My Teenager Virgin Neigbhor

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My Teenager Virgin NeigbhorHi friends my name is Sameer and I m from Delhi.Let me describe you the hot figure of Pooja and she is in her late 19 and she has hot fucking assets with 33 28 34 which I discovered when I took her virginity.She has a pair of big rounded juicy boobs and shapely rounded ass which can make movement in anybody’s dick and she has the perfect equally marginal body and she has fair complex and this happiest moment happened in my life around 6 months backOur both of the family living in the same neighbour for last 21 years and our houses are adjacent to each other and as we r living in same neighbour for long period so our family has a very good bond of friendship and we both are grown up by playing with each otherAnd even we studied in the same school and classroom till 10th and till my 8th standard she was only a good and close friend for me but when we moved to 9th class her body had been started to take a sexual changes andShe was in her late 18’s and her body parts started to grown in size as being a k** that was a new and different thing for me but I started to enjoyed her and as the time passed we had completed our 10th and by that timeShe had been turned in a goddess of sex and till then I could understand all the sexual things and I always started trying to feel her even every single touch as we grown up together so we both were very close to each other’s and we were like the best buddy for each other.Her family is a typical orthodox haryanvi family when she completed her 10th her parents moved her to a girl school from co-ed and so this was a like a disaster for me and she also didn’t want that but couldn’t do much against her family’s wish.Now güvenilir bahis şirketleri we both were in different school so it was difficult for us to spend time together but as we were close friend and neigbhbor so we could move to each other’s house very frequently and she came to my home normally for study help that was the only golden time for me whenI tried to touch her body by excuses as I was grown up and I started to masturbation so only touch her was not sufficient for me but I couldn’t do much because she might b angry so I did only masturbation by fantasized her and sometime.I got chance to touch her bra and panty while they got hanged to dry on the roof. So as the time passed we both had completed our schooling now I moved to college for my but her parents didn’t allow her for college they told her to do her further study by correspondence by that mean timeShe had been grown completely in body now she had big juicy boobs and any one could do even murder to drink their juice Pooja was a modern girl from inside she wanted to live her life freely like others she also wanted to enjoy her youth and college life with friends but she could notShe was not even allowed to wear except suit salwar and she was becoming more and more sexier the goddess of sex and now I had totally different thinking for her now I had only a single thought that how to fuck her and how took her virginity.The days started to past and I started to feel Pooja’s attitude differently towards me and whenever she came to my house she teased me and talk sm sentence with double meaning and now she was trying to get close to me and this was the my dreamAnd lucky my dream tipobet güvenilir mi day came when my family had to go out of the city to attend a marriage party of my cousin for 2 days but I couldn’t coz of my college internal and my mother told Pooja’s family to take care of me as our family had close friendship.Now I had 3 days to live my dream finally the next day comes with luck for me and I came at home after my exam in noon and told Pooja’s mom to give me food over telephone by my luck aunty sent Pooja to prepare my lunch. Pooja came in to my house she was looking stunning in Patiyala suit.She came in and went to kitchen to prepare food and now I entered in kitchen to help her but my intention was different. I asked her if I could help her. I was standing just behind her with erect Dick suddenly she moved back and my erect dick was between her crackAnd she also feel it but I got scared if she could anger but instead of anger she gave me a smile only that signal was sufficient for me and the next moment she was in my arm and I planted a soft kiss on her lips neck she responded back now I took her in bedroom in my arm.Pooja-I love you Sameer I love you very much. Me-I love you to my jaan. The next moment I started to smooch her for 15 minutes and pressed her breast over her suit she also moved her hand to my fully erect dick and now I took off her suit completely.She was only in her black bra-panty which was looking so sexy on her white skin and then I took off her bra also I started to drink her juice and started to rubbing her virgin pussy over her panty and she was moaning loudly which was making me crazy.I removed her panty also now she tipobet giriş was lying totally nude on the bed and I removed my clothes to. Suddenly she hold my dick in her hand started sucking that I was on cloud nine as it was my first time also so in 5 minutes I came quickly in her mouth and she drank every single drop of my sperm.Now it was my turn to favour her back I made her to laid down on bed’s corner and placed a kiss on her pink cunt and she lifted her ass up with excitement. I was sucking her pink virgin cunt smoothly till 5 minutes and her moaning were getting louder.I was squeezing her bra regularly with my free hands. Her moaning sound was getting loud and loud and I sucked her ass crack also. Pooja-Sameer I was waiting for this moment for long time and now please make love with me.Me-Pooja I was also waiting this for long time and today I will fuck you like an a****l. Pooja-do whatever you want I’m all yours with this and I parted her legs and put my dick on the edge of her cunt and with slowly pushed inside it was the first time for both of us so we were fellingA sweet pain also but our pre cum worked as lubricate and I made a little push and my half dick was inside her cunt a scream of pain came out of her mouth and some blood also cum because her hymn was broken I took my lips on her and started to drink her lip’s juice suddenly.I push once more and my full dick was inside and I remained calm for moment coz she was screaming loudly and her tears also came out but she didn’t complain after some time she got relaxed and I started my strokes and increased speed slowly now she was also moving her ass from the down.We were smooching continuously and the whole room was full with our sex volumes. I increased my speed as I was close to climax after 2-3 minutes and I discharged inside of her and we remained in the same position for 15 minutes and later we got up and wore our clothes and I kissed her on lips and then she got back to her house.