My night with Bill!

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My night with Bill!I have decided to start telling you all about my amazing sexual experiences I get to have! I am lucky enough to be in an open marriage so I get to have fun more than most wives ! So Friday night I rented a hotel room so that my FWB Bill could come over and fuck the shit out of me all night long! I got to the room about 4 pm so that I had LOTS of time to prepare 😉 I took a hot steamy shower and made sure that my pussy was clean and freshly shaved for my FWB’s HUGE cock. After my shower I went to the store to get some drinks so that we made sure we had a REALLY good time! With drinks purchased I went to the store Lovers to see what goodies I could pick up that I hadn’t brought from home already. I had packed various vibrators and of course my anal vibrator (never leave home without it!). I love this store by the way, they have the most amazing things. While I was there my FWB texted me how hot it would be for me to be a school girl, so being the good little fuck that I am, I bought the outfit. I also bought some special anal lube because I knew that he was going to want to stick it in my ass and his cock is so huge that I knew I would need something to help ease it in.When I got back to the hotel, it was time to get ready for my fuck. I wanted to look PERFECT so I made sure I had cute and innocent curls with school girl ponytails. I decided to not wear the panties under my skirt because I liked the idea of nothing being there and in the way so he could just slip his tongue between my legs with my skirt flipped up.My FWB showed up a little before 11 pm and like a good little fuck I answered the door all dressed up looking exactly how he wanted with a drink in hand. He walked in the door with a smile on his sexy face and immediately pushed me against the wall and with his body pressed up against canlı kaçak iddaa me gave me a very amazing “good to see you” kiss. We spent a few minutes catching up and I made sure his cup was never empty, because that is what a good little fuck does! Makes sure her FWB is pleased at all times!After a few drinks I put some seriously hot gangbang porn on while watching I played with his giant cock asking him if he would ever like to see me in a gangbang. I smiled when he said yes and that he would set it up for me if I wanted! But I want to master the threesome first. I want to be better than good at it if you know what I mean 😉 When I got up to get him another drink he grabbed me by the waist and said “drink can wait, I want to eat the tasty little pussy”…oh boy….his tongue in my cunt made me scream. I rode his face and made sure that he was soaked in all my pussy juice. This man can eat pussy like a champ! After I cam all over his face I made sure to lick it all off of him.As he watched the hot little pussy on TV get fucked in every hole I wanted to really make him feel as amazing as he made me feel so I wrapped my mouth around his dick and starting sucking. His cock is so big that deep throating him is a real challenge, but I never walk away from a challenge so I made sure to get that dick nice and deep in my throat. It was like trying to swallow a pop can! I loved when he put his hand on the back of my head and pushed me down even farther! I could feel my eyes water as I got it even deeper in my mouth. My pussy was so wet from sucking his yummy cock that I knew I needed to feel it inside of me so like a good little fuck I mounted that dick and rode him nice and dirty. I loved watching his eyes roll back in his head in pleasure! My pussy rode it nice and fast and then I would slow canlı kaçak bahis down and gently go up and down barely keeping it in my pussy and then sitting back down on it making him want it even more! When I could see he couldn’t take the teasing anymore I climbed off and licked all my pussy juice off his dick. I gently licked his balls, putting them in my mouth and giving them a good HUM so he could enjoy the vibration as my wet, warm tongue caressed his nuts. When his dick was nice and clean once again he grabbed me and flipped me over entering me in from behind. He is SO big that with every thrust I could feel how tight my dripping wet pussy was around him. He grabbed me by the ponytails and pulled me even harder onto his cock and made me his dirty little bitch! I loved how he would smack my ass and the sting made me want him to rail me even harder! When my ass was nice and red from his sexy spankings he flipped me over onto my back and pushed my legs to my left as he plunged back into my wet cunt. This was one of my favorite positions with him because he was hitting my spot just right and I couldn’t stop cuming on his huge cock! The more and harder he pounded the faster I rubbed my clit at the same time and I felt like my entire body was exploding with delight! I moved my left leg up so that he was still in missionary but I wanted to reach my legs back by my ears so he could get even deeper, and when he did I exploded even more. I grabbed my vibrator and rubbed my clit working down to his balls as he plowed into me over and over and over. After I was done cumming AGAIN he pulled out and with me still on my back pushed his dick in my mouth and once again I licked it clean. He fucked my mouth so good I loved hearing him moan and feeling him thrusting deep in my throat made me want even bahis siteleri canlı more.He pulled his dick out of my mouth and like I weighed nothing he lifted me back up and flipped me back over so that I once again had my ass in the air. BUt this time he a different idea. Instead of putting that dick back into my tight wet pussy he opened the anal lube and made sure my little asshole was covered. He worked it in with his fingers and made sure it was nice and ready for him. Gently he put the tip in my ass and waited for my reaction. I could feel my little butt resist just a little so he gently pushed in a little more and I moaned in excitement. Slowly he just kept going deeper and deeper. I was so appreciative of how gentle he was being. When he was all the way in my ass it hurt so good! The pressure was AMAZING and he slowly fucked that ass making sure I was enjoying ever tantalizing pulse of his cock. When my ass was lose enough he picked up speed and I was in pure ecstasy! I grabbed my vibrator and rubbed my clit as hard as I could while he fucked me from behind in my ass. I never wanted it to end! When he finally pulled out of me he made me get on my knees and lick me off of him. I love licking my juice off his dick…it’s an excitement I can’t even describe! Tasting myself on him is heaven! Once again I found myself on my back and he spread my legs as wide as they would go and wasted no time plowing that pussy once again. My face felt numb I was cumming so hard!! He started rubbing my clit while he was plunging into me and after my explosion was over he pulled out and plunged his dick into my mouth. I could feel his cock pulsing as he starting cumming in my mouth and all over my face. I sucked and sucked and sucked until every last drop of cum was in my mouth or on my face. When he was done I was dripping with his jizz, and COMPLETELY satisfied in EVERY way!We didn’t get to sleep until about 3 am. And it was worth it. I can’t wait to fuck him again. I wish we would have remembered we were going to take pictures. Oh well, guess it means we have to do it again!!