My Friend taught me how to do it first…….

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Teen (18+)

My Friend taught me how to do it first…….For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a fascination with my body. I’ve always loved to touch myself, it just feels so great. Growing up I had a few innocent encounters with a friend and a cousin, but it was nothing really sexual, it was just exploring. The first time I can really remember feeling sexual was when I spent the night at the house of a friend of mine. He was about a years older than I was, which was 14 at the time. We were in boy scouts together and our parents had been friends since before we were born. I can vividly remember the night I spent there. His parents were divorced, so he only lived with his mom. I went over in the mid afternoon and we spent the day just hanging out, swimming, watching a movie, eating pizza, normal k** stuff. About ten o’clock his mom said she was going to sleep and we should make sure to turn all the lights off when we go downstairs, his room was in the basement. We went on his computer and after doing some random stuff, found a chat room that k**s our age probably shouldn’t have gotten on to. It was an adult room with people having internet-sex and that kind of thing. We started talking to one girl who told us she was 16 years old, of course it was probably some middle aged guy. After talking to her for a while, we both started getting pretty horny. My friend asked if I wanted to see a sight he had found the other day. I said sure, not knowing what he meant, see, I didn’t have a computer and had never actually seen porn before. On the screen came a picture of a woman kneeling, completely nude, with a huge dick in her mouth. I can remember seeing her huge breasts and hairy twat, and even thinking that big dick was pretty nice. Of course, being two “cool” guys we both said, ewwww, a dick, and quickly covered it with our hand, but I wanted to see more! I remember feeling a pressure against my own dick, and looking down to see an incredibly obvious darıca escort bulge sticking up, but when I looked over at my friend and saw the same thing, I wasn’t so embarrassed. When he noticed my erection he said, looks like you wanna do something.I didn’t know what he meant by that, but the tingling in my croch felt really good, so I said sure. He asked if I had ever jerked off before, and I knew what that meant from hearing my other friends joking around, but said, “No, I don’t really know how to.” He asked if I wanted to learn, and said it felt really good. I agreed and was starting to get nervous, cause I didn’t know what to expect. He stood up, unbuckled his belt, opened his pants and dropped them to his ankles. He sat back down and reached into the hole in his boxers. My eyes were locked on him the whole time, I had completely forgotten about the naked beauty on the screen. He pulled his hard dick out of the whole, with the deep purple head pulsing in his hand. He began to stroke it up and down and said, “see, that’s what jerking off is, you wanna try?” I was eager to give it a go, but a little scared because my cock wasn’t as big as his, and I didn’t wanna get made fun of. I just sat there, not really knowing what to do, so he reached over and undid my pants. He pulled them down, along with my boxers, and my piece stood up on end. I said, “Hey, isn’t that a little gay?” He said it’s not gay if you still like girls, and told me that he had even played with his cousins dick before, but he still likes girls. I began to stroke it like he told me, and looked back at the computer screen. I began to click on some of the pictures to enlarge them. Then I clicked on one that was two guys sucking eachothers dicks. My friend smiled and looked at me, as I looked at him. I leaned back in my chair and let that picture on the screen, then I looked at his cock as he jerked it. He asked if I wanted to go in the living room and get more escort darıca comfortable. We both went in, and when we got to the couch, he took off the rest of his clothes. I did the same and we both sat down on the cool leather couch, completely naked. It felt so good against my back, which was a little sweaty from masturbating. He told me that if I jerked a little, and then let it rest, I could go for a long time, and then when I finally came, it would feel alot better. I knew what cum was because I had already had a few wet dreams and my brother explained to me what happened, but I never made myself do it. I followed his instructions, but soon started to get bored. I was having a really good time, and I asked him “Jay, can I touch your cock?” He immediately said, “Yeah, that sounds like fun!” So I reached over and with one hand started to rub it up and down. It was warm and smooth and felt really good. He leaned back and put his hands behind his head. As I kept rubbing him, he sat up and reached for my other hand. He took it and put it under his balls. He told me that if I rubbed them for him, it would feel really good. The he put his hand on my cock. As he rubbed me, I starting moaning and making alot of noise. He told me to try and keep quiet, or his mom might wake up, and then she’d be angry. I tried, but it was so hard, it felt great. Then he told, “I’m gonna come, let me show you how to do it. He stood up and squatted over their glass coffee table. With a few hard jerks, he ejaculated all over the table. It was incredible, I couldn’t believe what I saw. Three or four bigs streams came out and plopped on the table. I stuck my finger in it and put it in my mouth. He asked how it tasted and I said, “it’s kinda salty, but I like it.” Then he told me it was my turn to go. He put his hand back on my dick and said, “Ian, can ask you a favor? Will you jerk off in my mouth?” This really excited me, I had never jerked off before, and darıca escort bayan I was gonna do it in my friends mouth! I didn’t really know why he wanted me to, but I agreed. He laid down on the couch and I put kneeled over top of him, with a knee on each side of his chest. I began to jerk as hard and fast as I could, while he fondled my balls and put a finger in my ass. His finger startled me and I stopped, with a look of shock in my eyes. He said, “Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t think that would hurt.” “No,” I said, “It felt really good, could you keep doing it?” He did, and I began jerking again. I felt a huge pressure buld up and aimed, best I could, at his mouth. With a huge shutter, I let out a big moan a put a huge spray right to the back of his throat. One after the other, they came out, each with more force than the last, until they began shooting over his head, onto the chair beside the couch. When I was done, I feel backward, my ass resting on his soft, warm dick. I let out a sigh, and he said, “Holy shit dude, that was amazing.” We both sat up and rested our heads back. Then, from the doorway to the kitchen I heard, “Well, know that you two are done, I can get back to sleep.” I was shocked, Jay’s mom was standing there with a towel in her hand looking at our naked bodys. She tossed the towel at us, turned around, and went back to her room. I looked over at Jay, speechless and he casually said, “It’s not the first time shes seen me do it, she’s cool with it.” Settled down again, I helped him clean up and we put our clothes back on. Then we went to sleep, like nothing had happened. Jay and I shared a few more jerk off sessions, and for some reason, he asked me to cum on him ever time. A few years later, after Jay and I weren’t really friends anymore, I found out that he was gay. It suddenly became clear why he loved my cum, and I was kind of glad that we weren’t friends anymore, cause I had no desire to have a dick up my ass. To this day, I’ve never had actual sex with a guy and I am now very happily married to a woman I love with all my heart. But everyone in a while, usually when I’m in the dog house, I have a jerk off and think of those fun times with Jay.