My girlfriends friend

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My girlfriends friend,It was 3 am and I was sitting in my car waiting. I looked over at the club to see the crowds coming out, all the girls with their tiny shorts or skirts on and all the guys with they’re wandering eyes and hands.I’d already seen 2 girls being sick but then still hook up with eager guys. I was here to pick up my gf j and her friend Amy. I was admiring a tall skinny girl with knee high socks when I heard a knock on my window and a tug on the car door, it was j,” let us in then” she shouted, her cleavage on display while her ass was poking out to look through the window.i unlocked the door and j bundled in the back,”can you give Lewis a lift”.as she said that her friend Lewis slid in beside her in the backseat”hey” he said a little worse for wear. Then came Amy”she’s been sick twice ” shouted jAmy did look a little ill but wearing her hot pants knee highs and a very tight top showing off her illegal bahis large pert tits, she slipped in the front seat and slumped forward, she was very drunk, I leant around her to grab her seatbelt,slowly slyly caressing her warm tits as I did so. She was too drunk to notice and j and Lewis were waving to friends out the back window.”Can you take Lewis home Hun” said jI nodded and drove off, as I did j and Lewis started gigglingWe were 10 minutes from Lewis’s house, he lived in a village just outside town. I turned a corner when suddenly” STOP! I’m gonna be sick” Amy screamed! I pulled over and no sooner had I stooped Amy was out and running into the woods, then I could hear her coughing and spitting her sick. I wandered over to where I thought she could be from the sound, it was so dark in the woods. I finally found her and could just make out her shape in the darkness, she was hunched up youwin güvenilir mi squatting on the floor. ” you ok Amy ” I asked. No reply, I crouched next to her and started rubbing her back. I looked over to my car and could see j and Lewis laughing and bouncing to the music from the car stereo. Amy was really drunk, I tried lifting her up but she slumped into me, I grabbed her again, this time my hands were all over her tits, she didn’t complain only lolled her head back a little, this time I freed a hand and delved deep into her hot pants. I found her warm smooth pussy! I was shaking in fear and excitement , j was metres away but couldn’t see me. I pushed my hand deeper into Amy’s shorts this time and eased a finger inside her, she was looking down now, lolling her head side to side, her pussy was wet and warm, “you ok Amy?”I whisperedAmy nodded slightly. I was hard and perabet horny as hell. I pulled my cock from out of my trousers and let Amy gently to the floor, she was on her back now, I knelt with my knees behind her head and started wanking, with my free hand I freed her pert tits and squeezed them tightly, as I was wanking furiously I fed my fingers that had been inside her into her mouth, I forced them deep, Amy gagged and puked to her side.”do you feel better now Amy”? I said, she nodded again, I squeezed her tits again then down her shorts again, such a sexy slut I thought. I was about to explode. “Are you ready for you’re surprise Amy” I whispered. No answer. I sprayed my hot cum all over her face as I fingered her. She realised something hit her face but didn’t register what it was.”come on Amy you little slut,time to take you home”I put my cock away but not before shaking it at her messy face.i then fed my cum into her mouth before helping her to her feet. She was a state but still sexy, I pulled her top down before guiding her into the car again, she banged her head getting in,”ouch, she won’t remember that in the morning” said j” no” I smirked, “she won’t”