my first gay bathhouse

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my first gay bathhouseI have been reading about bathhouses for a long time. I have only been with a couple of guys, and am not all that experienced. I was going out of town on business and thought this was the perfect opportunity. I could barely keep my mind on my business that day thinking of walking around this bathhouse naked with other men.that night I went to a gay bar near there to get rid of my inhibitions. after a few drinks, I thought I may as well start my short walk to the bathhouse. I could feel my body start to get hot with an anticipation. when I arive the place is sort of dark and I am a little nervous, the guy at the deck handed me a towel and key to a locker, and told me about the place. I walk to the locker room start to undress in front of a few guys. as I put my clothes in the locker; I feel these men’s eyes checking out my ass. It made me feel nervous and sexy all at once. walking back through these dark meandering hallways rooms was kind of creepy. I walk by very approving eyes on my way to a small lounge with a couple of couches and porn on a television, so I sit and pull off my towel and start to stroke my cock. guys walk by and stop stare at me rubbing myself. I get anxious and get up to walk around again. I notice an older guy (maybe 50-55) following me around, he is extremely well built, he is probably 6’2″ 200. much kuşadası escort bayan bigger than me (5’8″ 160). I finally find another room showing porn, this one much larger. I notice there is a small dark viewing room off to one sidewith only a stool to sit on. taking off my towel, and sitting on the stool, I begin to play with my cock again. I get so hot that I have to lube my asshole and start fingering myself. guess I looked pretty slutty with my ass hanging off the back of that stool , my eyes locked on the screen. I guess I was really into it because I didn’t someone walked in behind me. when he rubbed my back I jumped a little. I turned around to see that hot older man from the hall. he leaned in to kiss me and I stood up to kiss him back. I wrap my arms around his smooth muscular back, I couldn’t believe I was doing this, pulling off his towel I start to grab his firm ass, and kiss him deeper. I start to move down his body to suck his cock. I could not believe what a beautiful big cock he had! It was at least 7″ uncut laying there soft. I could feel my cock getting hard and starting to leak precum. I started to nibble at his tip, but couldn’t help but cram him in my mouth. his cockstarted to grow in my mouth, I felt so nasty with this now 8.5-9″ cock between my wet lips. my mature hotty started to lick his lips escort kuşadası as I stared into his eyes. he really started driping precum when I gently bit at his foreskin. He picked me up and placed me back in the position I was previously in. with my ass again hanging off the barstool he began the most amazing ass eating in the world! I could actually feel his tounge way up ass: he was going crazy! my hot ass mature stood and started to rub his cock on my asshole, he just barely put the tip in and pulled out manys times. he slowly inched his cock in a little bit at a time. I was sooo glad he took his time, because as I was excited as hell, I was scared he was going to impale me with that thing. His huge cock hurt at first, but then started to feel sooo fucking good! with my ass hanging off that stool I was taking every rock hard inch, I even started to wiggle my hips a little, this just made him fuck me harder and faster! god, I think I could actually feel every vein in his monster cock!I just had to get off that stool and find a place that I could put my arms around him and grab his ass and back. I got up with his cock still in me (which felt so fucking hot). I leed him by the hand and walk down the hall to find a good place. we come to this small room through all these gloryholes and find a narrow room that had a tv showing kuşadası escort porn, a padded long bench, and another couple of guys at the other end. they didn’t even notice us. my big beautiful older man sat me on the bench, and put his uncut cock back in my mouth. It instantly got stiff again, then he forced me back and roughly yanked my legs out and put them beside my ears. I felt so vulnerable and horny as he jambed that cock back in me, he started to fuck me so hard that a little cum started to ooze out of my dick. he kept pulling out to feed me his cock, he said “clean that juice off my cock baby”. god, his cock tasted so good! It was so hot to feel his foreskin move back and forth in my mouth as he forced his big dick down my throat. I was so ready to feel his body on top of me in the missionary position. so we move to a bedroom, and this time I throw him on the bed & crawl on top of him, slip his cock inside me and ride the fuck out of him! I lean over to kiss him and whisper that I want his cum in my mouth. this did it because he flips me on my back and fucks me like crazy! then he slows and lays on top of me (what I have been waiting for!). he kisses me passionately as I grab his ass and pull him inside of me deeper with every thrust. soon, his body starts to twitch and I tell him to cum in my mouth,. he pulls out and jacks his cock off into my mouth, as I gulp every last drop; he shoved his cock into my hungery mouth for the last blast. we must have stayed for an another hour or two pleasing one another until late into the night! it was by far the most intense experience of my sexual life.