My longing.

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My longing.There are some fantasies that come and go, some we act on and others that become a thought and nothing more.Then there’s the deepest, dark desires that linger, keeping you up at night, arousing you at inconvenient times. Tickling that want, an unexplained desire that you just feel is right!. It started for me when I was dating a beautiful German girl. She was studying at University and stayed in Perth for 8 months. I met her on her first weekend out and we both were instantly attracted to each other. We dated for two weeks before we fucked and it was totally worth it. Lustful kissing, heaps of foreplay. Some days we never went outside. Prefering to stay in and just fuck and suck and lick all day!. Good times. Not long into a night of passionate pendik escort sex, Anne ( pronounced ‘Anna’ ) started playing with my ass. I was a little self conscious about it at first. Anne suggested that I play with her asshole at the same time. This relaxed me and I discovered the pleasure of the ass. Over time as we grew closer, we also got naughtier. Anne loved a dick in her ass and let me fuck her many times and in different positions. One night after cumming in her ass, Anne asked if I might like to feel the same sensation s that she did. By now we loved and trusted one another so it only felt natural to give it a go. Anne pulled out one of her toys and lube and slowly worked that into my ass. Uncomfortable at first, but once I was accustomed escort pendik to the feeling,and felt that toy massaging my prostate,I let Anne toy my ass as she sucked my dick. What an amazing experience by an amazing woman. We continued a beautiful loving relationship until Anne told me she was moving back to Germany. I almost proposed to her to get her to stay, but we were young and much more of our lives to live. We kept in touch for a while but eventually she hooked up with a guy over there and that was the end of a wonderful chapter of my life. Once the sadness of it all subsided, I went and bought my own toy. An 8 inch dildo with suction base. The sensation of being filled with a toy and orgasming at the same time became my new way to pleasure pendik escort bayan myself. I have no question of my sexuality, I’m not attracted to men, but the idea of being filled with a hard cock excites me to no end. Now begins my fantasy. My longing. The idea of a sexy shemale or femboy taking my ass, slowly sinking their hard dick into my ass. Feeling every inch slide in and out with slow rythym. Angling my hips so my prostate is touched. Leaking cum from my cock as my lover increases her speed. Building up to a fantastic orgasm. Feeling that dick get real hard as it lets go inside me. Still leaking my own jizz all over. Collapsing on the bed, hot tongue kisses, sweaty and full of lust from the experience. So vivid is the thought, I dream of it at night. I wake up rock hard and can’t help but touch myself. I’ve cum so many times just imagining the scenario. I wish to experience it once before I die. The only problem is I will probably like it too much!. Not really a problem…is it?.