My Daughter Started It

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My Daughter Started ItUnknown to me,My daughter,Branwen,had been hiding in the closet,listening to the argument I had just had with my wife,Beth. She was overseas in London,defending a client against racketeering charges,and had called to tell me that she would be gone for at least another month. To say I was pissed was an understatement. It was bad enough being separated from her for the past two weeks,but to go another month or possibly more?!I wasn’t really mad at Her,per say,I was more mad with the whole situation. Especially her Boss,Kevin,the insufferable little prick.He knew this was the busiest time of year for my Doctor’s Practice,and although Beth was the best lawyer in his Law Firm,I selfishly couldn’t help thinking that Kevin had made Her go along with Him on purpose,just to be a pain in My ass!It’s no wonder though,Kevin and I have hated each other since grade school,and it was no secret that I didn’t like Beth working for him,but He was Her Br other,after all,and it is their Fa mily’s Law Firm.A tap on the door brought me back to the here and now. Brittany,my daughter’s Nanny,poked her splotchy,acne covered face into the den and asked if I had seen Branwen.”What do You mean?” I said. “Isn’t she watching T.V.? Did you look in her bedroom,or the rumpus room?””Yes,Sir!” she replied and started crying. “Please don’t be angry with Me,Sir. You know how much Branwen has been acting up lately. Why,just this morning she threatened to run away! All because I made her eat the oatmeal I had prepared for breakfast!” Brittany was wringing her hands while pressing her skinny,knock kneed legs together. I could tell that she was genuinely worried for my daughter,and her concern touched me.Unfortunately,her concern only fed my growing fear. The knowledge that our closest neighbor lived over two miles away,and the thought of Branwen either walking along the side of the lonely country lane,or taking one of the paths through the woods that connected the properties,had my heart pounding. At four foot seven and under seventy pounds,Branwen was no match for any kind of a predator,whether it be two or four legged! With key in hand,I was standing in the Library, listening as Brittany made her way from floor to floor calling out: “Branwen?! Please answer Me! Branwen?!”.I had just unlocked the gun cabinet, and was reaching for my Remington 30.06,when I heard the sound of little feet running down the hall. Quickly turning my head,I was just in time to see Branwen’s long white hair trailing behind her,as she darted past the door.”Stop right there,Young Lady!” I bellowed.Brittany must have been coming back up the stairs and around the corner,because I heard her say “Got Ya!” and a moment later the two of them came marching through the door. Brittany had a death grip on Branwen’s upper arm,refusing to let go,and I could tell she wasn’t being too gentle as Branwen struggled and fought against her the entire time.”Thank You,Brittany. Would You please close the door?” My tone was firm enough to let her know that she was being dismissed,and that Branwen wasn’t going to get off easily for the stunt she had pulled.Brittany released the hold she had on my daughter’s arm,cut her a withering look,gave me a curtsy,then backed out of the room,closing the door behind her.”Do You know How Worried We were?” My voice had started out in a loud,booming timbre,but by the end of the sentence,it had became a mere whisper,and I was on my knees,holding my arms wide for Branwen to rush into. Which she did.I held her close as she repeatedly kissed my face and lips,proclaiming her sorrow for any grief she may have caused,to either Brittany or Myself,and I was caught totally off guard when I felt adapazarı escort her tongue slip between my lips. I instinctively kissed Her back,pulling her even tighter against me,holding the back of her head in my hand,leaning into Her,pressing her lips almost painfully against mine,as our tongues darted and danced across each other’s!I’m unsure how long we were locked in the embrace before I realized what was I was doing!Breaking the kiss and taking Branwen by the arms,I held her out in front of me,panting heavily,as I stared at her with repentant eyes.”Oh,Baby! I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have done that!” I told her and took her tiny hands in mine.My mind was filled with images of My Daughter’s young,nude,inviting body,and I had to fight against the onslaught of in-cestous,carnal desires which were accompanied by rushing waves of primal lust!I have been warring against these exact same thoughts and emotions for over a year now,and every time I am assailed by them,I have won the battle,but there was no denying how much I wanted,this time,to give up and surrender myself to their machinations. The fact that my cock was fully engorged,and harder than it had been in months,was a testament to the fact! Branwen was named appropriately. She is small framed,slender,and extremely pale of skin. Her face is heart shaped,with large almond shaped,emerald green eyes,and a small upturned delicate nose. Even when she frowns,which isn’t often,her pouty,light pink lips still retain the hint of an impish grin.Taking all of this,and more,into consideration,Her fragile facial features,slightly pointed ears and straight,waist length white hair, Branwen looks like the epitome of an artists rendition of a Fairy. Even when dressed like she was,which was in a pair of cut-off blue jeans that barely covered her cute little bottom,and a white,ribbed tank top.”Did You really think that I would have run away from You,Daddy? I would Never Leave You!” She cooed,while trying to catch her own breath. “Not Like Mommy has!” She leaned in close and gave me another kiss,which thankfully was quite chaste.”Mommy hasn’t left Me. You know that,Silly! She’s just away on Business.” I frowned at her.”Well,in My opinion,She Has Left You! I don’t like it,and I don’t think it’s fair! I know how mad You are.” she said reaching out to touch my cheek. “I’m just glad that You are here with Me! Now come on,I want to show You something.” She said,pulling on my hands and insisting that I stand up and follow her.I wasn’t thinking about it,and when I stood up,Branwen’s gaze went straight to, and locked on the outline of my bulging cock which strained against the fabric of my trousers.”Oh,Daddy! Look at how hard Your Penis is! That must hurt something awful!” She exclaimed,then quickly moved to my side hooking her left arm around my waist, and began rubbing the length of My cock with the palm of her right hand.”Stop it! Branwen! You’re not supposed to…! You Can’t do that!” I yelled out.”But,Daddy! I Am doing it! See? Doesn’t that feel good?” she whispered and continued fondling my cock. Moving back to stand in front of me,she was reaching for my belt buckle,when there came a quiet knock on the door,and Brittany cracked it open,peering in.Thank God from her position Brittany couldn’t see what was going on! All She could see was my daughter standing before me,with her head downcast. “I’m sorry,Sir. I don’t mean to overstep myself,but I heard shouting! Please don’t be too cross with Her.” Brittany said,then opened the door fully and stepped into the room. “I’m sure it’s hard with the girls Mother being gone and all.””Yes. Yes,It Is Hard!” Branwen said,stifling a giggle,making it almost sound like she was crying. adapazarı escort bayan “You Can’t Imagine HOW HARD IT IS,Brittany!” She exclaimed,her head shaking with the effort not to laugh.”Is there anything I can do to help? Anything at all,Sir?! Brittany inquired earnestly.”No,Brittany. Thank You,though.” I replied,and was chagrined when I glanced down and saw Branwen looking up at Me mouthing the words “Ask Her to suck on Your Cock,Daddy! Do it! I want to watch! Please?””Um…Brittany? There may be something You Can do for Me,” I began,and couldn’t believe that I was actually giving Branwen’s suggestion any serious consideration. “W-would mind starting dinner?””Of course,Sir.” She said,giving me another curtsy,and closed the door behind her.”Daddy? Why didn’t You ask Her? She’d do it! I know She would! I’ve overheard Her telling Brigett,at least a dozen times about how much she wants to! I wouldn’t tell Mommy,I promise! If Mommy can suck on Uncle Kevin’s cock,why can’t Brittany and I Suck on Yours?”I stumbled over to the nearest chair and sat down,before my legs dumped me on the floor.”Branwen! What are You saying?! Kevin is Your Uncle! Your Mommy’s Br other! They would never…””OH,Yes They Would!” Branwen insisted. She walked over to the phone,picked up the receiver and offered it to me. “Call Her up and ask Her! I know She does! I know it for a fact,because I was listening in on one of the phone’s extensions when Brittany was telling her si ster,Brigett,that she saw Mommy and Uncle Kevin in the greenhouse! Brittany told Her that she watched Mommy giving Him a Blow Job right before He Fucked Her!” I sat there in shock and watched as Branwen hung up the phone,went over and threw the bolt on the door,locking it.”I didn’t know what she was talking about” Branwen continued “but it sounded like Mommy and Uncle Kevin were doing something naughty. Something that They weren’t supposed to be doing! So I told Brittany that if she didn’t tell me what a ‘Cock’,’Blow Job’ and ‘Fucking’ meant,I was going to tell You about HER wanting to give YOU a Blow Job!”Standing between my legs,Branwen once again reached out with her dainty hands, running them over my erection,sending shivers throughout my body.”Can You guess what happened next,Daddy? We laid in her bed together for hours, watching movies of men and women having Sex,on her computer! Brittany said that that was the best way for me to learn without actually doing it! Especially Blow Jobs! It looks like so much fun,Daddy! I can’t wait to give You one!” she giggled and pulled off her tank top,displaying her pink nippled,key lime sized bare breasts. “You like?” she asked.”After watching the first couple of movies,I told Brittany that I was feeling all weird and funny inside. Especially ‘Down There’.” Branwen sighed,wiggled out of her shorts and panties,then pointed at her pussy,which is covered with very short,extremely fine,almost translucent white hairs. Making it look like it actually Is covered in peach fuzz.It has been years since I have seen my daughter nude,and even though I am a Doctor,I was amazed,struck dumb by her sheer physical beauty. She returned to her previous position between my legs,squatted ever so slightly,reached down and slowly inserted her right middle finger,deep into her vaginal slit. Pulling her finger back out,Branwen leaned forward,placed the wet digit to my lips,gently outlining them like she was applying lipstick. “That’s when Brittany showed me how to do other things too,Daddy. Naughty,Dirty,Nasty,Fun things!” She climbed into my lap so she could kiss me again.”Hurry up and take off your pants,Daddy. I want to suck on your cock and show You what I’ve learned so escort adapazarı far!” Branwen whispered in my ear,and reached down to squeeze my cock. “Please?!”The next few minutes were a blur.One moment I was fully clothed,holding Branwen’s naked body in my lap as we kissed,and the next thing I knew,she was lying on the floor. Her back was arched and her arms were held out to her sides,balancing on her shoulders as her thighs locked against the sides of my head and she ground her pussy into my face.She cried as I ate her pussy,until her body was rocked with one orgasm after another! When she was limp,panting and could hardly move,I rolled her over onto her stomach,pulled her to her knees,spread her asscheeks apart and began riming her incredibly tight asshole,with my tongue. “I know You wanted to show me what You’ve learned,Baby. But I want to teach You something that watching a few films and even Brittany never could!” I groaned.She was like a rag doll in my arms as I carried her back to the plush,leather chair and set her knees on the cushion,bending her forward. With her face pressed up against the chair’s back,I once again spread her asscheeks,and repositioned myself. Guiding my hard,pulsating cockhead to the bright pink,swollen lips of her pussy,I applied steady pressure,reveling at the heat and wetness of her small vagina as I slowly fo rced my cockhead in past it’s opening.The room was filled with Branwen’s horse screams,as I filled her virgin pussy with my long,wrist-thick,veiny cock!”God,Daddy! NOoooo!” she wailed. “NOoooo!” I was vaguely aware of a pounding on the library door,while Brittany yelled for Branwen to unlock the door and let her in.I could hardly believe how wonderful Branwen’s pussy felt! She was by far the best I have ever had,and my only regret was that I couldn’t get more than half of my cock in Her!Eventually Branwen’s screams and cries of “NO” stopped,turning instead to whimpers and grunts of lust that matched the rhythm of my thrusting cock.Branwen did scream one more time though,that time as another orgasm coursed through her,petite,pale body.Right afterwards I heard, “Daddy?”Branwen’s voice was little more than a breath. “Are You going to cum in my pussy,or can I taste it? I want to see what my pussy tastes like as I suck the cum out of Your cock!”It seems that My Little Girl Had learned some Nasty,Dirty things,after all!I pulled my cock from the tight grip,of the walls of her vagina and waited for Her to turn around. Opening her lips wide,Branwen took the head of my cock which was coated with the juices of her pussy,into her mouth. It was amazing the things she was doing,I almost couldn’t believe it! And I almost didn’t get the chance to warn her before I filled her mouth with my cum! The sound of Branwen slurping on my cock,as my cum spewed forth in one long jet after another into her hungry mouth,was loud enough to keep me from hearing the click of a key and the library door opening,but not loud enough to cover the sound of Brittany’s voice saying “Holy Fuck,You Two!”.Both Branwen and I turned to look at Brittany standing naked in the doorway. I never dreamed that she had such a fantastic body,or that she was such a sexual deviant! Because as we watched her cross the room in halting steps,to where Branwen and I were,it was clearly visible that she had a large vibrator strapped in place,buried as deep as it could go up her clean shaven snatch.Bending down,Brittany took my daughter’s face in her hands and kissed her. Using her tongue to scoop my ejaculate from Branwen’s own mouth and face.Turning to me she said “Waste not! And All that Stuff! How long before You can get this thing hard again?” and taking my cock into her mouth,she began sucking on it.”Hay! You’re a Doctor,right?! What kind of pills Ya Got? Got any of the instant Hard-On type?””Oh. I think I have something that will work just fine. But first. Branwen? Why don’t You show me something that Brittany has taught You?”