My First Time

2 Temmuz 2020 0 Yazar: admin


My First TimeThis girl from work called me one night to come over and help her babysite, I saide sure. I get there and she’s like the k** is asleep and my friend works till ten. So we turn on the TV and set on the couch then she’s says i’m a very open person, so I start to lick her face, she seems to like it and starts karşıyaka escort licking my face back, next then you know both our tongues are down eachothers throats. She then stradles me and starts humping me she wants to know if I ever had sex before, I tell her no, shes like will lets fuck but not on the couch escort karşıyaka so i follow her to the bathroom. She takes her cloths off in a matter of sconds. Pussy jucie is dripping down her leg. She sites on the sink and spreads her legs her pussy is engorged and I can smell it’s sweet sent. My cock is karşıyaka escort bayan rock hard and bulgeing in my pants she g****s it, undoing my fly, she yells fuck me fuck me. I sayI don’t have a condom she says so what it will feel better anyway. So I ram my cock into her wet pussy and hump away like a dog in heat. After five minutes I can’t take anymore and shoot my load into her. She smiles and says it’s ok, then she looks at my cock and says I cant let you go home with a messy cock so she sucks it till it is clean. “Guess this means we’re dateing see you tommrow….