My Second Day at Boarding School

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My Second Day at Boarding SchoolIt would appear that one famous book is inspiring females to submit to dominance, with yesterdays UK press highlighting one female, having her pubis tattooed with her masters name, ‘The property off (His name)’.She was also flayed hard with a rope, regardless of which way she turned, he got her hard, wielding full power as his sexual lust got out of control, the rope raising huge welts on her naked body, which was tied over a door, an easy target, the sound of the rope whacking her nude body, coupled with her screams of pain, I bet he must have shot a load a few meters distant.I know reading this might sound a tad sadistic, but when you get into this sexual deviancy, it can and does get away from you.The increase in experimentation has been well documented lately since the release of the book in question, and as a girl, who has suffered abuses at boarding schools, I became addicted to being punished, enduring the pain and the humiliation, tying them together as a sexual act, seeing them for what they really were, dominance and subjugation, perversion sadism, I mean, where else could you tell a girl of 10 to undress then whip her, all in the name of obedience, run your bare hand over the welts on her bum, part her cheeks and look at her inner soul, then caress her and tell her you really love her and that you are his favourite.By then the sharp pain has subdued, replaced by a warmth, and your body responds to the soft caresses, you start to enjoy being naked in front of this old man of authority, feeling him touch you inappropriately, you start to confuse pain and sex, so when his fingers start to prise you apart and feel your fleshy innards give way, you in a sense associate sexual pleasure with the pain and subjugation, these men are the true perverts, like all men lacking sexual confidence, normal sex does not really quite hit the spot, they need a little something else to mask their sexual inadequacy, and as my bare ass has experienced over the years, the hand, the rope, the cane, and copious sperming, I endured and learned to enjoy their perversions, using their kinkiness into a an art of pleasure for my own needs, and if you are now reading my words and your cock is rigid hard, then I better enlighten you, so you can shoot in my glory.If you do find relief in my words, then I demand you put a line of comment after it, at least you will be honest and appreciative, to a woman who opens her heart to your lusting, so that’s an order, otherwise, I shall pull your’s down and really spank you hard.The sign outside the heavy Oak door spelled the essence of my story, it was emblazoned in capitals, carved into the very fabric of the wood, ‘THE MASTER’.I trembled aksaray escort with anticipation as I stood outside, awaiting my calling, it was my first time here, and some of the girls described this brutal man, as bordering on evil, and even then, they spoke about him in hushed tones, clearly not a man to be trifled with.I was now at boarding school, isolated from family and friends, a girl developing physically as a young woman, but now here to develop my intellectual and academic abilities, but first of all, as this meeting was about to show, my moral aptitude, according to ‘My Master’, needed his immediate attention.My name resonated as he called out, echoing the length of the hallway, his office tucked away in an obscure corner of this vast building, free from prying ears, and the cries of pain from young girls as they were abused at his will.I entered his office and stood as directed, immediately in front of his huge wooden desk, where he sat imperiously, looking at me, up and down, as if he were about to make a meal of me, toying would have been a more appropriate work, I was intimidated and it showed, as I am sure it did with the countless girls who stood in this exact spot, doing his will and excepting it as for our own good.I had to stand to attention, with my hands pressed hard against my sides, head up and look straight ahead, no eye contact, perhaps more for his benefit, than mine, but after a short time I could feel the discomforture of maintaining this torturous position, but that was its reason, he needed me to default, an act of disobedience, a reason to make me understand I had been naughty and therefore deserved what I got in punishment.’Stand still girl’, he barked at me, I wavered, about to faint, the heat in the room was intolerable, and the sweat dripped from every pore in my body, he saw that, and an evil, perhaps sadistic smile broke across his face, I was in extreme discomfiture, and he revelled in my ordeal.he droned on and on, then suddenly one word jumped out at me, ‘Masturbation’, I blinked and felt shame, then embarrassment, dont ask me why, but it became all muddled up in my topsy turvy mind, I recognised one word, I knew what it meant, but not in the context to whom or what, I just knew he an adult male was talking to me, a girl about it.He saw my confusion, ‘So you’re doing it then’?Now I froze, like a Rabbit caught in the headlamps of an oncoming car, he rose and walked behind me, and as I started to turn to follow him, and instinctive reaction of someone frightened of another, he barked for me to remain staring ahead, which I did.Remove one sense and others become more acute, my sight had been removed so my hearing became more acute, and the aksaray escort bayan sound of his fumbling left me in no doubt he was undoing some of his clothing, but I remained rigidly staring ahead.I felt his hands gather my hair into a bunch as he came right up against me, pressing into my rigid body. My hands had formed two tight fists as they pressed hard against my sides, and as he pressed against me, I could feel both his heat and his penis in equal proportions, he had removed his trousers and his underpants and was now enjoying the freedom to exploit his power, and all I could do was endure.We were as tall as each other, I was a big girl for my age, so when he leant in to continue his conversation, he was right hard up against me ear, his hot breath and words, reverberating inside my inner ear, the feeling causing me to tremble, unfortunately for me, I had very sensitive and sensual ears, the type that make your knees tremble, when whispered against, sending the wrong message to him, that I was somehow getting off on his lewd behaviour.’Once again’, he breathed into me, ‘How many times do you masturbate’?Now I understood what he was on about, and as he awaited my answer, he took the lobe of my ear into his mouth and sucked on it.’Dont lie to me, or I will cane your arse till it bleeds’. I may have been young but I was not stupid, I knew he did not want to hear ‘Never, or none’, so I lie, and confessed to doing it three time a week.’Do you climax every time’? Now I was confused, I did not know what ‘Climax meant in relationship to masturbating’, so chose ‘Yes’.A good answer, he seemed to like the idea I was a fully paid up member to the masturbation group, and enjoying my three times a week dalliances.’Good girl’, he softly replied into my wet ear, ‘Relax Mariel, stand at ease’, which I did as he caressed my taut shoulders, ‘You can put your hands behind your back now’, emphasizing the military significance of putting ones hand behind their backs when at ease.I did as he requested, and he immediately pressed up against me, this time my hands could feel his warm flesh as he pushed his penis into my open palms, I swallowed hard, as he grew within my limp grasp.’You like that Mariel’? He called me by my name, he was personalizing this session, wanting to hear my approval for what he was doing, ‘You like this dont you Mariel’, he moaned again and again.We were now engaged in a sexual act, an act for which I had no escape, or recourse, and to my shame I found I had a slight response, relief even, I could handle this, no pun intended, I knew I was pleasuring him, but by hand only, then he did the very thing I thought he would not do, he raised my school dress, high over escort aksaray my waist and told me to ease my panties down to my ankles.He was specific about them being at my ankles, and then with them there, I was pushed onto the desktop and ordered to continue stroking him, this time his penis was inside my bum cheeks, my clenched fist protecting my vulnerable and exposed anus, and I could feel him move in and out, as if trying to force a way through my protective fingers, then he jerked and jerked again, and suddenly I knew why, as he released a powerful ejaculate against me, covering my genitalia with his warm sperm, the power with which he released forced it through my fingers, and between the soft folds of my buttocks, along my labia, covering my entire vagina and inner thighs.He groaned loudly as he came, and a perverse sense of power coursed through my being, I did this, and for the first time I felt good about it.’Pull you panties Mariel’, and I released him and bent down to retrieve to white cotton, drawing it over and containing his cum against my crotch.Before I could regain some semblance of achievement, he took control very quickly and subdued any rising thoughts of rebellion within me.I froze in my prostrate position and felt him wipe himself clean on my soiled panties, and remained as such while he dressed, staring ahead as ordered, not once looking back to see anything, just the stench of his sperm tickling my nose.’You now realize Mariel, you came here to be disciplined’, he said, with a fresh impetus, and my dress was suddenly hiked higher, and a tremendous whack resounded around the office and subsided, before my body reacted to the sharp pain from my posterior. He had caned me, albeit through my panties, as four precise whacks followed and I remained in total shock.Then he pulled them done and gave a another even more harder whack on my bare flesh.I felt painless by then, I had surprised myself, I felt a rush of warmth across my buttocks, not pain, but even more strangely, I felt aroused, and I suspect from his experience with the countless girls, off my age, he had abused over the years, he knew I was ‘Turned -on’, and he pulled a chair up behind me, and started to lick my buttocks, whilst I with his permission and encouragement, masturbated myself, my fingers working their magic, as he licked my bum, watching and smelling me as I reached my pinnacle, now there was never going to be any report about what happened over this visit, I was an eagerly youthful and committed girl, who over the next four years would delve further and deeper into the dominance and pain sex, enduring and embellishing the orgasms, you see inside us women, there is that need to be dominated and used, a subjective trigger to give us good orgasms, that’s part of our make-up, as practised with some of my husbands friends, in all other cases, it the inexperienced men who fuck up big time and leave willing partners bruised and bloodied, shame on them