “wait! Please Stop!” She said out loud but not screamed. It was girl! I was in shock it was my nehbiour (She is cute and has a nice body the last thing i rembered is that she had a crush on me a few years back when i bearly moved in, but now she has grown as well as her b**bs an her ass! i was surprised when i checked her out. “she is 2 years younger then me i kinda felt weird if i would be with her”) I asked her “what are you doing in my room!?” She was embereced and quiet. I saw her move her hand out of her small shorts real quick where her p*ssy is located escort bursa at. Then i knew what she was doing stading and looking at (then as i thought to my self now i know why there was a underwear in my closet and knocks at my window when i was downstairs homealone! everything connected it was her). She was about to turn around but i grabed her arm and told her “all this time it was you huh?” she replyed “I cant stop thinking about you” i said “you could off leave a note next to your undawear” (with a grin in my face) She said “sorry i was too horny that night and coudnlt stop looking at your thick c*ck as i kept getting more wet and hot i had too take my pantys off an plesure my self right there and then hopeing for you to wake up and find me pleasuring myself in front off you, it was so hard not grabing your c*ck and put it inside my tight p*ssy” I stoped her “wait your a virgin ?” (it was hard to belive, for me not to ask and what she just told me? i bet your thinking the same huh!?)She replyed “it probally sounds like im not a virgin and i bursa escort bayan would be doing this to evry guy that ask me to if would want to f*ck but because you dont follow me like a corndog i enjoy your c*ck and i only rub my pussy i dont shove sh*t in it! the only thing i would want in me is your fat c*ck! as you can alredy tell” the more she kept talking to me that way the more my “verga”(d*ck) was getting hard. She could tell i liked hearing her talk. ( i tknow whati have to do to know if she is lieying too me!)I turned my red light bulb on not so bright but enough, but enough too see if she was lieying. A pause off quiteness “i can leave if i freaked you out?” she said. I got close to her and i said ” you know there is only one way to find out if you are lieying to me right?” she looked with a grin on her face. ” you have too do the macarena dance!” as we laughed and i just started to kiss her hard to the point i could hear her breath on me she grabed my hair and with her other arm started to hug my back. I stoped before we all know what is going to happen next (im a clean dude i dont like messing with girls who has a dirty cuchy) so i satt her on my bed.With out a sound i reached in too her shorts and as i was about to pull them down she stopped me from continueing…(unntil next part 3)