My first black man

29 Haziran 2020 0 Yazar: admin


My first black manStarted of as a pretty tame drinking night. I went to Liverpool for a few days to visit a mate in uni. I decided to get a hotel and chill away from home. Met up with my mate a few times and had a few drinks over the weekend but as per usual she kept cock blocking me.Anyway I was in my room swiping on tinder. I had a few matches that were ok but they all wanted me to go to their place. It was quite late by the time I finally agree to go into the city and meet a guy for some drinks.I got a sexy black dress on and made sure I was wearing some sexy red lace underwear and headed down to the lobby. I went outside to have a fag whilst I waited for the taxi.Anyway this big muscular black guy walked past me. Slowed as he passed and said to me think the bar is closed but room 1128 if you want a drink and then he walked on into the hotel.I was a bit taken back didn’t really know what just happened but I’m not the kinda girl to let people down so got into the taxi when it arrived. I headed into town which was about a 10min drive. Got there and went to the bar this guy had arranged to meet me at. No one turned up. I was waiting, tried messaging him but nothing. So pretty pissed of got a taxi and headed back to the hotel.Got to the hotel, got into the lift and went to press the button for my floor. However I ended up pressing floor 11. When the lift got there I stepped out. It was the top floor and it all looked a lot more expensive than my floor. I followed the signs and finally ended up outside room 1128. I hesitated for a moment then knocked on the ödemiş escort door.I heard movement inside. I felt my stomach flutter in excitement and nervousness. The door opened and there he was a big powerful black man. He invited me in and placing his hand on my lower back guided me into the room. It was very big, a lot bigger than mine. There was some music playing. I sat down on the sofa in front of a table full of weed. He came back carrying a bottle of vodka and some glasses. He sat next to me and poured us a large amount each. We had a couple of drinks then he offered my something stronger so we both ended up doing some lines of coke. I got up and started dancing pretty proactively now I was a bit more loosened up. He got up and joined me, wrapping his big arms around me from behind. I grinded my ass into him. I put my arms around his neck behind me. He took full advantage of my exposed front and ran his hands up my body and grasped my tits.We danced like that for a bit then he grabbed my chin and pulled my lips to his. It wasn’t a tender kiss, he shoved his tongue in and pressed his lips hard against my in a passionate desired kiss. I felt his other hand run down my body and then under my dress he rubbed my pussy through my panties. I could feel myself getting very wet. He then put his hand down inside my panties and shoved two fingers inside me. I gasped into his mouth as he started aggressively fingering me.He then took his fingers out, stopped kissing me and made me suck his fingers. His fingers were so wet from me and tasted incredible. I felt escort ödemiş so naughty. He then turned me to face him. He unzipped the zip that was on the front of my dress and I let the dress drop to the floor.He told me to get on my knees, so I’d did. He unzipped his trousers and took his cock out from inside his boxers. It wasn’t even fully hard and it was already the biggest cock I’d ever seen. I took it in my hand and stroked it a couple of times. I could see it growing even bigger. I couldn’t believe that was going inside me soon. I really really wanted it but I was so nervous at the same time.I lifted his cock up and licked up the shaft from the balls to the tip the took his cock inside my mouth. I continued working the shaft with my hand and moving my mouth up and down whilst massaging the tip with my tongue. He was letting out moans of pleasure.He then took control and held my head with both hands and started fucking my mouth. At first I was only the tip but eventually he was fucking right down my throat and forcing me to gag. For his final bit he made me take as much of his cock as I could. By the time he took his cock out of my mouth my face was soaked water from my eyes and a mixture of his pre cum and my saliva.He made me stand up. He then pulled my panties down and made me take my bra off. He then picked me up and walked me into the bedroom. He threw me onto the bed. I lay there as he removed his clothes. He was very very fit.He got onto the bed he push my legs up and behind my head. He made me hold them there as he started fingering my ödemiş escort bayan pussy. He kissed down my inner thigh sending shivers down my body he the started licking my pussy. It felt so good having his finger inside me and his wet tongue on me. I starting moan sounds of deep pleasure. Then he did something I wasn’t expecting. He took his finger out of my pussy and stuck it in my ass hole. I’d never had anything in there before but it felt good.I felt my orgasm building but just before it did he stopped. I wanted him to keep going but instead he rolled me over and got me on my hands and knees. I felt my self dripping down my leg I was so wet. He stroked my Pusey with his big cock a couple of times the pushed Himself inside me. I let out a little squeal as my pussy was stretched further than it had before but because I was so wet it went in. He pushed it deeper and deeper then started fucking me. It didn’t take long for my to cum on his cock which made him slide in and out faster and easier.He fucked me so hard, ramming his cock deep and hard into my pussy. I couldn’t stop cumming. I had started fingering my ass again which. It got to the point where I just collapsed on the bed. He didn’t let that stop him though as he pulled me to the edge of the bed and continued fucking me bent over the bed.He started grunting hard and said he was going to cum. He pulled himself out and made me kneel in front of him. He put his cock inside my mouth and started fucking my mouth again. He stopped and I felt his hot sticky cum shoot into my mouth it caught me by surprise and I choked but he made me keep it in my mouth. He put his hand over my mouth and told me to swallow.It was difficult because there was so much but I managed to swallow it all.Next story I write will be what happened in the morning.