My Vacation with my Mother pt.1

30 Haziran 2020 0 Yazar: admin


My Vacation with my Mother pt.1I would like to share another experience I had with my Mom. This experience happened a couple of months after the first time I fucked my Mom. I had a girlfriend at the time, but me and my mom were still active. My mom wanted to go on vacation and wanted me to go with her. I didn’t refuse, she wanted to go to Florida and go to the beach. We was planning to go over spring break. It came time to leave for the airport, we had to be there by 6 am, sense my mom wanted me to drive, she said she nevşehir escort would do something special for me once we landed in Florida.We landed in Florida and checked in to our hotel once we got to our room we decided to have some fun. She threw me onto the bed took off my pants and started giving me a blowjob. She licked and stroked me in till I came on her face. Then she stood up and started stripping and got naked talking dirty to me the whole time, which I enjoyed very much. She got on her back and escort nevşehir I started to fuck her pussy. It was so wet and felt so good, she was moaning and telling me how it felt so good. I came once more before switching holes, she got up and bended over the bed and I started to fuck her ass, I started off really slow but as she loosened up I started going really fast. Even when loosed she was still really tight, with her being so tight it didn’t take long before I came right in her.We both got dressed nevşehir escort bayan wanted to the beach, so we did we came to a spot on the beach where there wasn’t many people. We took off are street clothes, we had are bathing suits underneath, and we got in the water. While we was in the water she pulled down her top and let me play with her boobs and then let me play with her pussy. I was rock hard so she started playing around with me. I don’t know if it was the idea of being out in public or that it was the sea waster getting to me, either way it was awesome.After we got out of the water we layed out on the beach for a while, then we got in out car and headed to see more sites. We didn’t fool around in till we got back to the hotel that night.To Be Continued….