My new sister-Part 2,

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My new sister-Part 2,the sleepoverYou have to consider that in a matter of weeks, I had gone from the lonely boy at the computer jerking off into a Kleenex, to a guy cumming in his new sister’s mouth, and preparing to do her best friend tonight during a sleepover. It was quite a transformation, but as I awoke on the sofa from a short nap, I began to wonder if it had been just a dream. Nope, it wasn’t a dream as I looked down at Joanne on the other end of the sofa, legs wide open, and her fingers lodged in her pussy. She said “Hey sleepyhead, did I wear you out earlier”? I said “you drained me in so many ways, I needed a rest, and I had to build my strength up for the sleepover”. My cock had got hard looking at her fingers in her pussy, but I knew I had better save him for later. Joanne even asked if I wanted some sucking, so it took every bit of restraint I had to say no thanks.We filled the rest of the day with chores, meals, etc., and as 7 o’clock rolled around, we were showered and dressed skimpily and were ready for Debbie’s arrival. The phone rang a few minutes after 7, and when I answered, I was startled back into reality by mom’s voice. She was obviously checking to see if everything was going ok, so when I got my wits about me, I told her that Joanne and I were getting along great, that the house was clean, and that there were no problems. She asked me to put Joanne on ,so her dad could talk to her as well. Joanne pretty much repeated what I had said, but then she surprised me by asking her dad if it was okay to have Debbie over for a sleepover. She turned it on pretty thick, telling her dad that she was a little lonely and really needed her best friend around. Obviously he told her it was okay, because she began thanking him repeatedly. She handed me the phone, and Brad asked me if the sleepover was okay with me, and I told him it was fine, and that Joanne needed some familiar company around, besides her new brother.We had just hung up the phone and the doorbell chimed, and when I answered, I was met by Debbie. She was tall, slender, with really nice boobs, a beautifully curved torso, and had the face of an angel. She was wearing comfortable pink sweats and looked very sexy. As I stood staring at her, I could feel my cock starting to move around in my pants, and I was almost in a trance, until she said “aren’t you going to let me in”? Between that and Joanne’s voice chastising me for appearing rude, I got myself composed, and welcomed her in. I couldn’t control my cock. It was fully erect and was throbbing in anticipation of what he might be doing later with this goddess. I quickly sat down to try and conceal my erection, but I didn’t have to worry about it, because it was about to be deflated shortly.Debbie told Joanne that her boyfriend would be coming over for a couple of hours, and asked if it would be a problem. I thought “She’s got a fucking boyfriend, and he’s coming here”. Now I was deflated, and pissed that our plans were probably out the window. Joanne told Debbie that she had thought this was strictly a girl’s night, and it wasn’t a good idea to have her boyfriend over. Debbie pleaded with her, saying that her relationship with Rick had just started to develop, and they never had any alone time. She hoped that her and Rick could spend a couple of hours here making out, and then they could start the sleepover. Joanne finally relented, and looked at me, as if to ask me if I was okay with it. I sure as hell wasn’t okay with it, but I didn’t want to say something that would cancel things altogether. I said sure and headed downstairs to the rec room. I listened for a few minutes to make sure the girls weren’t following me down, and when I was sure I was alone, I began to work on a new plan. The rec room had a big screen TV, and before my father had buggered off, he had set up hidden cameras down there because he was hoping to get video of my mom cheating on him. She never cheated, but he did, and he must have figured that if he was doing it, she probably was too. He had concealed a video recorder behind the TV, and he had done a really good job of concealing the cameras. That’s probably why he forgot them when he left. It was my good fortune though, because I was going to use them to video Debbie karaman escort and her boyfriend. My plan was to tell them to go down to the rec room to make out, and I would make sure there was lighting that they couldn’t turn off. There were hidden cameras in both the rec room and the spare bedroom down there, so I could catch them, no matter what room they used. I programmed the recorder to start taping immediately, and then headed up to my bedroom to mess around on my PC.A few minutes later, I heard the doorbell chime, so I went downstairs with the girls to check this guy out. Rick was a scruffy looking character, typical of the bad boy image that girls seemed to like. He was short on conversation, and appeared focused on getting Debbie alone for a couple of hours. It upset me a little bit that Joanne looked at him, as if she found him appealing, but since he was already taken, I just ignored it. Debbie asked us where they could have some alone time, so I jumped in and said that I had tidied up the rec room downstairs for them. They headed down the stairs, as Joanne motioned for me to follow her upstairs. She went into her bedroom and sprawled across her bed, and told me to join her. She asked me what I thought of Rick, so I told her he was scruffy looking, and I wasn’t too impressed, but she told me that she thought he was pretty hot. Then she said “but he’s not as hot as you”, at which time my cock started twitching, so I wondered if we should start fooling around, or wait till Rick left.I didn’t have to make a decision, because Joanne leaned over to me and gave me a deep passionate kiss, with plenty of tongue. As that tongue swirled around my mouth, my cock was fully hard, and felt like it was leaking precum. Joanne sucked my tongue into her mouth, almost as if she was giving a blowjob, and I had started feeling her boobs, when she said “would you like me to continue sucking your tongue, or should I switch to your cock”? I asked her to hold on, and I got up and closed her door, to prepare for my blowjob. As I got back onto the bed, I realized that I am probably being a little selfish, because earlier in the day, I had promised that she was next, and I owed her an orgasm or two. I told Joanne what I was thinking, and she said that we could do something that would take care of that, and we both would be satisfied at the same time. She proceeded to describe a 69, and I recalled seeing that on my porn videos, and thought it was a great idea.We got undressed and into position, with me on top and Joanne on her back. She said we could change positions every once in a while, if one of us got tired. As I moved my face towards her pussy, I felt her pulling on my ass to get my cock down into her mouth, and as it hit those luscious lips, the tongue started flicking, and I started losing control. I immediately went for her clitoris, licking softly at first, and then sucked it hard into my mouth. She groaned and squirmed and began sucking my cock so hard I thought I was going to cum right away. I didn’t want this to end that soon, so I moved my face from her pussy and asked her to suck on my balls for a while so I could last longer. As she took my balls into her mouth, I devoted my full attention back to her pussy. After a few licks at her pulsing hot pussy lips, I got her clitoris sucked back into my mouth, and began massaging her bumhole. As I started inserting my finger in her bum, she let out a loud muffled moan, and almost crushed my balls in her mouth as she came. She managed to get my balls freed from her mouth, and as she engulfed my cock in her mouth, she massaged my bum, inserted her finger, and I was done. The cum blasts caught her by surprise, and she started gagging a bit, when the streams hit the back of her throat. After a very short break, she stopped gagging, and was now trying to suck out every cum drop from my shaft, while continuing to finger fuck my bum. As I was about to roll onto my side to relax and enjoy the orgasm, Joanne’s bedroom door suddenly opened, and there was Debbie staring at Joanne’s wide open legs and sloppy wet pussy.Joanne had heard the door, but from where she was laying, she couldn’t see who it was, but I had a perfect view of a beautiful goddess, who stood frozen escort karaman in shock and disbelief. She couldn’t talk or move, but Joanne was pushing my weight off of her to get up and see what was happening. It was then that Debbie started babbling “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god”. I could see that she was now staring at my deflating cock, covered in spit and cum, and Joanne was now standing trying to come up with the right words to say to Debbie. Debbie turned and left, while Joanne and I started getting dressed in silence, because neither of us knew what to say. When we were dressed, we both sat on the edge of the bed, staring at each other, but still silent. I just knew that I had to find the right words to break this uncomfortable silence, so I Looked her straight in the eyes and said “Joanne, you have to be the finest cocksucker this side of the Ho chi Minh trail”. She continued staring into my eyes, but I could see a slight grin on her face, so I took her face in my hands and kissed her. When I released her lips, she asked me what I thought we should do, now that Debbie had caught us, so I said that we didn’t need to do anything, and that we should wait till their two hours were up, and carry on like nothing happened. I guess she had no better ideas, so she simply said “So you think I am really that good at sucking cock”? I told her that I meant what I said, but on the other side of the ho chi minh trail in Vietnam, there is a girl with no teeth, a six inch tongue and who is about two and a half feet tall, and has a flat head. She began laughing hysterically, and probably not because it was so funny, but because she appreciated me breaking the ice. She did agree with me that we didn’t have many options, so we decided to pretend nothing happened, and went down to watch TV, and wait for Debbie and Rick to come up from the basement.About 9:30, the two of them made their way up to the living room, and by the looks of Rick, who was disheveled, and had his hair sticking up in several places, the video tape should prove very interesting. Debbie was pretty quiet, and went straight to the door to say goodbye to Rick, who appeared anxious to leave. When Debbie came back to the sofa, she looked at us both and said she really didn’t know what to say, about the things she had seen us doing. Joanne didn’t know what to say either, so I said “My new sister is so hot, I couldn’t resist seducing her during this time alone in the house”. I went on to say “we were simply doing something beautiful with each other and weren’t going to feel ashamed about it”. Debbie sat down and asked Joanne if she felt they could get past this, without messing up their friendship. Joanne finally spoke and said “He’s right. We were doing something beautiful and I’m not going to feel embarrassed or ashamed, and it certainly shouldn’t affect our friendship”. They hugged, and now feeling good about myself for handling this in such a cool way, I blurted out“ “and besides, you two have had sex and masturbated together, so it’s not that big of a deal”. As soon as the words left my lips, I knew that I should have sat there silently and watched them hug. They both stared at me in disbelief, with Joanne then berating me for revealing such a sensitive secret, and Debbie screaming that I was an insensitive asshole. I was so embarrassed; I just ran upstairs and hid myself away in my bedroom.As I sat there taking in the enormity of what I had just done, I heard the front door slam, so went to my window to see what was going on. I saw Debbie and Joanne leaving, and making their way down the street. I thought to myself “what an asshole I am. If I had just kept my mouth shut, the night could have had so much promise”. I waited over an hour and when they still hadn’t returned, I decided to go down to the rec room, and see if the hidden cameras had caught anything interesting. After I had it all set up and ready to play, I sat back and watched the big screen. The first few minutes were pretty boring, because, they obviously had talked quietly (thinking we were upstairs listening), and the microphone hadn’t picked up their conversation. Judging by the body language, Rick wanted to get right to making out, but Debbie seemed interested in talking. karaman escort bayan About five minutes in, they started kissing and it didn’t take long for Rick to get groping, as he wrestled with her bra snaps, and then appeared to finally get her bare breasts in his hands. He was trying to remove her clothes, but she was shaking her head no. Rick was feeling her underneath her top and underneath her sweat pants, and was being forceful enough that Debbie stopped resisting. Also, Ricks hand in her sweatpants was having the desired effect, since she was now looking rather flushed, and was squirming around. As Rick got more horny, he tried to get her pants completely off, but she was resisting, and then she jumped up off the sofa and disappeared from camera view. She was gone for about five minutes, so it occurred to me that this must have been when she came up to Joanne’s bedroom. When Debbie came back into camera range, she was naked and held her hands out to Rick. She took his hand and led him into the spare bedroom, where she undressed him and then pushed him back on the bed. Rick looked in shock at the turn of events, but his stiff cock indicated that he was pretty happy at this sudden turnaround in Debbie’s behavior. I was now getting sound, so I guess the microphone in the bedroom worked better than the other one.Debbie straddled Rick’s face, and then lowered herself and took his cock into her mouth. I think Rick was so surprised, that he came right away, and I could tell from Debbie’s reaction that her mouth was filling with cum. She spat the cum out on his stomach, and turned to tell Rick to suck her pussy. He immediately started licking her pussy, and you could tell from his hands that he wanted her to take his cock back into her mouth, but she had no intention, and obviously didn’t like the taste of cum. I watched as Debbie gyrated on Ricks face, until a few minutes later, when she flung her head upwards, arched her back, and moaned that she was cumming. Rick was erect again and said that he wanted to fuck her pussy, but Debbie said she was a virgin, and wasn’t giving it up tonight. He asked her to suck him off again, but before she would do it, she made him go up to the bathroom and wash off his cock. When he returned, she had moved back to the rec room, and I lost sound again. As he sat down on the sofa, Debbie inspected his cock, probably to be sure he had washed it well, and then took him into her mouth. As I watched her head bob up and down, I thought to myself “boy she sure could learn a few tricks from Joanne”. It took a long time for Rick to cum, and by the time he started squirting, Debbie had already scrambled away, to avoid the cum shot. I could almost read his lips “you fucking cum dodger”. I was tiring of watching this, so I shut it off, and would watch the rest tomorrow.As I walked back upstairs to my bedroom, I suddenly realized that I hadn’t got hard watching that video, and hadn’t even thought of jerking off. I guess the girls leaving the house had upset me more than I thought. I went to bed, and lay there thinking about the video, and finding it curious that Debbie wasn’t all that interested in sex, until she returned from upstairs where she had discovered us. It dawned on me that she must have got turned on watching us, and that’s why she sucked off Rick when she went back downstairs. Now my head was returning to a more normal state, because my cock was hard and throbbing, even though I still didn’t know where the girls had gone.I was woken up some time later by the sounds of footsteps coming down the hall, and suddenly my door opened, and the light came on. It was Debbie and Joanne, who just stared at me, and then grinned, turned out the lights and made their way to my bed. They never said a word. They stripped naked and then threw back the covers and stripped me naked. Those two girls were like nymphomaniacs I had seen in porn videos, and we spent the next hour sucking, licking and groping until I had cum at least three times. Joanne let me fuck her pussy, and Debbie wouldn’t give hers up, but she sure enjoyed watching us go at it. In fact, she sucked my balls, when I was fully buried in Joanne’s pussy. I know this sounds strange, but I couldn’t get myself to kiss Debbie, after seeing scruffy Rick cum in her mouth. Everything else was fine, but the thought of tasting his cum in her mouth made me gag. Her too, as I remember.Exhausted, we all fell asleep, and hopefully the sexual adventures will carry on when we wake up.