My Husbands Friend

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My Husbands FriendOne night in December my husband had gone out on one of his many work Christmas nights out. To keep myself occupied while my husband was out having fun I was chatting to some people on line and was reading a particularly hot erotic story in one of the many books I had. With my trusty rabbit in hand I was having a great night in and the wine I drank was loosening me up nicely. As the hero in my book was furiously fucking his young secretary I was teasing my clit and plunging the plastic shaft of the dildo in my pussy. Just as I was on the brink of orgasm I heard two voices chatting and getting louder and realised my husband was coming home and not on his own. In my hurry to look respectable I pulled my underwear into place and hid the rabbit under the cushion just as tony and Carl walked into the room. The men seemed surprisingly sober and were up for a few more drinks so I decided to take myself and book upstairs and leave them to it. I soon lost track of time with my book and although I now had to make do with pleasing myself with my fingers as my rabbit was hidden downstairs I still had a fantastic albeit quiet time. Tony came stumbling into our bedroom and I was surprised to see that 3 hours and had passed. As he got into bed he started mumbling about leaving Carl asleep down stairs and promptly fell asleep. The men had obviously drank a lot in the few hours they had been downstairs. Listening to Tonys steady breathing I sighed realising there was to be no real cock action tonight. About 10 minutes later I could here the television playing downstairs and thought if Carl was asleep then he probably wouldn’t wake up and turn it off and i knew maraş escort i wouldn’t be able to sleep with the noise in the background so I decided to go turn it off and take Carl a blanket while I was there.I pulled on some knickers to cover my naked body and covered myself with my dressing gown. I crept downstairs and covered Carls still figure in the blanket and then looked for the remote to turn off the tv. As the room plunged into darkness Carl asked “aren’t you forgetting something?” I nearly jumped out of my skin and Carl reached out to me touching my leg, “sorry I didn’t mean to frighten you but I didn’t want you to leave without it”. “What do you mean” I asked and Carl smiled at me then reached for my hand and pulled me onto the couch he was still laid on. It was then I realised that he wasn’t drunk at all and began to wonder what he was sleeping on our uncomfortable sofa for when he was perfectly capable of making it home. I was quickly snapped out of my thoughts as he produced my pink rabbit from under the cushion and said “this”. I was mortified and didn’t know where to look. I wanted to bolt from the room but at the same time I didn’t want to leave him behind with my toy in his hands. “Dont be embarrassed, I think its fantastic that you know how to please yourself” he told me then added quietly “I would love to see you use it”. Oh my. Involuntarily I felt my pussy begin to tingle and the thought of performing for him suddenly felt like the most natural thing to do. I took the toy from him and moved to the other sofa. I removed my dressing gown and underwear and was now naked. I sat slowly on the edge of the sofa and began to caress my swollen clit. escort maraş It felt fantastic and I almost forgot I was being watched until I heard a voice telling me to open my eyes and look at him while I worked. I almost came instantly as watching Carl watching me was the most powerful and erotic feelings on earth. I picked up the toy and began to rub teasingly the length of my pussy and knew I was as wet as I had ever been. I gently placed the tip of the shaft inside me and shuddered and knew that as soon as I had the full length I would cum. I slowly moved the shaft into me and turned the toy on. As the head of the rabbit hit my clit I felt the explosion in my pussy and I was biting down on my lip to stop from crying out as the ripples of pleasure worked through me. I dropped my eyes from Carls and realised then that he had his cock in his hand and probably had the whole time I was teasing myself. I dropped to knees and made my way over to where he was laid. Carl sat up and opened his knees so I was able to have complete access to his hard cock.I took him in my mouth and began to tease him with my tongue. Carl obviously wasn’t happy to wait by being teased and held the back of my head forcing himself to the back of my throat and making sure I got a fast rythym going. I don’t know how he knew but I loved to have my face fucked and it was turning me on even more than I thought possible. I could tell that Carl was enjoying it too when he began to thrust his hips in time with my mouth so I pulled my head away as I didn’t want this to end without feeling his cock in me. I pulled myself to my feet and gently shoved Carl back, then put my knees either side of maraş escort bayan his legs and sat astride him and lowered myself onto his cock, I was so wet I was able to take him into me easily with no hesitation. I began to move gently and slowly but after just two minutes he held me still then told me it was too much and he was going to cum so he manouvered me onto the floor and then moved down my body and began to slowly lap at my pussy. He found my clit and then began to speed up and we were soon rocking together until I was once again in ecstasy and this time I cried out unable to hold it it. Carls hand came up and covered my mouth to drown out the noise and then filled my mouth with his cock which was dripping in precum. It tasted fantastic, a mix of my sweet juice and his own manly taste. I flicked my tongue over the eye of his cock and gripped his ass cheek with a firm hand. That was all it took and he was juddering in spasms as his hot salty cum spurted down my throat. Carl sat back and I came to my senses and began to feel a sense of guilt that my husband was asleep in bed and I was here having fun with his friend. I quietly said goodnight to Carl and picked up my nightwear and toy and crept up the stairs. I slid into bed as silently as possible but as soon as I laid down Tony propped himself up on one elbow and leaned over me “what have you been up to?” he asked and before I could reply or even begin to register the shock of him being awake he moved forward and kissed me hard and deep no doubt tasting another mans cum in my mouth. As soon as his tongue entered my mouth I felt a warmth on my leg and realised he had known all along what I was up to downstairs and loved every minute of it. The taste of another man in my mouth was all it took to make him cum. “Lets go back downstairs” said Tony twenty minutes later and I knew then this could be a very enjoyable and regular pastime.