My doctor

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My doctorI love going to my doctor. Mainly because she’s a sexy half Italian cutie around 32 yo.If you want to look her up on instagram its #natcat. Her name is Natalia Shrestha. I’ve been going to her for about 5 years. I get so horny the minute she walks into the exam room. I look at her and fantasize about her laying back on the exam table and licking her sexy cunt and asshole. Anyway, I went to her once with a possible “yeast infection” I really didn’t have one, i just wanted her to look at my pussy. Little did i know, all that was required was for me to pee in a cup and send it to the lab. That really sucked. Hereing that, i had to come up with some reason really fast before she finished listening to my lungs and looking sincan escort in my ears. My mind was racing trying to come up with some reason to drop my pants. Then a thought came to me. A problem my friend had and told me about it. This is what I came up with.I told her ” This is a little embarrassing but I’m allergic to latex and the other night my boyfriend and I had intercourse and he used a l aytex condom and I’ve been itching really bad down there. I don’t know if I have a rash or what but it’s driving me crazy”She said “I can take a look if you want” On the inside I was jumping with joy, filled with excitement. “Ok ” I told her. She lay me back on the table, put my legs open and looked on the outside before using her escort sincan fingers, opened my lips up and looking on the inside. I could feel my juices starting to flow. I wanted to say, ” please, just lick it, i beg you”. But, i kept silent. She told me she would be right back because she had to go get a vaginal swab and there wasn’t one in the room. She left and as soon as the door shut i started masturbating. Rubbing the fuck out of my clit before she got back. I was so close to cumming, when she came back in the room. I was almost caught. She preceded to swab the inside of my cunt. She said she wanted to make sure, along with the urine sample, that there was no other type of infection. Her two fingers held open my cunt, sincan escort bayan close to my clit and I almost came right there. It was over in seconds. I wanted her to finger and lick me so bad. She told me to get dressed and she would me right back. Again,she left, i started masturbating. This time I came. I came so hard that I almost feel of the exam table. She came back with some information about latex allergies and what to avoid. As she sit there talking to me I was watching her lips move, imagining how sweet and hot it would be to have them sucking on my clit.I left, somewhat satisfied with the out come and was already thinking of my next excuse for her the play with my pussy.That night when I went to bed I pulled up her instagram page and rubbed my clit again, this time looking at her sexy eyes and cumming, not once but twice. It’s become a nightly thing with me now. Her and i, in my mind being secert lovers.This is her, in all of her sexiness.