My First Time

30 Haziran 2020 0 Yazar: admin


My First Timethis is a true story of how i lost my virginity. one day i woke up and it was a sunny day, so i decided to go outside and bath a little when i heard my neighbor come out his back door. of course i just minded my own business whilst he was doing the lawn mowing. then all of a sudden i started noticing him looking at my body. i was wearing a short dress with a blue thong, he must have been able to see my thong from underneath my dress so i kept in the same position just to see his reaction and kuşadası escort bayan he was still looking. the guy was attractive and must have been at least 35 but he was married and i guessed his wife was at work just like my mum was. my mum and i didn’t really know our neighbors that well so i guessed he didn’t know about me. anyway i told him to come inside for a drink and he said yes, he jumped over our fence and i went inside the kitchen to pour him a drink. at this point my kuşadası escort bayan cock was a little excited as i thought this could be the time. the man let himself in and he started to touch my ass, so i rubbed his cock and it must have been at least 8 inch. then i unzipped his jeans and put his very hard cock inside my mouth sucking and licking his big shaft. i felt the precum ooze down my throat but then he lifted me up and lifted up my dress and to his surprise he saw my dick escort kuşadası hanging there out of my thong. there was an awkward silence but to my surprise he started kissing me all over. next he turned me round and gently pulled down my thong and he shoved his pole into my ass hole, i started to moan with pleasure while he was shouting whore and slut at me. when he was about to climax he took his wet dick from ass and shot a big load of cum right on my cheeks. he put his jeans back on and told me that was great. he took his drink from the side swigged it all in one go and he climbed back over the fence and carried on lawn mowing. i just smiled and went straight for the shower. to this day his wife knows nothing about this. every time i see my neighbor we both smile at ourselves.