My Wife on the Couch

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My Wife on the CouchThis happened quite some time ago, shortly after Keri and I were married. She was 27 at the time and I was 28. We were married for just over one year, but had dated all through high school and college so we were quite comfortable with each other. As with most couples, even though we had been having sex since high school, after getting married we went at it like rabbits. I think partly because we just thought that’s what newly married couples did. Well after about a year of marriage we found that there wasn’t really anything new to sex between the two of us (we already did the risky outdoor sex, anal, every position etc). I’m guessing it’s something that every couple goes through at one point or another. It was innocent talk and neither one of us ever thought about acting on it. Looking back on it now I’d say that we were a little immature in that department. As I mentioned Keri was 27 at the time, long blond hair, about 5’6″ and 125lbs. At the time we didn’t share the same friends but did hang out occasionally with each others friends. My friends had on many occasions made comments about how hot Keri was, and it got me pissed off and I’d try to suck it up and ignore them. There was one friend, Eddie that I hung out with more than the others. He was married shortly after Keri and I, so it seemed that we had a little more in common. Ironically he married a girl that Keri had gone to school with and Keri HATED her. You see Eddie’s wife had “stolen” Keri’s first boyfriend from her in high school and Keri has ever since proclaimed her to be “the biggest bitch ever”. As you can imagine it was very awkward when we all got together, however those times were very infrequent. Eddie and I and Keri have hung out enough times to hear stories about Eddie’s wife. His wife is not very fond of Keri either. As a result Keri has always seemed to have a unique dislike for Eddie as well but tolerated him because he was my friend. Because he was around so often, Keri was very comfortable around him and wasn’t afraid to joke around and speak her mind – mostly calling him an asshole for this or that. Eddie took it well and never personally. Anyway, this one particular night we were all out at a bar; Keri with her friends separately from me and my friends. I had called Keri and we made plans to meet back at our apartment and then all go to one of her friend’s house. Eddie and I came back to our house around 11pm and watched TV while waiting for Keri to come back and we’d all drive together. Eddie and I were sitting on the couch watching TV when Keri came in about a half hour later. She said that she was tired and didn’t feel like going to her friend’s house. Keri went and changed into a simple belly shirt and shorts and came into the living room where Eddie and I were sitting watching TV. She giresun escort said something like “move over I’m tired and want to lie down”, so Eddie moved to the far end of the couch and I to the other side. Keri plopped herself on the couch so that her head was resting on my lap and her feet were curled up just touching Eddie at the other end of the couch. I could tell that she already had had quite a bit to drink. I can’t remember how the topic was brought up but we started talking about taking nude photos and movies and I jokingly confessed (it was actually true) that Keri and I had quite a few pictures and some movies of us having sex. Eddie naturally commented that he wanted to see them and Keri smacked my leg saying that we were perverted pigs (she knew I wouldn’t actually show him). After more joking, the topic of massages came up and Keri said something about she’d rather get a good massage than sex and that I never give her massages (I do, but not as often as she’d like). I then jokingly said; “I’ll give you a massage” and started rubbing her back. Keri’s eyes closed and she spread her legs out over Eddie’s lap. The way she was laying her back was kind of arched backwards and she said it was uncomfortable so Eddie grabbed one of our big pillows and Keri willingly raised and put the pillow under her mid-section. With the pillow under her it made her ass kind of stick up a little and Eddie had a NICE view of her sexy lower half. I continued rubbing her back as her head was on my lap and feet on Eddie’s. Eddie started rubbing her legs and Keri didn’t say a word other than “mmm.. Now that feels nice”. I looked over at Eddie and he had a huge grin on his face. When he looked up and saw a questionable look on my face he quietly mouthed to me that he could see my wife’s panties. With the way she was laying and her shorts being short and just a little loose by the thigh I guess you could see right under them. I’m sure Eddie had an enjoyable view.So Eddie continued rubbing Keri’s feet and legs and I her back and shoulders. After a few minutes she wasn’t saying a word and I thought she was either falling asleep or REALLY enjoying it maybe a little of both. I slowly eased her shirt up so that I could rub her bare back as Eddie continued rubbing up and down her legs. Still no word from Keri… As I looked down at her bare back lying there, knowing that Eddie was getting a good view of her panties, I became very excited and my cock grew as Keri laid her head on me. I know that she must have felt my cock grow, but she did didn’t move which only seemed to get me more aroused. As I was rubbing her lower back my hands pushed her shorts down a little and my wife’s satin dark purple bikini panties came into view. Eddie looked at me and shook his head yes as if to ask if it were alright escort giresun for him to rub up her thigh higher. I nodded my approval and watched as his hands moved up her leg to her butt and then down the other side. I continued rubbing Keri’s back and shoulders and then felt her hand squeeze my cock from under her resting head. That sent a rush of sensation shooting through my body because she knew that Eddie was rubbing her legs and now her butt and to me it said that she was enjoying it. I then moved my hand down to the end of her back but this time my hands pushed her shorts down and exposed her entire panty covered ass. I felt my wife massaging my cock with her hand has her head laid on my lap. Until this point Eddie really hadn’t let his hands go too far other than over Keri’s shorts on her butt and her legs. I saw him look over for a moment at Keri massaging my cock. I then watched his hands rub up her thighs as he too massaged her butt. I could see his fingers slowly move on her butt and then to her panty covered pussy.I was shocked and extremely turned on!! The feeling of my wife Keri massaging my cock while knowing SHE knew Eddie was feeling her up. We all kept rubbing and I was about to explode just thinking of what was happening. Eddie then looked at me and we both smiled at each other. I watched as Eddie’s fingers rubbed Keri’s ass and pussy and then saw him pull her panties aside. I could tell that he had slipped a finger inside of my wife’s pussy. As he did that, Keri let out a big breath and began squeezing my cock through my shorts even harder. I was so turned on at that point. I was afraid to push things to the next level but Keri’s breathing was now constantly heavy and I wanted so badly to see how far we could take it. I then reached back down with one hand and pulled Keri’s shots down on one side. Even though there was no way I could pull her shorts down with one hand. I was still thinking that Keri would finally put an end to our fun anyway but wanted so much to see how far we could go. To my surprise as I pushed on her shorts, Eddie reached up with both hands and pulled Keri’s shorts along with her panties down to her knees. To my surprise my wife didn’t stop us or say a word. There she was lying with her bare ass right at my friend. Eddie just looked at me like we were the luckiest guys right then and there. He continued rubbing her bare ass and legs and then his hands went right to Keri’s pussy. A soft moan escaped her as she kept her eyes closed and she continued squeezing my cock. I still wasn’t sure how far this would go, but I was enjoying every minute of it. I could really tell that Keri was getting into it and enjoying Eddie’s fingers playing with her pussy. I then thought I’d go for it…. I reached down and unbuttoned my pants pulled my cock out and giresun escort bayan slipped it into my wife’s mouth forcing her to started sucking. At the same time Eddie pulled Keri’s shorts and panties completely off. There she was sucking my cock in only socks and a belly shirt, which was pushed all the way up, while my friend massaged her pussy. When Keri started sucking my cock, Eddie moved down on the couch so he could lick her pussy. Keri started sucking me like never before, and I could tell that she was having an orgasm. The only thing that was keeping me from cumming myself was the amount of alcohol I had consumed. But with everything happening, I was ready to cum. After Keri’s orgasm, Eddie pulled his cock from his pants, knelt behind my wife and positioned himself behind her. I noticed Eddie didn’t stop to put a condom on, and slowly pushed his cock into my wife. Keri moaned loudly as he entered her, and this was too much for me to handle and I exploded into Keri’s mouth. She milked my cock for everything I had as Eddie fucked her from behind. Eddie continued to fuck her as Keri moved up and began kissing me. I can’t tell you what an experience that was kissing my wife, tasting my own cum from her tongue, as her pussy was being assaulted by another mans cock. Within a minute or so Eddie gave a few more hard thrusts and began to cum inside my wife’s unprotected pussy. We were all just so caught up in the moment; nothing was said about him cumming inside of her as we all just let it happen, but knowing he did was fucking hot! After Eddie was done he collapsed backwards on the couch. I watched him pick up Keri’s panties and started rubbing his cock all over them; kind of like jerking off. As I continued to watch the first thing said came from me. I asked Eddie “What the fuck were you thinking, cumming inside my wife?” I didn’t say it completely mad, but it was something he shouldn’t have done.Keri kind of snuggled up to me, still wearing only her belly shirt and socks. We all laid there exhausted, and still partially naked. Keri finally looked over at Eddie at one point and I could see her eyes went straight to his lap and watched as he jerked off his cock with her purple panties, and said something about us being bad. Keri then reached over and grabbed her panties from Eddies hand and d****d them over his cock so that the crotch was covering the head of his dick. She jerked him off until he soaked the crotch of her purple satin bikini panties with his seed. Eddie then stood told Keri to put them one; which to my amazement she did as he asked. I couldn’t believe my wife’s pussy not only was filled with another mans seed but was now also bathing in it too! After Eddie got dressed and left, Keri and I fucked again but there was no way I was having her pull those panties off! That was kinky but hot too! Unfortunately after that night Keri never was that hammered again and we never had another threesome. She never got pregnant either…thank goodness! For what its worth we are still young and who knows what the future holds.