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MY HEART BELONGS TO DADI was in my junior year at a large university in one of the Southern states. Two other girls — another junior and a senior — shared an apartment with me. Samantha, who was the oldest, had come up with the idea of us making some extra money through an unusual kind of escort service.She had gotten to know the night manager at a luxury hotel, one of the most elaborate in the city. She was screwing the guy on a regular basis, and had learned that the majority of the hotel’s customers were well-heeled people, corporate executives traveling on business, and pretty often on unlimited expense accounts as well. This was a number of years ago, I should say. Most of them were older men that liked the opportunity of getting laid in a strange city, particularly by someone young, classy, and discreet.Well, Samantha’s fuck buddy Hal thought we three girls filled the bill. He suggested that for a percentage he would arrange for us to meet some of these high-class guys, usually at night. With our looks, he said, we could command top dollar.Not that I was hurting for money, personally. My mother was an executive with a large insurance company, and my father was a vice-president with a manufacturing firm. They had gone through a friendly divorce years ago, both being more interested in their careers than each other. My father had relocated to a Northern city where his company was headquartered. That was far enough away that I hadn’t seen much of him since then, although he called me frequently and sent me money as well. But usually I went home to my mother during school breaks.Anyhow, I was financially comfortable. It was more the excitement of Hal’s proposal that caused me to readily agree. It was not that I didn’t have an active social life — and sex life — but the idea of screwing these older guys was kind of kinky and sounded like fun. Irina, my other roommate, just laughed and said “Shit, Kathy, we give it a shot!”Quite frankly, the first two or three times that Hal set up appointments for me, I was sort of nervous. The guys were in their fifties, one of them sixty-something, and they were horny as hell. I had gone out and bought some special clothes beforehand, including some lacy panties to wear with a garter belt, stockings, and high heels, all black, and the first guy I was with started to shoot his load before I had finished undressing! He wasn’t able to get it up again for me (as I said, this was some years back), but he ended up licking me to a very nice climax “to make it up to me.” So that was all right. I felt much more secure about the whole business after that.Hal had made it a point to get to know these guys — the prospects — that were regulars at the hotel. After letting them know that he could make a connection for them, he would give us a call at the apartment. Then one of us would go over to the hotel and up to the guy’s room. Sometimes there would be work for two of us on the same night, but not very often.Hal called up this one night a little later than usual for a “setup”, as he called it. He said he had a client that had just gotten in, some guy who had heard about the hotel’s “special delights” through the general corporate executive g****vine. Samantha was “indisposed”, and Irina was studying for a tough exam the next day — she was a pre-med and here on an education visa, and had a difficult schedule, so she answered fewer calls than Samantha and I did. So I was at bat, as Hal said.I freshened up and put on one of my generic slut outfits, since the customer hadn’t asked for anything special like a maid’s or girl’s private school uniform. (Most of these men have live-in maids in their mansions and daughters away at private schools.) I started with a pair of black lace bikini panties like the ones I had worn on the first job, except with a slit all the way from front to back, followed by a black garter belt and some lovely dark stockings which I fastened to the belt. A thin maroon blouse, a tight black leather skirt, and black spike heels, with appropriate makeup, hot but not too whorish, finished off my look.I drove over to the hotel and parked in the employee’s parking lot out back. Hal had some deal worked out so that the clients could put our fees on their credit cards without the corporate auditors suspecting anything was funny. I never really understand how he managed that, but it worked. In addition, we usually got some pretty hefty tips from our “dates” as well. My guy’s room number was up on the tenth floor, and I caught the elevator that the hotel’s service personnel used, at the end of a hallway off the main lobby. That kept me mostly out of sight of the other guests and consequently out of trouble.While on the elevator going up to the tenth floor, I was thinking that it was going to be nice not to have to screw some old guy this time, based on what Hal had told me: young (for an executive, probably late forties), good-looking (ditto), probably the generous type. I have to admit that I was particularly horny that evening, having just come off being “indisposed” myself, and was itching for some action.I was beginning to get little wet just thinking about the coming event. Maybe “event of coming” would be more like it, I thought to myself. I just hoped the guy would be able to perform. Some clients just wanted to cuddle up to a fethiye escort young woman, or were only interested in a blow-job — I give particularly good head, but there just wasn’t that much in it for me. Except the tip, of course.I had seen a couple of guys, older ones, in the hallway downstairs and they had really given me the once-over, undressing me with their eyes. For a minute I thought they were going to follow me into the elevator, and I wondered if maybe one of them was my “date” for the evening. Or maybe both of them. I had never had a threesome either on the job or in my real life, but I thought that one of these days I might get the chance. It would be fun.The slow and creaky elevator finally reached the tenth floor, and I stepped out into the quiet and dimly lit hallway. I quickly found my way to room 1034, which was at one end of the hallway. I gave the usual signal that Hal and we three had agree on: three groups of three quick knocks each. My client was obviously expecting me, because he opened the door instantly and I quickly brushed past him and into the room. The front hall of the apartment was fairly dark, and the room lighting itself was dimmed.I turned to look at the male figure still standing by the door, clad only in a pair of white briefs. The hint of his strangely familiar aftershave reached my nostrils about the time he and I got a good look at each other’s faces. Both our exclamations of surprise and recognition came at the same moment:”Kathy!””Daddy!”His eyes were as wide as mine felt. It had been over a year since we had last seen each other. My hair then was its natural light brown and shoulder length; now I was a short, tousled blonde. I suddenly was conscious that my knees were weak and I was staring at him in shock.”Kathy, damn, is that really you?” My father stepped closer.”Ye — Yes”. My mouth wouldn’t work right. I needed to sit down, too. Daddy put a hand on each of my shoulders, gently urging me to move backward into the room. Even though I was numb, I realized that I had forgotten how handsome he really was — his face, his muscular torso, his long legs.”I think I need a drink” was all he said as I stumbled backwards into an overstuffed chair, but I noticed that his hands were shaking as he put ice into his glass and poured a stiff shot of bourbon from the mini-bar. “Uh, well, uh … do you want — need one too?” He stammered the offer as he stirred the contents of the glass with one finger.”Oh shit yes,” I mumbled, not caring for the moment what he might think of that.He made an identical drink for me and moved back to where I was sitting. He handed me the glass, carefully not looking at me, and I tossed it back in two gulps. He drank his a bit more sedately, but he got it all down, and pulled around the desk chair so he could face me.He tried to talk, but it all came out stutter: “What — how — in the shit — don’t tell me this is — uh — this is what I think — uh — you’re –” He finally ran down and looked at me helplessly.I wasn’t all that much better: “Yes, um, well, I guess, I suppose it is, I am, Daddy.” Even though I still couldn’t talk clearly, my shocked senses were beginning to return, perhaps because of the bourbon. I concentrated on the man sitting opposite me, this man I had known all my life, my father. He was so familiar to me, and yet at this moment almost a stranger as well. A handsome man clad only in those tantalizing tighty-whities, which actually outlined the package I couldn’t help looking at, if only in momentary glances. I noticed that he was doing the same with me, looking quickly at my tits or legs and then tearing his gaze back to my face and eyes.After another drink, which I sipped rather than gulping, we had both gotten it together, sort of. I told Daddy all about the business venture with Hal, my two roommates, and me, and how I did it mostly for thrills rather than money, and it was perfectly safe. He told me in turn about how he had heard about this particular hotel from friends in other companies, and how the night manager could arrange for him to “get hooked up with good-looking young … stuff”, as he put it. I felt sure that he had another word in mind!”I couldn’t wait until I made a visit down in this area so I could take advantage of one of Hal’s connections.” Daddy laughed ruefully. “I was going to call you tomorrow, visit and see if you needed anything, maybe take you out to lunch and dinner somewhere nice as well. But tonight …”I laughed too. “Well, Daddy, I’ll go back downstairs and tell Hal, and we’ll get your money back, get the credit-card purchase cancelled or whatever.” I stood up. He looked at me from the spike heels upwards, his eyes roving over my entire body. Then he stood up too and gazed squarely into my face.”Damn, Kathy, what a beautiful woman you’ve become.” His voice was different, not shocked or business-like, but hoarse with emotion.I smiled at him. “Would I have been worth what you’ve paid?” I said.He didn’t reply at first, but just moved over to me and put his arms around me, and it felt very different from all the fatherly hugs he’d given me in the past.”The question is,” he whispered in my ear, “Are you going to be worth what I’ve paid?” Then he put his lips against mine and kissed me hard, pressing his body against mine. I could feel his hard-on through the escort fethiye briefs.Before I could think, I was returning the kiss, our tongues finding their way into each other’s mouths, at first gently probing and then flicking and sucking. As usual on these jobs, I hadn’t worn a bra, and my nipples were erect and pressed against his bare chest through the flimsy blouse. I was surprised, in a distant kind of way, to find myself wet, so wet my panties were soaked with my own juices. As the kiss deepened, he ran one hand over my ass, squeezing one cheek through the leather skirt, and the other hand on my breast, pulling on my nipple right through the fabric of the blouse.I was in shock again, but in a different way from before. My legs were fine this time, but my head was spinning. I was being caressed and kissed passionately by this man, and I was hotter for him than for any client — or boyfriend, for that matter. I knew then what was going to happen. I was going to be fucked. I was going to be fucked by my own father.It was like a dream as I stood there in his arms and he began to undress me. He unbuttoned my blouse and stooped down enough to take my other nipple into his mouth, gently sucking at it while his hand continued to squeeze the other nipple, this time on my bare flesh. A groan escaped his mouth as he sucked, and I responded with a groan myself. My fingers were shaking as I found the back zipper on my skirt and undid it, letting the skirt fall to the floor. I kicked off my shoes as we moved toward the bed together. Then as I lay down and he sat down beside me, we worked together to get the black panties down my legs and off onto the floor as well.I started to take my stockings and garter belt off as well, but he stopped me. “No,” he said, hooking his thumbs in the waistband of his underpants. “Leave those on, sweetheart. You’re sexy as hell,” he added as he tugged the briefs down. His cock, which was even larger than I had thought, sprang out on its release from confinement, and I took in a deep, deep breath as I gazed intently on its length and girth, surrounded by a crown of hair. A single drop of pre-come glistened at the center of the purple tip.I didn’t want to waste any more time. “Oh, Daddy,” I groaned as I reached out for his cock. I spread my legs as he positioned himself between them. He put one hand under my naked ass, and I guided his cock toward my waiting pussy.He stopped me halfway there. “Baby, Kathy, do we need a condom?” I pressed the tip of his cock against my burning pussy lips.With any other client, of course the answer would have been yes, and I would have taken care of it before now. But I whispered, “No, of course not, Daddy, I’m clean and safe.” I moved my hips forward and took the heavy head of his cock inside me. As we gently pushed against one another, his rock-hard shaft followed slowly until he had filled me completely with his huge meat. Suddenly my mind snapped back into focus, and I remembered the routines that pleased my men.”Oh, fuck me,” I said. “Fuck me, it’s so wonderful, fuck your hot little bitch.” But even though it was a routine, I meant every word. I was my Daddy’s hot little bitch. I cooed more dirty words in the sweetest of tones as he began to pick up speed, thrusting faster and faster.”Oh, my sweet bitch,” he gasped. “Oh, my sweet hot little cunt.”. I never cared for that c-word before, but hearing it from my Daddy only made my heart quiver with tenderness and desire, which quickly changed to outright lust. I forgot the routines again and just blurted out, “Shove your cock up my cunt, I need it, your big fucker deep in me.” – I pulled my legs up and locked my ankles around his ass, my stocking-clad heels riding him, digging into him as he pounded me and pounded me. I could feel an orgasm building inside me, as I was split wider open than I had ever been before. I knew he couldn’t last long either, and I shamelessly ground my clit against his pubic bone to try to get off as well.”Ohhhh, baby, I’m gonna come, gonna come inside you,” he moaned. I could feel his heavy balls bouncing against my ass with each thrust. Finally, I felt it, felt the outpouring of his juice inside me, flooding me with the seed that had made me. I ground my clit harder and screamed “Oh shit, oh shit, fuck me, fuck me!”Even though his orgasm was finished, he was sweet enough to go on putting it to me for a few critical extra moments until my own climax peaked. I could feel the sticky warm flood of his juices and mine running out of my slit and down the crack of my ass. I heard the wet sucking sounds as he continued to fuck me, thrusting more gently into the delicious mess we had made of my pussy. His mouth was on mine now, our tongues probing again as we had at the beginning of all this, his lips sucking my tongue into his mouth as I came down from my orgasm, my body shuddering all over. Then at last it was finished, and he collapsed on me. I felt his cock slowly shrink back to normal and ooze wetly out of me.We turned and lay together, facing each other, nuzzling and gently letting our hands explore each other’s bodies. I ran my hand over the thatch of hair on his chest and twined my fingers in his ample pubic hair. I wrapped my hand around his soft cock but felt no stirring of response.”I think you’ve totally worn it out,” he chuckled. fethiye escort bayan “That was intense, more intense than an old man expects to ever get again.”I slapped him lightly on the arm. “You are not an old man,” I scolded teasingly. “And as for wear and tear, I think it can be repaired easily enough.””Kathy, sweetheart, you’ve got a fantastic body. I have never been fucked like that in my whole life,” he said, sounding like a little boy on Christmas morning after the presents have been opened.”Neither have I, Daddy, neither have I,” I whispered as I went to work on him. Like a good daughter, I first cleaned him up completely with my tongue, gathering up all the spilled juices and swallowing them. Then I started up at the top, made my way down to his unexpectedly sensitive nipples, biting and licking them just enough to make him wince. Then I kissed down his broad chest and hard tummy, finally reaching his cock again. I took the whole head into my mouth, swirling my tongue against its soft velvety surface, and grasping the limp shaft with my hand. Next I let the head escape and took each of his balls in my mouth, gently sucking them one at a time. That made him let out a groan, and I could feel the cock shaft beginning to harden again.”See?” I crowed. “I told you so, Daddy.” A line he’d heard from me often in my adolescence, but I was happy rather than resentful now. I took the head into my mouth again and went down, down on the long shaft, letting go of it with my fingers, until I could feel the head scr****g against the back of my ample mouth. I shut my eyes, relaxed, breathed through my nose, and swallowed him, a technique I’d learned from one of my “dates” and perfected on many others. But I deep-throated my Daddy not because he was paying me to, but because I loved him.He gave a sort of strangled grunt and went back to stuttering: “Oh God — Oh God — never — not even your mother –” I bobbed up and down, paying no attention to what he said, just focusing on keeping his cock going in and out of my throat. Finally, he barked “Stop!” and pulled my head back suddenly. I was disappointed at not getting to swallow his come, and looked up at him, puzzled.”Doggy,” he said.Immediately I assumed the position, head down in a pillow, my ass sticking up. It was a style of fucking I loved. He got up on his knees surprisingly quickly and mounted me from behind. I felt like his bitch now in more ways than one! I knew he would be able to satisfy me, as I come easily in this position. There was a brief pause, then I felt a hand on each hip, and then his cock tip pressed at my slit for just a moment before roaring into my wetness like an express train going into a tunnel.’Oh God, oh Daddy, so good, fuck me so hard,” I babbled. I heard his breathing become more labored as he speeded up, stroke after stroke against my burning ass. I could feel he was trying to last, and I squeezed down as hard as I could with my pussy muscles to urge him on, as I felt my own orgasm rushing up over me. He was already fucking me so hard that my knees came up off the mattress half the time, and he reached around me and locked both hands under my tummy, supporting me as well as pulling my body hard against him with each blow to my cunt.”Ohhhh Daddy, oh Daddy, fuck me, fuck me, I’m gonna come, I’m gonna come, I’m — gonna — come,” I yelled as I did come, my orgasm peaking as my pussy clenched down hard against his cock.”Uhhhhhhrrrrh!” he shouted as he too got off, his cock spurting, filling me with his scalding fluid. As before, I felt our combined wetness running down my legs, still plenty of it even after he had exploded in me just a few minutes before. In my fantasy, I wanted him to stay inside me for twenty minutes, pumping me and pouring out come, as if I were really some bitch he had gotten his cock hung up in. But of course my Daddy was just a man, and he couldn’t do that. He gave a few final thrusts and pulled out of me with a wet plopping noise.Before I knew it, he had his head underneath me. This time, it was he who was cleaning me up, groaning and twisting his body until every drop of juice was off my body, then going on to my pussy and licking it from asshole to clit, then concentrating on the clit until I was thrashing my legs over him in my third climax of the evening.I stayed with Daddy all night, of course. I couldn’t possibly have the energy to go back to my apartment after all that. He had a business breakfast the next morning and left me still sleeping. I went home and cleaned up, saying nothing to the curious stares of my roommates, and took a short nap just to catch me up. I wound up sleeping through lunch, but Daddy did call to make arrangements for dinner.I dressed attractively but sedately, had a fine meal and a bottle of wine with him, and then of course it was back to his hotel room for more hot sex. I did get to feel his sweet cream pouring down my throat and into my belly that time, where it warmed me from inside, the perfect end to the wonderful meal. But by no means the the end to the evening. My Daddy turned out to be quite the connoisseur of exotic sex acts, and we shared our repertoires until we were completely and utterly exhausted.Daddy flew home the next morning. I felt quite, quite certain that what he had gotten was more than worth what he paid for it, for this was only the first of many, many business trips to my city. When it comes right down to it, boyfriends are fine in their place, and customers provide some relief from boring evenings at home, but my heart belongs to Daddy — and my cunt, too.