My teacher kept me for a reason… PARTY 5

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My teacher kept me for a reason… PARTY 5PART 1 2 3 4 had just finished getting dressed and was sitting in our kitchen waiting when I saw Emma stepping out of our bedroom, my jaw dropped, she was wearing a black sexy tight dress that ended just under her pussy, which you could see if you lifted up the dress, since she wasn’t wearing any panties. And her breast were clearly visible since she didn’t wear a bra, her nipples looked so sexy and tasty. She walked up to me and sat on my lap.- Slutty enough for you? She said and smirked, then kissed me.- Oh yes, you’re so dirty, you little slut. I told her and kissed her back.She felt my hard cock through the fabric of my dark greyish pants.- Someones a bit excited? She said and grinded herself slowly on me.- Yes, of course, just look at you, I said and pulled my fingers through her blonde hair, well, shall we leave? I asked her and gave her a kiss.- Yes of course.We took a cab to a nice restaurant and walked in and took a seat in the corner of the restaurant, where we could be alone. A waitress came up and asked what we wanted, and we ordered our food as normal citizens. The waitress was really güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri good looking, about 45 years old perhaps, but a smoking hot milf, you could see she had big tits through her clothes and a round nice ass, and she was really cute, she had brown hair and a bit wrinkly but cute, and gorgeous blue eyes. Then we just sat down and chatted about all kinds of things, but my eyes couldn’t stay off her nipples, since they were visible through her dress. She noticed and smiled, then I felt something against my groin, she had taken one of her high heels off and placed it on my cock, which was getting really hard by now. I groaned quietly and smiled at her, she looked at me with a naughty look and moved her foot up and down my hard cock.- Two bloody steakes.We looked up and the waitress had arrived with our food, I think she noticed something was going on, she looked curious, almost horny for some reason.We finished our meal and for the whole time she jerked my cock off with her foot, it felt so good. So after our meal we ordered some coffee, but I felt I had to go take a leak.- I gotta go and take a leak. I said and stood up and began walking to the men’s restroom. It was quite early in the day and since it was a “high class” restaurant it was barely any people there at all. Just before I entered the restroom Emma catched up perabet to me.- Let’s go to the ladies room instead. She said and smirked.I didn’t hesitate. She lead me into the restrooms and she quickly got down on her knees and unzipped my pants and pulled my hard veiny cock out, she placed her lips around it and began sucking it hard, she was so horny. Suddenly, the door opened up and the hot waitress stepped in.- Oh my god, I’m so sorry! She said but kept staring.Emma looked at her, then at me and smiled.- Why don’t you help me? This cock is unsatiable, it’s always hard. Emma said smirking and looked at the hot waitress, whom smiled carefully.- But I’m married. She said. I turned her way so my cock was pointing at her, and she was convinced, she got down on her knees and placed her perfect red lips around my cock and slowly sucked it, I almost came from that. She slowly began sucking my cock deeper and in a few moments it was deep inside her throat, throbbing. She had her hand inside her skirt, she was masturbating while sucking my cock, that was very hot and made me even hornier.She took her mouth away.- Please fuck me, it’s been so long since. She said with puppy eyes.- Then undress. I said smirking.She quickly took off her clothes, she had very big breasts, atleast D cup, they were soft and nice, with perky nipples, she had a trimmed cute bush on perabet giriş her dripping wet pussy, she had juice running down her legs, she was very horny.- If he’s gonna fuck you, then you’re gonna have to lick my pussy, I need some pleasure too! Emma said and layed down on the floor, the waitress didn’t doubt, she quickly got down on her knees and began eating Emma’s juicy cunt, I got down behind the waitress and pressed my cock against her very wet pussy, I teased her a bit and then slowly slid my cock in, it went in without any trouble, wettest pussy I’ve ever touched.- Ahh, harder! She moaned out as I she felt my throbbing cock deep inside of her.So I began fucking her faster and deeper, she moaned loudly while sucking Emmas clit, they both moaned loudly. I felt her pussy tighten as she was cumming and that made me crazy, I picked up my pace as much as I could and came deep inside her, a huge load, she was screaming out of pleasure, her pussy squirted and Emma moaned as she came as well. I pulled my cock out and spanked her ass and watched my hot cum drip out of her juicy cunt. She was exhausted and pleased, something she hadn’t been in a while. She got up touched her pussy a bit.- Did you cum in me? She asked.- The biggest load I’ve ever shot. I said and pinched her cheek.- I loved it, I want to do it again. I want to be your slut, both you and your girlfriends slut. She begged.I looked at Emma, she nodded, I think she liked her too.- Of course. I said and gave her our number and adress. Come to our place tomorrow, wear the sexiest outfit you have, and no panties, tomorrow you’re getting fucked hard.To be continued… 😉