My New Neighbor’s Pool and New Pool

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My New Neighbor’s Pool and New PoolI couldn’t stop staring at the woman unloading the boxes from the small moving trailer next door. Ever since my girlfriend moved away from our quiet little cul-de-sac, it was just me and my husband living at the secluded end of town. We had moved to the neighborhood together, and had been quite happy as best friends for the past five years, and now it was just me and Bill stuck her all alone. Don’t get me wrong, we had a beautiful house with a beautiful yard, and all the privacy one could hope for. But now, here we were with a new neighbor that would share our secret back yard, and I knew absolutely nothing about her. Well, except that she was absolutely gorgeous with her sexy long legs, incredible breasts, and that long silky black hair. Now don’t misunderstand the picture. I’m not a lesbian, nor have I ever even experimented with women. All I can think about as I stare at this luscious beauty moving in next door is how to keep my husband on a leash. I’ve never been that sexual, so Bill basically walks around all the time with an unsatisfied hard-on in his jeans, begging me to help him take care of it. I regret to say that usually he ends up just jacking off in the shower. I’ve even heard him jerking off in the bed next to me when he thinks I’ve already fallen asleep. I’ve always felt guilty about it, but I guess I’ve just never felt guilty enough to become the sexual deviant that he requires. So here I sit at the living room window like some horny teenage boy watching how well my new vixen neighbor’s tight white shorts seem to cling to her perfect little ass, and how much I hate the perky little nipples that are poking through her ‘barely there’ tank top. Shoot, the little bitch doesn’t even need a bra, and yet those awesome breasts are standing tall and firm, just laughing at the fact that they will make my husband’s cock hard just looking at them. I guess it is good he is still at work. I finally decided to give in to my neighborly side and go out and help my new slut neighbor with her boxes. She immediately smiled at me as she saw me crossing the law toward her garage. Damn her…even her eyes were sexy. The bright sun reflected some of the prettiest green eyes I had ever seen on a person. Her lips were full and plump, and even without lip gloss, shone a super bright red. I quickly greeted her with polite handshake and introduced myself. “Hello, you must be Lacey,” I said, working my hardest to be sweet. “My name is Ally. Welcome to our quiet little neighborhood.”Things got worse over the next two hours as we visited…I LOVED HER. She was the sweetest thing I had ever seen. She was polite, kind, and super friendly. Talking to her was even easier than it was talking to my best friend. She told me how she had been a college professor early on. She had done all the school first, and up until about two months ago, she was happy. But her father had passed away, and left her a good chunk of change, so she decided she would take a break for a while and just enjoy being free. Lacey was only 35, but she was in better shape than most 20 year olds I knew. While visiting with her, I looked for something to hate about her, but the fact is, she was incredible. But then, the bomb finally dropped…“Ally, I think there is something we need to discuss before anything else…it is a little awkward though.”Needless to say, I was anxious as can be to find out what she was so worried about.“Why don’t we go in and sit down and chat there though?” I followed Lacey inside, still unable to stop from staring at the way her ass looked in her sweat soaked shorts. I couldn’t even see a panty line. Do you have any idea how hard it is to concentrate on a conversation when you are next to a woman who though clothed; you know is not wearing a bra or panties? Sheesh, I’m straight, and I wanted to see her naked. Anyway, as we began to talk, Lacey began to tell me the one thing that would automatically put a damper on our relationship. Lacey had a skin condition that was treated by sunlight. She had to sit outside in the sun as often as possible. Now that doesn’t sound so bad, except she had to do it completely naked. That was one reason she had chosen such a secluded neighborhood as ours. She had noticed that the high protective hedge that surrounded both of our backyards though, did not separate our yards at all. Therefore, if she was lying out naked by her large in ground pool, she was protected from the world, but not from her neighbors. There was no way I could control my husband if he had a naked super model sprawled out at the pool every day. Lacey was hoping to find out my husband’s schedule so that she could make the appropriate adjustments to not “cause a problem”. She had already asked the realtor if we had c***dren, so she knew that this would not be a problem. But she knew that streaking around naked could always make the neighbors uncomfortable. Well, needless to say our conversation was a little awkward. We ended up sharing more information about our lives…and sex lives…than I had ever planned on. My largest problem was the fact that Bill had a super flexible schedule. I never knew when he was going to walk in the door, unless he happened to have an out of town meeting. The more I talked to Lacey though, the more I realized that there was not a simple answer, but maybe there was a good answer. Lacey had not had a lover in 5 years because she had become self-conscious about letting men know about her skin condition; but she was very adamant that it was not because she didn’t want men. And believe me, from the way she talked about sex, desire and willingness was not a problem for her. And that is why I guess I decided to come up with the plan that I did. “Lacey, would you be interested in fucking my husband?” I couldn’t believe I had blurted it out, but once it was out, all I could do was stare at her and wait for a response. Which didn’t come? Lacey just stared at me shocked and confused. “I already told you about my sexual hold ups, and you have shared with me her reasons for not having a man…so what if we helped each other? I need to find a way to satisfy my husband, and you need to find a way to be satisfied, and we both need to find a way that you can sunbathe naked without causing any problems.”Lacey’s hesitation was more than obvious, “I just don’t know Ally, that just seems…well, wrong.” “Believe me when I say that there is no way to stop him from sneaking home to try and watch you lying naked by the pool. So I can either be in control of the situation from the start, or I can go crazy wondering if he will ever come over and try to do something anyway. And believe me; I just can’t handle that kind of doubt and fear. ““Well, is he …ummm….you know…”“Oh, damn girl, he has a 9” cock, if that is what you were worried about?”“Oh my…I just meant is he handsome.”“Ooops, my bad. He is a gorgeous stud. I promise. I just don’t have the appetite to keep him sustained. I promise you won’t be disappointed. And something tells me, that…well, you just might.”“I have to admit, I do miss having a good fuck when I need it.”“Well…?”I could see her cheeks flushed with embarrassment, but I could also see the sparkle in her güvenilir bahis eyes with the anticipation of how I propose we seduce my husband. We spent the next hour or so discussing our plans for the next day, and just what we would do to give my husband the biggest, and probably best surprise of his life. **** **** **** **** ****When my husband came home that evening, I told him that we were invited to a cook out at our new neighbor’s house the next day, and I wanted him to take off of work so that we had plenty of time to get acquainted. I decided not to tell him anything about her, and asked her to try and stay out of sight until lunch the next day. I have to admit, when she had laid out naked for a short time that afternoon, I had to peek out the window to see if her body really was as perfect as I had suspected. Just for the record…IT WAS.The next morning came along, and I hadn’t slept a lot, just thinking about how my husband was going to take the new neighbor, and the living arrangements that were about to take place. It was strange; I had even reached under the covers at one point and began fondling his cock until it hardened in my grasp. He seemed to smile at the attention, but never woke up. I figured it probably just gave him some naughty dream to feed off of. As for me, it was the first time I had actually been horny in weeks. I guess I could have crawled on top of him and fucked his brains out. He wouldn’t have complained, but to be truthful…I just wanted to see how the afternoon unfolded. Noon came quicker than I had expected, and I went out back to see Lacey standing by her grill in a short white satin robe. She was putting a few steaks on the hot flame to start cooking. She looked over at me and gave me a little wink. She looked around the yard, and then quickly flipped up the bottom of her robe to show me a perfectly trimmed pussy with only the thinnest line of a pubic hair above it. There was no question my husband was going to love me for this. I smiled back and went back inside to round up the food and my husband. My heart was pounding with anticipation of what was to come why my mind was asking me “what the Hell I was doing”. I finally grabbed Bill’s hand and led him out the back door and across the yard to Lacey’s patio. The response was immediate. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. I glanced out of the side of my face, and could see his eyes sliding lustfully up her luscious long legs and stopping right at the bottom of the short robe. They then moved higher where Lacey had intentionally left a little cleavage showing at the top in order to tease him a little more. She was a super sweet woman, but she sure knew how to seduce a man with an outfit. “Hello Ally…and you must be Bill.” She shouted as she met us at the edge of the porch. She leaned in and kissed Bill on the cheek, pressing her body gently against his. “Ally has already told me so much about you.”“Err, uh…she ..umm…has?” Bill was obviously thrown off a little by the immediate display of affection. “Yes she has,” she continued to smile and stare deep into his eyes with her mesmerizing green crystals, “and something tells me that we are all going to get along incredibly.” Bill realized he must look a little ridiculous, and he snapped back to reality. “Well, we can use all the company we can get out here in no-man’s land.”Lacey excused herself back inside to get the lemonade she had prepared, and I nudged Bill’s arm to let him know that I could see him staring at her tight little ass as she walked away.”“Oh Crap…sorry hunny…sometimes can’t help myself.” “Don’t worry baby, I figured rather than you ogle her from afar, you might as well come meet our sexy new neighbor. Think you can behave yourself for the afternoon?” “You have nothing to worry about…I hope.” He giggled as he nudged me back. Little did he know, I had no intention of him controlling himself at all.When Lacey came back out, I could have sworn her robe was open even more around her breasts, revealing even more of her milky white globes. There was also a little more of a gap at the bottom of the robe, opening just below her pussy. Bill apparently noticed to from the guilty look on his face. We spent about an hour finishing the steaks and eating around the small round metal patio table. Bill was working hard to hide the hard on in his swimming trunks I had told him to wear. The glass table top was frosted and offered a little protection, but that was about to change. “It is getting hotter our here, would my new neighbors care for a swim. I had the realtor come fill the pool before I moved in so that it would be ready. I swam yesterday, and believe me, the water is incredible.” Lacey just gave us a welcoming smile, awaiting our acceptance of her invitation. “Well, I hate to waste a good pool.” I said.“Bill, there is a cabinet in my downstairs bathroom at the end of the hall that has some large beach towels. Would you mind going down there and grabbing us some?” I could tell Bill was a little surprised by the invitation into her house without supervision, but he quickly agreed and shuffled to the house still attempting to hide his semi-hard member. As Bill returned, Lacey was standing at the end of the diving board, and looking over at both of us, she slide off her slinky silk robe and dropped it to the side of the pool. Bill’s jaw dropped off as he took in the beautiful sight of the gorgeous naked woman in front of him. I glanced down at his shorts, and could see his cock growing inside it. I reached my hand to his hard on and gave it a tight squeeze…”You okay there big boy?” His eyes never left her luscious body as she stood there for us to gaze upon for a moment. “What do I do baby…I don’t want to look, but I can’t stop myself.”“Who said you couldn’t look? Feast your eyes on our new neighbor.” This comment caused him to finally break his eyes away from Lacey. “What did you just say? Did you just encourage me to stare at our naked neighbor?”Before I could answer, Lacey had swum to the side of the pool near us and leapt up out of the pool right at Bill’s feet. The cold water splashed at his legs, causing him to immediately jump and realize this luscious things’ face incredibly close to the bulge in his shorts. “Sorry Bill, only one rule in my pool…NO CLOTHES ALLOWED!” Without hesitation, I reached across and pulled the small tie string around Bill’s waist, and Lacey reached and gave his shorts a downward tug. Bill gasped as he saw his raging cock slap against Lacey’s forehead.“Damn Ally, you weren’t k**ding, he really does have an incredible cock.” Bill was speechless. “Can I touch it Ally? I would really love to feel your husband’s cock in my hands.”“I told you that he was yours to use Lacey…do whatever you like to him.”Bill looked over at me, shocked once again, but his eyes quickly returned to Lacey as she grabbed a tight grasp of his cock and slowly began stroking it in her cold wet hand. Bill let out a loud moan as she leaned forward and instantly engulfed his cock with her anxious mouth. “Of Fuck!” Bill shouted as he felt her tongue begin to massage its way around his entire shaft. My eyes were fixed on this lovely goddess as she began devouring my husband’s throbbing güvenilir bahis siteleri 9” cock.“Oh Ally, you have got to come taste this…it is delicious.” Lacey held his cock over in my direction in a manner of offering me some. I have never been much for sucking cock at all, but I have to say, at that exact moment, the sight of this princess surrendering my husband’s cock to me, was enough to make me get down on my knees and eagerly suck it inside. I glanced up at Bill, and his eyes were full of lust and confusion as Lacey and I passed his cock back and forth between our mouths. I was so full of lust that I even began sucking on Bill’s balls while she deep throated every inch of that massive man meat. Bill had asked me for years of our marriage to suck his balls, and I never would. And yet here, with only 3 minutes with this woman and I was savoring the flavor of his delicious ball sack. The moment was full of surprises. I had never played with Bill’s ass before, and he had never asked me to, but Lacey slid her hand up the back of his ass, and from where I was at, it was shocking to see her force a perfectly manicured finger up inside his tight little asshole. That was all it took. Bill’s body tensed up, and even his ball sack tightened in my mouth. Lacey thrust her mouth forward as deep onto my husband’s cock as she could get it. Bill’s hands locked around the back of her head as he began to fire load after load of steaming hot cum down her throat. Lacey devoured most of it, but then quickly broke away and pulled my face to his cock. “Have some Ally, your husband taste delicious” Without resisting for a second, I quickly devoured his cock and sucked the nectar from it as eagerly as I could. Something else I would never do for him before now. And for some reason, that cum was the most delicious thing I had ever feasted upon. I couldn’t stop my lust from feverishly fucking that incredible cock in and out of my mouth. I forced it deeper in my throat than I would have ever imagined. I could feel Bill’s body shaking violently as I noticed that Lacey was not feasting on his balls just as I had done previously. Bill started to collapse beneath us, and we helped him lay down on the side of the pool as we both continued to feast on his cock and balls. His cock never softened in our mouths, and before long, it was obvious that we were just getting started. Lacey finished climbing out of the pool and straddled my husband’s lap. I watched her pussy lips as she slowly lowered herself on to my husband’s cock. Bill kept switching his views from Lacey back to me. Wondering how in the world I was okay with this all happening. The amazing thing was that my pussy had never been so wet in my life. For a few minutes I just laid there right between his legs, watching his cock disappear in and out of my new neighbors incredible slit. “Ally, come straddle your husband’s face. I want to see how good he is at eating pussy.” I was nothing more than a puppet now and I stood up and removed my clothing, not even thinking about the fact that I was completely naked in front of this stranger. I had trimmed my pussy for the occasion, just another one of the many things I had never done before. Bill stared up between my thighs as I slowly came down upon his eagerly waiting tongue. My breasts were only inches away from Lacey’s perfect tits. I have to say though, my measured up very nicely next to hers. I had nothing to be ashamed of in that department. In fact, my body was nothing I was ashamed of. I hit the gym regularly and was very proud of the form that looked back at me in the mirror. Maybe that is part of the reason Bill always wanted to have sex with me. Needless to say though, I was more caught up in the vision in front of me than I was my own body. Her incredible globes were bouncing up and down in such a tantalizing way that for the first time ever I was dying to reach out and feel another woman’s breasts. I don’t know why I resisted, but for the moment I did. Lacey on the other hand…did not. Her hands reached across and gently began to caress my breasts and tease my nipples. Her hands were like silk as they glided all over my chest and tummy. I was breathing harder from the feel of my husband’s tongue now rapidly penetrating in and out of my pussy. I could feel my orgasm growing very close, and the more Lacey began to breathe heavily, the closer I came to exploding. It wasn’t until I felt Lacey’s fingers pinch tight to my nipples as she exploded in wave after wave of violent delight on my husband’s swollen cock that I decided to join her in that same incredible feeling. I could feel my juicing flowing from my throbbing slit as it covered my husband’s eagerly waiting mouth. His tongue worked even faster and harder at feasting on me, causing my body only to tremble even more. Lacey was grinding harder and faster upon Bill’s cock, which to her delight was still rock hard and its full muscular 9”. We were both gasping out in joy and excitement until we finally just collapsed into each other’s arms. We were soaked with sweat, and I have to say, I loved the way her plump tits felt as they pressed tight against mine. Reluctantly we both climbed off of Bill, who was panting as feverishly as we were. His hard on was still standing tall and erect in front of us. I reached out and began stroking it up and down in my fist, somewhat amazed at the fact that I was happily jerking off my husband with another woman’s cum juice. “Why don’t you taste it Ally?” Lacey asked me. “Go on sexy, taste my pussy juice covering your husband’s big hard cock.”I told you that I was lost in the moment. It was the first time I had really hesitated in the past few minutes, but it was just that, only a hesitation. I leaned forward and slowly slid my Bill’s cock into my mouth and over my warm tongue. I was never one of those women who felt compelled to taste my own pussy juices when I masturbated…on the few times that I actually did masturbate. But for my first taste of Lacey’s pussy; I loved it. The combination of her cum and my husband’s cum was just delicious to me. Maybe it was just that I was totally lost in the moment, but the fact was that I just could not get enough of my husband’s cock. I feasted on it hungrily like a savage wolf with a fresh kill. Lacey had reached to the back of my head and was guiding my head up and down on to Bill’s shaft, not allowing me to rest for a single moment. When I felt Bill starting to thrust his hips up toward my face, and could feel his cock getting even harder inside my mouth, I started to pull back, but Lacey forced my faced completely down on his cock, driving it deep within in my throat. I started to gag at first, but as soon as he fired a fresh load of cum into my tightening throat, I immediately worked to start swallowing it. Lacey’s fingers were massaging the back of my scalp while still managing to keep me tight on my husband’s still throbbing dick. Bill was bucking even wilder against my face now as he fought to feed me every last drop of his seed. Lacey’s grip finally loosened on my head as I slowly slid my husband’s dick from my mouth. He was smiling up at me as I noticed one of his hands was still mobilbahis massaging one of Lacey’s firm erect nipples. His dick flopped down upon his tummy as it started to soften for the first time in at least 45 minutes. We were all fairly content for the moment and we decided to slide into the pool for a swim. We wrestled and played for at least an hour until I felt Bill’s cock hard beneath the water again. We had pretty much limited our play up to this point, though I did grab Lacey’s tits a few times, and then conveniently acted as though it was an accident. It wasn’t. The harder Bill’s cock seemed to get, the more aggressive our three-way wrestling match turned. Finally he grabbed Lacey and spun her around until her ass was pressed tight against his swollen member. Lacey let out a satisfying moan as she started to grind her ass against his cock. I stopped my playing so that I could watch as my husband’s mouth began sucking his way up and down this beauty’s neck. I could see her nipples hardening from his attention, and for some reason I didn’t want to resist my temptations any longer. I walked over to Lacey and without saying a word just sucked one of those delicious nubs deep into my mouth. She tasted clean and fresh thanks to an hour in the pool, and she couldn’t help but let out a moan as I sucked the nipple even deeper into my mouth. I drew myself even closer to her and could feel her silky legs against mine. One of Bill’s hands reached around both of our bodies and found my ass, and pulled me even tighter against Lacey. My pussy was getting wet again, and I guess somehow Lacey sensed it. She started grinding her knee up between my legs directly against my swollen clit. I quickly responded by pressing my pussy even tighter against her as I moved my mouth to her other nipple and began to feast on it as well. After a few minutes of heavy petting and feasting on mine and Bill’s part, Bill broke us all apart and instructed me to lay down on the side of the pool with my legs dangling in the water. Without objection, I did as I was told, and quickly found my comfortable position. I shoved a towel under my head for support. The next thing I saw was Bill guiding Lacey directly between my legs. “Why don’t you show my wife how good you suck pussy now baby?” Lacey grinned at me with this happy naughty smile and slowly pushed my legs apart as she moved softly between them. “My pleasure stud…my pleasure.”The next thing I felt were her perfect little fingers gliding their way up the insides of both of my thighs. My body immediately began to tremble as my eyes fixed on her mouth and tongue as she leaned forward and made the first slow trail up my pussy slit. I instantly bit my lower lip, as I felt her fingernails begin to sc**** gently around my ass cheeks as your tongue lingered around my tender little clit. She slowly traced it in circles a few times before finally drawing it into her mouth and sucking on it tenderly. My hips pushed forward instinctively, eager to feel even more of her mouth on my cunt. As Lacey continued to make love to my pussy with her mouth, I happened to notice Bill pushing her head down even more against my pussy as he pressed his body tighter against hers.“I’ve wanted to slide my cock inside your ass since the first time you turned away from me in that short little robe of yours.” He was whispering in her ear, but still saying it loud enough for me to hear. I was a little surprised by his comment though. Even though I had always noticed how much he liked teasing my ass, Bill had never really asked to fuck it. And yet here he was openly admitting that he had been thinking about fucking Lacey’s ass all night. Normally, I might have been bothered by this, but at this exact moment, the thought of my husband fucking Lacey’s ass while she sucked my pussy only made me even more worked up. “Oh yeah honey, fuck our sweet neighbor’s ass for me. I want you to fuck that ass hard, and then fill it with your hot sweet cum.” From the look on both Bill’s and Lacey’s face, I think they were both delighted to see that I was truly conforming to our new relationship. What at first I thought would be an awkward situation between my husband and neighbor had turned into the most sexually gratifying experience of my life. As Bill thrust his hips forward, I felt Lacey gasp out against my dripping slit. I could feel her hot breathing blowing against my pussy as she paused only long enough to allow Bill to drive his cock deep inside her super tight ass. I watched as my husband’s eyes rolled back into his head. I could tell she must really be squeezing his dick hard to give him that sort of pleasure. “Of Fuck Bill, I have never had a dick like that in my body, much less driven up inside my ass. OH FUCKKKKKK!!!!…Don’t stop baby….fuck my …OHHHHH FUCK…..”For a few moments I just loved the feel of Lacey’s tits now slapping against my pussy as he began to thrust even deeper and harder against her frail little body. It was her turn to roll her eyes back in her head a few times each time she felt the full length of his swollen cock force its way inside her. Her hands moved up to my breasts and began to knead and pull at them just as she once again drove her mouth against my clit. Things were different now though. Lacey began to feast on my pussy with a savageness that wasn’t there before. As Bill’s assault became even more and more violent, I was finding it even more difficult to hold back my orgasm from the Lacey’s attack. All of a sudden my body began to spasm and flail as my orgasm ripped through my body with an energy like I had never felt before. Lacey didn’t relent though. I was sure she was about to explode herself, and she just continued to thrust her tongue deeper and deeper inside my slit. As she finally succumbed to her own orgasm, another one had begun to rip through my body, even more violent than the first. Bill didn’t stop…Damn that huge cock of his. My entire body was quacking with so much pleasure it hurt, and yet I was so lost in the moment I was in another world. Lacey continued to squeeze and grab at my tits as she too got lost in another explosive orgasm. I could hear Bill’s breathing getting even more extensive, and felt him shove Lacey’s face into my pussy hard as he grabbed a firm grip on her head of wet tangled hair. “OOOOHHHHHHH FFFFUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKK!” He shouted as he began to drain his third load of cum of the day deep inside Lacey’s lucky little ass. He continued to thrust his way through his orgasm, making sure to empty his balls completely just as he had done earlier in my mouth. He finally collapsed on top of Lacey’s back, smashing her tight against mine and his bodies. For a few moments we all just laid there exhausted and spent. I had never felt so connected to my husband at that minute than I had in all of our years of marriage. Slowly Bill regained his composure and pulled Lacey back up in a standing position in front of me. The sight of my husband’s strong muscular arms wrapped around my new gorgeous friend for some reason made me happy. Lacey reached for my hands and pulled me back into the pool in front of her. Before I knew it, she pulled me against her and pressed her lips to mine, slipping her tongue tenderly into my mouth. I happily returned the gesture and reached my tongue out to meet hers. I could feel my husband’s loving hands moving all over my body as we all three took turns kissing and caressing each other in the cool refreshing pool.