My dads friends

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My dads friendsNot quite sure how Joe knew I was…well you know gay, but he did. He came up to me in the kitchen and said “you should stop by the house sometime after school and check out some new stuff I got” Sure why not was my reply. I didn’t think about it for about a month then one day in school I remembered and thought why not just pop in today. When I got to Joe’s house he was happy to see me. “Hey little man…how is being a senior doing ya?” Pretty good. So where’s the new toys at. Out in the back yard. Joe has a pretty big house on about fifteen acres just outside of town. When we got out back I noticed that dan was there…he is another one of dads friends. Joe asked me if I wanted a beer. Couldn’t hurt I thought so I said yeah. I went inside with him to get it. When i bent over to get the beers out I felt something brush against my ass. I thought that he just backed into me. When I looked down I noticed that his toes were pointing the same direction as mine. I stood there for a moment to see what would happen. I then felt one of his big hands on the small of my back. I rose up with the beers aksaraya escort and asked what was going on. Too which he replied sorry if you don’t like it…my wife loves it when I do that. Well she is a woman ya know I am not. No but you do like to dress as one…yes. That was only one time and…how do you know about that anyway. I saw some pics your dad snapped of you. That is how your grades were brought up…blackmail. So does your dad know about the weed in your bag. No, and he doesn’t have to…what do you want? Well me and dan could use some…attention so to speak. Hell no dan is black. What are you racist now or something. Not I have seen the videos of those black guys their cocks are huge. Dan must have gotten curious as to what was going on and came in the house about then. Joe looked at dan and said yeah were good. We moved into the living room and Joe put on some gay porn and they both pulled out their cocks. I was told to pick one to start with. I chose Dan. His cock was six inches soft and cut. Joe’s wasn’t far behind and looked perfect. I walked up to Joe and told him to get escort aksaray rid of Dan I would fulfill his every desire. Without missing a beat he said “your going to anyway whether you play or not…hate to get rough with ya little man.” I figured maybe I could get out of there with just blowing them and being done. I got down and started to work on Dan’s cock and to my surprise it only grew a little to about eight inches. I was really getting into it. He was loving it. I got into a great rythym of deepthroating him and stroking it. About five years ago I saw a documentary about hookers how they would give like fake blowjobs with their hands and spit. He loved the feeling. I could tell by his breathing that he was getting close to cumming so I pulled his cock out of my mouth and started to stroke it. He said no you little cum slut you gonna take it and grabbed the back of my blonde hair and shoved his cock back in my mouth and throat and fucked me like a little bitch. In no time he was cumming down my throat. He came so much it felt like I was going to choke. They let me be for a few minutes before aksaray escort bayan Joe was standing over me stroking his cock. I figured I better start sucking or get forced so I made it to my knees and took him in my mouth. He was a very vocal man and I loved how he told me how good I was doing. I could take him all the way to the balls and lick them at the same time. He enjoyed his treatment for what seemed like an eternity. I was so into blowing him that I was unaware that dan was behind me rubbing lube in my ass. He started to fingerfuck me which I have to admit I loved. I was looking up at Joe when I saw him wink and nod to dan. In that moment he slammed his eight inch cock into my ass. The force drove me so deep onto Joe I think his balls went into my mouth. Pretty soon we had a great rythym of dan fucking and me sucking. They must have been on the same wave length as soon as joe started to cum down my throat I could feel dans second cumming of the day filling my ass. I went to the bathroom to cleaned up. When I came out of the bathroom there were three more men standing around with their cocks out. That is when I woke up in my hotel room. 30 years old and dreaming of being a cumslut. Then my phone went off and I had a job to go do. But later on that night in another hotel room another fantasy was about to cum true. Stay tuned for that story.