My Panties (Part 3 of 3)

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My Panties (Part 3 of 3)Then next day I was at work and my cell phone ringed it was my brother. “Hey s*s, what are you doing?”“Nothing just working” I replied“Eddie is coming over tonight and is bringing one of his friends tonight”“Mark, I’m not a slut! You can’t just have people I don’t know just show up!” “I know, but before I could correct Eddie he invited his friend”.“Well I don’t think this is a good idea, maybe we should just cancel”.“No you can’t I already told him it was fine.” Mark said.“Well I didn’t approve it” I replied.“Please… Please… You can t cancel now they are already coming over!”“Well, I guess just as long as everyone keeps this quite. You got it? I said“Oh I promise I’ll make sure everyone is cool. I’m looking forward to “seeing you” tonight he said.“OK bye”When I got home I was a little nervous as I didn’t know really what to expect tonight. As I waited patiently I turned on the TV and watched some shows unit I heard two cars pull up. I sat there and the door opened and my brother walked in followed by Eddie and then a tall good looking guy. I shyly sat there on the couch.“Tiffany this is Eddie and Josh” my brother said“Hello” I said with a soft spoken voice“Hey s*s, lets go up to your bedroom” my brother said“Um… don’t you want to talk first?: I asked“No, I want to go to your bedroom, come on guys” Mark replied“Well… since you’re already up the stairs; I guess we can” I said to myselfAs I walked toward my bedroom Mark was standing at the doorway. I whispered to him “Did you tell them everything?” “Yeah I told them that you caught me playing with your panties and since you were cool with it you showed me your pussy.” he said“Um I’m not sure, you should have said that Mark, but I guess what’s done is done” I saidWe walked into my bedroom and Josh had a back pack he put on my bed.“So Mark told me today that if we came over then you would show us your cunt” Eddie said“Oh did he” I said “Yeah he did so come on let see it, right guys?” replied Eddie“Yeah that’s right” replied Josh, and Mark“I see I’m out numbered three to one, I guess there is no backing out now is there?”“Nope” replied Eddie“Now drop your pants because I want to see your twat”. Eddie demandedYou know Eddie you could be a little nicer. I said“Do you mind if I take a picture of your pussy” Josh asked“Ahhmm” was all I could say before I was cut off.“Great thanks” replied JoshWell since you’re obviously going to take pictures of me anyway, who do you suppose you’re going to be showing it too?”“I have a web site and will be posting the pictures I take of you there”. Before I leave I intend to take full on facial and body shots”. Josh said“I don’t think this is a good idea anymore” I saidJosh took his camera out of his back pack and told me to pull my pants down. When I refused my brother Mark walked up to me and tried to pull them off.Noticing that I was in a no win situation and my brother of all people was not going to help me out, I decided it would be best if I play along.After telling my brother to back off and that I would do it myself, the boys stared as I shyly pulled my shorts down. “Snap, snap, snap, sanp” Josh started taking pictures of my whole body (face an all) especially ones of me in my panties.As I slid down the front panel of my blue satin bikini sting panties, showing my now bare shaved cunt. Josh put his digital camera close to it and snapped a few more pictures. Figuring that was it, I pulled my pants back up and sat on the bed, where as my brother and the two boys sat down on some chairs. We started talking for a while and my brother told Josh; how I caught him jerking off and sniffing and licking my dirty panties. He also told him how he had Eddie come over the day before so the two güngören escort of them could sniff my panties and jerk off all over them.I was getting a bit turned on hearing my brother describe my sexy little intimates and what they were doing to them. After a short time I was starting unwind and I was getting too really like Eddie and Josh. They were very cool guys and since Josh was over 21 he ran to the store and got some beer. All four of us sat around and talked for a long time. They told me about the girls they had sex with and my brother and I shared also shared our sexual history’s. We talked about the porn we’ve seen and what our sexual fantasies are. We all were getting really buzzed and Eddie said “Let’s use Josh’s camera to make our own porno. Since he is going to be loading pictures of Tiffany online we can have him add the video as well and charge twenty dollars a mouth to people. If it works we can add new videos later.”“I was hammered, and for some reason I said what a great idea it was”.“We got three hours before our parents come home; let’s go back to my sister’s bedroom, get her on her back, and strip her down” Mark suggested“Nice… Um What?” I said We got back to my bedroom and Josh got his camera out.“Any ideas of the first scene” Eddie asked“How about I just turn the camera on you Tiffany, and we will do an interview. We’ll can take it from there” Josh said“Alright” I said semi cautiously well maybe it was because I was buzzed from the amount of beer I was given to drink.I sat down in a chair and Josh turned on his camera and aimed it at me.“OK everyone this is the lovely Tiffany. Tiffany how old are you?” Josh said interviewing“I am 19 years old” I said“Who are the guys here?” he said pointing the camera at my brother“That is my baby brother Mark” I said“Ohhhh so that is your brother I see (he said with a smile), and since you’ve known him your whole life have you ever seen his cock”. Josh askedMy face got bright red “Yes I saw it a lot when we were really young we used to take baths together and then there was yesterday (is said with a smirk); I saw it yesterday when I walked in my bedroom and he had it wrapped with my panties while he jerked off” I said“Oh I see, and did you like what you saw” Mark saidMy face got red “Yes, yes I did, I even like watching it abuse my favorite pair of panites”“Would you like him to show you his cock right now” Josh saidMy face turned a deeper shade of red…”That would be very nice to look at right now” I said “OK Tiffany well I want to see your driver’s license” Josh said. I pulled out my ID and he aimed the camera on it.“Well there is the proof she is a hot little 19 year-old from Miami (address included), and from the family pictures I see in this room I can guarantee folks that they are indeed brother and sister. Mark said “OK Mark why don’t you pull your dick out now so your big sister could have another look at it” Josh said.Mark’s face was beat red too and he unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them and his boxers down until his rock hard cock was on full display.“That’s a very nice cock you have there Mark” Josh said“Thanks dude”“What do you think of your brothers cock Tiffany” Josh askedI smiled and said “It’s very sexy”.Now Tiffany I want you to open your mouth because I’m going to have your brother put his cock in it” Josh saidMy mouth opened in shock and before I could say anything my brother moved closer to me putting his dick up to my face and slowly slid it in my mouth. I had no idea what to do and instinctively began sucking on his cock. My body froze I looked back at the camera and I was caught in the middle of an i****t video; one which I was not expecting to be a part of.“Oh that is very sexy Tiffany, what escort güngören do you think of that Eddie” he pointed the camera at Eddie and Eddie just smiled as his dick was in his hand stroking with a pair of my dirty panties from the hamper. Then he pointed the camera back at me.“Now Tiffany please show us and all our viewers as we are all dying to see your sexy little pussy, please lower your shorts and show us” he saidI lowered my shorts and slowly pulled down my blue satin bikini sting panties for a second time today.“Oh that is very nice, let me zoom in on that” he said putting the camera right in my crotch. “See folks not a hair on that thing, just like it was born yesterday” Josh said. “Mark start sliding that dick of yours in and out of your sisters mouth, OK” Josh requestedNow Tiffany I want to see you play a little bit with you pussy for us”I brought my finger down and stuck it in my pussy and started rubbing my clit.“Mmm” I moaned“Wow that is very nice Tiffany you know now what we would really like to see” Josh said“We’d all like to see your ass, so why don’t you stand up turn around and bend over” he saidAs I stood up I released my brother dick from my mouth, and around and looked back at the camera. After I pulled down my jeans, the camera got a clear shot of my blue satin bikini sting panties covering my ass. I watched as the guys stared at my ass in these panties.“Mark can you pull down your sisters panties for me” Josh ask my brother“Ohh yeah” he saidI started to get nervous as I didn’t know where this was going, but my brother put his hands on my hips and slowly worked my panties down to my knees.“Hhh that is a beautiful ass your sister has there Mark” Josh said“OK Tiffany now I want you to get totally naked and lay on your bed and put your legs up as far as you can” Josh saidI took off my shoes and pulled my jeans and panties off and then peeled off my shirt and bra. I moved to the center of the bed and lied down looking at the camera. I proceeded to grab my ankles and pull them up to my head. Josh once again pointed his camera on my pussy and asshole and zoomed in.“OK Mark now you need to lick your sisters asshole ok” Josh instructedMark nodded and got on his knees and softly put his tongue on my ass. He licked it for a few minutes and surprisingly it felt wonderful. He continued to lick me until he got to my clit where he unlashed his furry.“Does that taste good Mark” Josh added “Oh yeah” he said“What tastes better her asshole or her pussy” Eddie said still jerking off with my panties.“Hmm let me see… It’s all good” Mark put his finger all the way up my ass and slowly pulled it out, and then shoved it in my mouth forcing me to look at the camera. Then Mark stuck his finger back in my ass and finger fucked it for a while before adding a second finger. He pried my rectum open with his two fingers then he brought the tip of his tongue to the opening of my ass. He had a long tongue and I felt almost 2 inches of it slide in. He started moving his tongue around.I began to moan.My brother stood up and I rested my legs for a second then I grabbed my ankles again and push them up to my head. Josh pointed the camera at Mark, “Did you ever think that you would ever fuck your sister’s ass Mark?”Mark said “No but I have shot many loads thinking about it”“Well your sister has got her ass sticking out now and she is ready. Eddie and I and all the viewers are dying to see it so why don’t you guys get started” Josh insisted. First I want you to put the tip of your dick against her asshole”. Then push your dick all the way in as slow as you can.As my brother pushed his cock in very gently, my asshole started opening up. He continuously pushed more of it in until his cock güngören escort bayan completely disappeared in my ass.“OK now then slide it in and out a few times, and then hold that there for a few seconds.“OK Tiffany now stay in that position as Mark pulls out. Mark I want you to put your cock in your sister’s mouth so she can taste it. Mark jumped on the bed and put his hands on the side of my head as he drove his cock back in my mouth and slid in and out a few times.“Mmm that makes you look so cute Tiffany” Josh said.“OK Mark; now stick that dick of yours in her beautiful looking pussy and fuck it until you cum in her”. Josh said.(I froze, I was not anticipating that, this was going too far, and I was not on the pill. Hell I didn’t even see a condom anywhere for my brother to use).Before I could object Mark quickly moved between my legs and pushed his dick in as far as he could pinning me down to the bed. Here was my own little bother fucking me in front of his friends and on camera. Slowly I started moaning at first then it turned into a screams of passion, Mark too was moaning. He fucked my pussy harder and harder for about 2 minutes.I looked over at Eddie who is intently watching his best friend fuck his own sister. That image must have been too much for him as his orgasm hit and he was cumming all over my panties. Not only did I see that but so did Josh who recorded it before moving back to my brother and I.“IM GONNA CUM” I screamed as I reached down and began playing with my tits.“Then I hear Mark starting to grunt… I knew he was close so I tried to say “pull out” but all that escaped my lips was….Agh….Then I heard him say “Fuck I’m cumming… oh fuck, I’m going to go deep so you can take it all” he cried.I started screaming really loud as the second orgasm went through my body like lightning. Marks body tensed up, he slammed his dick down hard driving it deep into my love canal. I could feel his dick pulsating followed by the warm feeling of his i****tuous seed shooting deep into my unprotected pussy. After a few seconds of slow hip gyrating, Mark pumped the last remnants of his sperm into my pussy. I could feel his dick getting softer as he pulled out looking down at me and smiling.“OK Tiffany now I need you to stick your legs over your head and hold your back up with your hands and I’m gonna get a good shot of you pushing the cum out of your pussy” Josh instructedI did as he said once more figuring the worst is over. I held my legs over my shoulders so the camera could show all the viewers my face, and my cream-filled pussy leaking down over my ass. I gave a big smile and pushed as hard as I could allowing as much as my brothers cum to ooze out and dripped down onto my bed below.“Well that’s the end of our shoot” Josh said as he put his camera away.“Well Mark, are you going to tell her now how she was setup?”“What do you mean you set me up Mark?”Well you’re so hot s*s, that I asked these guys to help me devise a plan so that I could fuck you tonight”. You see chances are since we are related that I’d never get a shot while you look this good (if not ever) so if I couldn’t make it happen tonight it was never going to happen.You’re a pig.That may be true but the way I see it I’ve stuck my dick in every part of your smoking hot body. Incase you forgot we just made a blackmail video which is going online tonight. I expect from this point on that you are going to want to jerk me and my friends off with your panties and that you are going to want to fuck me when I come asking. Otherwise I’m going to send a link of this video to everyone we know or have ever met. You agree to that?OK fine, I’ll do it. Great now go clean up yourself because Mom and Dad should be home any minute.Oh and one last thing my smoking hot sister… you better get yourself on the pill because I have no interest in using condoms. I intend to keep that glorious pussy of yours full of my seed so that they can leak into your sexy little panties every day.