my memories

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my memoriesThe memory of life Time.Well i was 21 years old, and the world in me feat, thats exactly what we think, we are invincible, and. We at 21, omg, we love women’s, but is time to talk about me,I always like older women, it was around December of 1995, this woman name is Maria she was at list 40 years old, very well taker of it, and amazing legs, she have the most beautiful smile, I seen her for amount always wait in the bus stop, she was ready to going to work, she always well dressed, always past by in me car, until one day my car broke down so I was at the bus stop, it was cold morning and she was there waiting fir the bus, so I make me move, asking her how she was doing adapazarı escort that morning, and she seid to me, am cool so I offer me jacket to her and she seid to me, did u really let me wearer your jacket, I seid to her yes!!! And that was the beginning of or conversation, we went towork and I toll her, kkeeping me jacket, you can give me it tomorrow and she seid to ok, nex day came, she was there and she said to I forgot your jacket, but if you like you can come to my house for it, I be home today at 6:00 pm, so she give me her address, at 6 pm I was there, she open the door at her house wearing just a tshort the you can see tru, I can resist to look at her buitiful escort adapazarı breast, and her a messing legs, she toll me if I want to come in and I seid yes is cool. So she when to get me jacket, she was wallk to tru the hall of her home and she seid to did you like something to drink, I seid yes please so she make a cup of coffee for os and her cup fell on her tshort and she seid to well always happen to I left her house and the nex day I whent to her home. Before she went to work, me car was fixed I was driving a 1955 chevy all fixed, when she see me outside her house she seid thats your, I seid to her yes, we get on the car, and we tallk all the way to her adapazarı escort bayan work plase, days and we became a good friends, until one weekend she call me Crain and she said to me ! I need to see you. I when there we tallk about what make her Craig, she sed my boyfriend broke whit me, we whent to a restaurant. We back to her house it was late and cool, so she told me did you like spend the night hire I don’t want to be alone hire, I seid yes, so she stars drink alcohol adn she opened to me seeing the she which I see her more as a woman not like a friend, we kiss each other and the clotting star coming of, I was so hard the only things I want was make her mind we whent to her bethroom and we meke love like crazy, she always was wearing the most provocative underwear, then some times she seid to me all I need is you touch me and make cum.That was the most beautiful memories I ever have.We was lovers for 2 years. I miss you.