My Crazy College Sex Life Pt.1

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My Crazy College Sex Life Pt.1This story and all my upcoming stories are completely true with that being said, here we go. I was in my final year of college and life was good. I had a lot of very attractive female friends, but never really had any sex. I had only once before this time and I was so drunk my dick could not feel shit and it was not even enjoyable. One of my best friends Christy, was dating another friends of mine, and we would often go to the same parties and hang out a lot on the weekends. We would get high and drunk as shit. I started to realize that I was being stupid to not try to get some play. I really wanted to but I had never been very successful and most girls I was involved never gave it up and just used me for various reasons. I am not a shy person, so I decided to start putting myself out there. I am kind of a bigger person, I would not say fat, just big, so I was always self conscious and very scared of rejection, because that is all I have ever dealt with. I really wanted to get some ass. One night early in the semester, Christy brought her new roommate Amber over. Amber was really shy and had just transferred here. Amber was not seen by most people as hot, but she had a very iskenderun escort pretty face, beautiful long hair and some nice curves. Christy, who was at least a 9.5 out of 10, often garnered a lot of attention from other boys, so she was skeptical of most guys, but she knew I was different. She told me that Amber really liked me and we started talking, the night ended with nothing, that was until the next night. Christy had told us that she and some of her friends were going out to the bars and my friend and I should come. I knew Amber would be there and I knew she was interested, so I decided to look extra nice. My friend Chris and I got about as shitfaced as I have ever been. We killed a fifth of vodka and a case of beer before going to their place to pregame. We walked in and my eyes immediately fixated on Amber. She was looking amazing and I had never noticed how hot I thought she was. At the bar she kind of playfully touched me, sat on my lap, etc. She wasn’t a hoe, so no making out, but I knew good things were to come. We got home from the bar and she immediately took me into her bedroom and started making out as hard as I ever have before. We grouped each other, but she said that escort iskenderun she did not want to do more, which I was ok with, casue I was too drunk to cum anyways. After that our relationship heated up. We became boyfriend and girlfriend and I took her virginity the night I asked her to be my girlfriend. It was truly amazing. I pounded her pussy until she was screaming for me to stop. She could not even get up she hurt so bad. I was very proud of myself, I had finally gotten to cum inside a girl and I was in love with her and we professed that to each drunk as shit pretty quickly.While our sex life was good, it was mainly me. She was kinda uncoordinated and unathletic and our sex was mainly me just pounding her except for the occasional time she rode my dick. Her blowjobs got me hard, but could not even come close to making me cum. I was still in love though and it was awesome to have her in my life. Most of our sex was drunk, so it made it not matter. I never thought I would ever cheat, but something just kind of happened. Amber was going home for christmas break a day before me so I helped her pack and leave. I had forgotten my keys in her apt, so I went back up to get them. Now this iskenderun escort bayan is where Christy comes back into play. I smelled Amber’s panties one time and it was amazing. None was home and I noticed Christy’s dirty thong on the floor. I lifted it up and inhaled the bliss. As My cock grew the door slammed open and it was Christy. She screamed omg and I froze. She told me to get in her fucking room and wait until she figured out what to do. I had no idea what was about to happen, this could have ruined my life. Little did I know how awesome this was about to be.She walked into the room with her bathrobe on and said “So you like the way my pussy smells?” I froze and just stuttered I….then I was like please please I’ll do anything you want if you do not say anything. She told me to shut up. And started kissing me. I resisted as first, but she whispered in my ear “That really turned me on…If you fuck me…I wont tell Amber…I’ve always wanted you so bad.” I could not believe it. I asked if she was sure and if she could keep this secret. I was in total love with my girlfriend, but I did not see how I could get out of this without doing this. Christy was so beautiful and just pulled her robe off. There she was totally nude. She started grabbing my cock and it was amazing. She started blowing me and it felt so good….so much better than Amber. We started 69ing which turned me on, so much. She then got off and said fuck me now I want it so bad.Part 2 coming….