My brother busted my cherry

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My brother busted my cherryThis is for all you men and women out there that like some taboo stories.Chapter 1Cathy Jones, walking home from school, felt a secret tingle in her pussy. She had done something at lunch time she shouldn’t have done, and now she was busily trying to hide the knowledge of it from herself.” Another day, another night of study,” she muttered to herself. Lost in her thoughts, she wasn’t aware of the heads she turned.She was only sixteen years old, but she was a traffic-stopper. Her youthful hips swayed in a lilting rhythm from side to side, as she walked. She was everything a man could dream of in the wettest of dreams! Her body was almost fully developed. Her legs were already well-formed and shapely. Her blonde hair shone in the late afternoon sunlight like molten gold. Her green eyes sparkled with the young enthusiasm and the happiness of c***dhood, just merging into womanhood. Her lips were beautifully heart-shaped, and full, sensual. Her breasts were perfect mounds on a well-shaped chest, and the swelling of her young bosom curved downward into a trim waist, and then burgeoned out again into the delicate swell of her firm, well-rounded hips. She had thought she wasn’t interested in a man. She was too busy studying, trying to get good marks, trying to get ahead. She wanted a scholarship to college. She tried very hard to think of the homework she had to do that night. What kept coming to her mind was the boy who had seduced her in the library during lunch hour. She felt the juices gushing from her young honey pot, staining her panties as she walked. Already, the inner flesh of her thighs was quite dewy from the effluence of her pussy. Cathy was still a virgin, but she had almost lost it.She shivered as she remembered the boy’s hot hands, as they slipped under her blouse, and cupped her bare breasts. Even as she thought of it, Cathy’s nipples puckered. And then he had put his hand up under her skirt, and snaked his eager fingers into the elastic waistband of her panties. He had pried one of his fingers between her plump white outer lips, dabbled in her pink wet inner flesh. Cathy trembled again. She felt uncomfortable. She felt hot and cold at the same time. She also felt scared. She shouldn’t have done it, but she did. Not only had she let the boy touch her like that, she had let him put her hand on his great, throbbing bulge. Her palm tingled still with the heat she had felt. On rather shaky knees, Cathy walked up the steps to her house, and let herself in. “Hello, Cathy,” her father said, as she walked into the house. He was sitting in the living room, as usual, reading the evening newspaper. “Hi, Daddy. I’m fine.” Cathy went up to her father and kissed him hello. “How was your day in school.” Again Cathy felt that strange shiver course through her body. She had to leave the room. She had to go up and finish what that boy had started. She shrugged her shoulders, and smiled at her father. “Oh, Daddy, you know …” “No, I don’t know,” her father said, grinning at her with an adult’s amusement at the vagaries of a c***d. “Suppose you tell me.” “Oh, Daddy, nothing!” Cathy gasped. She turned abruptly, leaving her bemused father to wonder what adolescent upheaval had caused this recent aberration. She went to the kitchen, to greet her mother.Her home life was excellent, and Cathy appreciated it. Her parents were loving, caring people, and she had learned well the lessons that familial love teaches. “How was school, dear?” her mother said, accepting her daughter’s kiss. “Oh, you know, Mom,” Cathy said. “Same old shit.””Cathy!” her mother exclaimed in mild rebuke, “your language, honey.” “Sorry, Mom,” she responded.Cathy hurriedly walked out of the kitchen, leaving her mother as bemused as she had left her father. She ascended the stairs to her room, walked in and closed the door. Then she could let go. She felt the flush of passion rise on her fair young cheek, felt her chest heaving with her labored breathing. “Ohhh!” she moaned, bringing her hand down to cup her inflamed muff. A gush of cream poured out of her tight little hole, and made her fingers sticky. Her pants were a soggy mess, had been all day! Cathy took her clothes off, her hands trembling with the incredible passion which had possessed her. She stared in the mirror, at her incredibly beautiful body. She reached down with her hand, and covered her lightly-furred muff. She jumped at the hot contact of her hand with her meaty pussy . Sitting down in front of the full-length mirror, Cathy stared at herself frigging herself. She spread her legs wide, raising her knees slightly. She saw the pink inner flesh of her twat blossom outward. The tiny little pin-prick of darkness, indicating her virginal tunnel oozed with her creamy white juices.Watching herself, enamored of herself, she rubbed her hand up and down, covering her twitching pussy meat with her soft white palm. She felt her clitoris jump under the soft pressure of her demanding hand. “Ooooh!” she gasped, leaning back a little. Her hand was quickly covered with the syrup which flowed lavishly from her cunt. Her hand started to move up and down, faster and faster. Her breathing got raspy and shallow as the lust built. Cathy thought that her insides were going to melt in the fever of her passion. She pried one finger into her dripping love hole, and felt her cuntal muscles clutching at the pumping finger. She drove her finger in and out of her twitching pussy faster and faster. Her breasts swelled, as her whole body became bloated with her passion. She saw the thin trickle of sweat, which flowed downward in the fleshy valley between her gorgeous jugs. She rubbed faster and faster. The pussy meat swelled more and more, and it throbbed with a tom-tom rhythm which drove Cathy crazy. Pretty soon, she watched her hips rippling as her muscles contracted rhythmically with her growing excitement. “Ohhh!” she moaned. Her body pitched forward slightly, and her hips humped quickly up and down on the floor, as she braced herself by pressing the soles of her feet into the carpet.She was coming! She had needed this orgasm desperately all day. She had needed it when she woke up. She needed it even more when that boy had breathed on her face in passionate moist breaths, and stuck his fingers into her aching twat. “Eech!” she squealed, as the orgasm which had rumbled deep in her cunt started to spread outward in hot waves, until her whole body was convulsed with the delicious delirium. Cathy’s tightly closed eyes revealed a wild fireworks display, as her orgasm peaked, and then started to fade away. She gasped, and her green eyes fluttered open. She saw the dark stain on the carpet from her pussy cream, and grinned wryly at it. Her whole body still tingled from the sweet orgasm which had flowed through her. But it wasn’t enough. More and more, Cathy knew it wasn’t enough. She was desperate to get her cherry popped. She really wanted to feel a thick, big cock stuffing that tiny little hole, giving her the same sensations as her little finger, but even more intense. She got up on rubbery legs, and put her clothes back on. She wiped up the stain on the rug, and started to tackle her homework until supper. That night, Cathy, lying on the bed studying math, came across a puzzling problem that she couldn’t solve. She got out of bed, and padded to the door, thinking her father could help her. She went downstairs to the living room, thinking they might be watching television or listening to music. But they weren’t there. Cathy was puzzled. It was still early, and her parents didn’t usually go to bed early. She checked the kitchen, which was also empty, and then went upstairs.They must have gone to bed early, but if they did, Cathy was still puzzled. They had left all the lights on. She approached the door of her parents’ bedroom. And she heard voices. She stopped. There was something different about their voices tonight. Were they quarreling? She crept closer to the door, intent on eavesdropping. If anything were wrong, Cathy wanted to know about it. She put her ear to the door and listened. And then she heard laughter. “Ohhh, oh, no, you big brute. What on earth are you doing?” Cathy’s frown deepened. It was her mother’s voice. It sounded different, almost as if she were frightened of something, but still, Cathy didn’t think she was scared. “I’m going to fuck you until you come out of your ears!” Cathy trembled and her pussy creamed wildly. Her father was fucking her mother. Cathy had to watch. She had never seen anyone fucking, and she needed to learn about it. Her mother’s moan was low, guttural. Cathy slowly turned the knob of the door, and opened it, peering in. The bed was against the wall, and afforded Cathy a clear view of what was going on. She gasped, and shivered. Her father was naked, and so was her mother. Her mother had spread her legs. Cathy saw her pussy meat clearly. Her mother had a ripe, beautiful figure. Cathy took after her. The only difference was that her mother’s cunt was bigger, and it was covered with a gleaming bush of thick, blonde hair. Cathy’s eyes widened when she saw her father’s prick. “Oh, no,” she whispered to herself, not even conscious that she was articulating the words aloud, “it couldn’t be that big. That would kill me!” Shivering with a pleasurable fear, Cathy watched her father get on top of her mother. His buttocks were very, very muscular, his long, lean frame glistened with sweat.She saw his balls dangling between his legs, as he placed his mammoth prick against her mother’s glistening pink meat. Cathy thought she would faint with the hot excitement that coursed through her young body. She saw his massive shaft start to disappear, as he plunged it into her mother’s cunt. “Oooh, unh! That feels so good,” her mother gasped. “Oh, Bob, put it all the way in, ooh!” The words her mother was crooning made Cathy’s ears sing with the blood that rushed to her head. She had never known her mother could talk so wildly. Her father’s muscular buttocks started to rise in the air, and Cathy saw his thick stick appear. Now it was glistening, coated with her mother’s pussy syrup. Cathy’s breath came in quick puffy gasps. Her hand reached down into her pajama bottoms, and she began to rub her own pussy . “Oh, Bob, it feels so fucking good. Oh, faster, Bob, faster. Oh, Bob, I want to come.” Her mother’s hips started to hump upward, as her father’s dick disappeared again into the creamy depths of her mother’s hole. “Hang on, darling, I’ll make you come,” her father said. His buttocks rose high in the air, and then came down, as he drove his cock, like a pile-driver in and out of her mother’s dark hole. “Remember the first time, darling?” her mother gasped. Cathy watched her mother’s arms snake around her father’s neck, as he drove his cock with increasing speed in and out of her mother’s cunt. Cathy remembered the story. She had heard her mother, talking to some of her friends over drinks one night, when her father was working late.As she rubbed her hand over her pussy, she visualized it, the way her mother told it. Lots of the women told stories that night, but Cathy thought her mother’s story was the sexiest. They were both teenagers, still in high school, and they were both fairly well-off. They had come from conservative backgrounds, but apparently they had hit it off on their first date. On their second date, they had gone to the movies. They hadn’t wanted to part company. Her father had suggested a walk in the park, and Cathy’s mother had said yes, readily. It was an unusually warm evening and there was not a soul in the park. Being bold but little scared at the same time, Bob had kissed her, and Cathy’s mother had responded ardently. Their mouths had met hungrily, their eagerness intensified by the fact that what they were doing was forbidden. Sparks flew when they kissed. Her father, Bob, had started to explore her body, the way the boy had explored Cathy’s that very afternoon. It was the story of her mother’s first time that had driven Cathy to allow the boy the liberties he took. She had allowed his hands to wander all over her breasts, and then down over her waist, her hips, and her lovely rounded ass cheeks.They knew they were going to go all the way. Scared that someone might come, they didn’t strip. June, Cathy’s mother, raised her skirt up to her hips, and Bob pulled off her panties. Then her father had taken his cock out of his fly. Her father had entered her mother’s pussy gently. It had hurt a little, since she was a virgin. Her mother had begged her father to break her hymen, and he had. Cathy, her eyes blurred with the lust which bloated her, stared at her father. He was now humping her faster and faster. Her mother was moaning wildly. Her mother’s hips moved wildly, and her father’s dick was making funny wet sucking sounds. The sounds only caused Cathy’s hand to move faster and faster over her little virginal pussy meat. She was jealous. She wanted to have a man pumping her full of his cum, wanted to feel a man’s dick spreading her cunt hole wide. Her mother’s body heaved insanely under her father’s humping body. “Ohhh, Bob, keep it up. Oh, it’s like heaven darling.”Cathy’s face screwed up as the lust became stronger and stronger, a force not to be denied.”Yeah!” Cathy’s father gasped. “I’m going to come, June. I’m going to come.” “Oh, do, darling. Come. Ohh, I’m going to come, too!” Cathy’s mother did start to come. Cathy recognized the spastic motions, the sudden wild flurry of activity. Her mother’s limbs thrashed wildly on the bed, her arms clutched greedily around her husband’s neck. Then her father grunted, and he started to come. Cathy was fascinated with the way his ass muscles rippled when he drove his cock deep into her mother’s cunt. Soon, both of them collapsed, breathing noisily, clutching each other. Cathy gritted her teeth, and her body jumped and twitched like a puppet on tangled strings, as her rubbing hand brought her own pussy into delicious tumult. She felt her face get red, as she held her breath, to prevent herself from crying out with the hot, searing pleasure which filled her. Then she relaxed. She peered into the room again. Her mother’s eyes were closed in post- orgasmic bliss, but they had to open soon. After all, her mother had left all the lights on downstairs. Slowly, cautiously, Cathy closed the door and went back to her room. Cathy’s mother had admitted to her girlfriends, the night that Cathy eavesdropped, that was the night her older brother Jimmy was conceived. Cathy had been mersin escort born two years later. In her room once more, she tried to study. But she was too hot and horny. She couldn’t. She felt the need to frig herself again.”You’re gonna go crazy!” she said to herself in the mirror. She couldn’t believe the wild tumult that coursed through her. Cathy walked away from the mirror, with her cunt itching, and went back to her studying. About an hour later, she heard her brother come in. She gasped. What bothered her the most was, did she close her parents’ door? She was pretty sure she had, but she decided to check. If her brother caught her checking, she could always tell him she was going down to raid the refrigerator. She walked cautiously out of her room, and down the hall to her parents’ room. Good, she thought, she had closed the door. The noises behind the door still had the same wild sound. Could they have really kept it up that long? Cathy couldn’t resist it. Listening carefully, she heard her brother’s footsteps going toward the kitchen. He was going to raid the refrigerator himself, which would keep him busy for awhile. Cathy opened the door again, and this time she gasped.As she looked wide in awe, she saw her mother’s legs wide apart, her knees raised. Her father was between her mother’s legs, and he was munching on her pussy. Cathy had no idea that it could be done. She remembered once having tried to lick her own pussy, but she couldn’t get her head down between her legs. Her father’s tongue made wet sucking noises as it probed into her mother’s womanhood. Cathy felt the desperate rush of pleasure course through her. She felt as if her house were reeking with sex, which was no help to the over-active, ardent young teenager. Even her brother suddenly appeared to be an attractive possibility to the desperate Cathy.Her mother was still moaning sexily. “Oh, your tongue, Bob, it feels so good, ohh, lick it, honey. Lick my snatch.” As Cathy watched through the partially opened door, she saw her father’s tongue licking up his wife’s juices. He seemed to enjoy doing it, and her mother was obviously in ecstasy. Cathy’s cunt tingled. She sighed and closed the door again, not wanting to be discovered spying. How could she study tonight when her blood was in a turmoil? She decided that maybe she did need something to eat. She went back to her room, to put on her bathrobe, mostly to cover the rapidly spreading stain in her pajamas, and went downstairs again, and out to the kitchen. Her brother looked like her father, tall, dark, and handsome. To Cathy he was always the most handsome boy in the world, and her pussy continued to cream. Her sexual odor was such that she had not yet acquired any sexual discrimination. “Hi, s*s,” Jimmy smiled, looking fondly at his delectable sister. His quick gaze to her tits did not escape the overwrought Cathy’s attention. Cathy had heard that making it with a brother was i****t, and that it was monstrously wrong. Her parents had never told her that. She had heard it from her friends in school. Cathy was so overwhelmed by her libidinous thoughts, that she didn’t even dare to kiss her brother.He was pouring milk. “Want some?” She nodded. He frowned at her. “You have an awful funny look on your face. What’s the matter?” Cathy shrugged, and sat down at the kitchen table, as Jimmy got another glass and poured her some milk. “Did you have a nice time?” she asked. Her brother’s rakish grin did nothing to dispel the sexual aura she sensed about him. She knew Jimmy wasn’t a virgin, because one day she had caught him reading girlie magazines. He had hidden the magazines, and she had got angry, her curiosity thwarted. “Why can’t I look at them?” she demanded, irately. “Because you’re too young. And anyway, you’re still a virgin. You shouldn’t look at stuff like that.”Cathy’s eyes had widened. “You mean you’re not?” Her brother looked at her superciliously. “Of course I’m not. I’m eighteen.” “Is that when you’re supposed to do it?” “Yeah, I guess, if you meet the right girl.” “Well, I’m gonna meet the right guy soon.” Her brother had sprung out of the bed, furious, and grabbed her by her shoulders. He shook her. “You damn straight better wait, Cathy, or I’ll kill you and the boy.” “Why? I’m old enough!” “No you’re not.” Cathy had subsided in frustration, resigned to being bossed by her mother and her father, and now her older brother. “I don’t think I can wait that long,” she had said. “You better!” her brother warned her, pushing her roughly out of the room. “Hey! Are you with it?” Cathy snapped back to the present, and stared at her brother. “Yeah,” she said defensively. “Boy, you look like a love-sick cow,” Jimmy had teased. “Well, I’d like to know what you look like!” she demanded. Jimmy laughed, and pulled out some cake, cutting a piece for himself, and one for his sister. Cathy had to hand it to him! It didn’t matter how aggravating he got. He always looked out for her.”Where are Mom and Dad?” Cathy turned away momentarily to hide the blush that crept into her face. “I don’t know,” she lied. “Aren’t they in the living room?” “No.” “But all the tights are on!” Jimmy laughed, his voice husky. “I know where they are.” “Where?” Cathy demanded. “In bed.””Without turning off the lights?” Jimmy stuffed a piece of cake in his mouth, and nodded.”There are times when you don’t turn off the lights,” he said, sagely. “I don’t know what that means,” Cathy said. “Oh, you’ll find out!” her brother promised. “You’re too young now.” “No, I’m not!” Cathy exclaimed, pushing the cake away. She was too sexually aroused to eat. Her stomach churned lazily in her belly. To Cathy, it felt as if her stomach were doing lazy somersaults. She had to get away from her brother, had to go to her room again, and bring herself off. “I’m going to bed. Goodnight, Jimmy.” “Goodnight, Cathy. See you in the morning.” “Yeah.” Cathy put her glass in the sink, her milk only partially drunk. She went back to her room. Her face began to flush as she lay down on the bed and opened her pajama tops. She started to massage her breasts. Her fingertips soothed the ache in her puckered nipples. She massaged them very slowly, dreamily. Her mind wandered into a haze. She pushed the bottoms of her pajamas down, and pressed her hand into her snatch. It was sticky and wet. She thought of her handsome, rakish brother, and her father, with his monstrous prick, stuck deep in her mother, and then his tongue noisily licking at her mother’s cunt. She had learned one thing at least. If her father had put his mouth on her mother’s cunt, it couldn’t be perverted. They wouldn’t do anything perverted, so Cathy felt free to fantasize about it. She brought her hand to her mouth, and tasted her pussy cream. It was a strange taste, musky but somehow, rather sweet at the same time. While her right hand started to massage her pussy again, her left hand roamed freely over her burgeoning tits. She felt herself getting hotter and hotter. She rubbed the opening of her juicy little virgin crack, feeling the wetness seep out of her. Her hand encountered the minuscule little hard button of her clitoris. She started to rub it, and she felt goose bumps rise on her smooth, white flesh. Her small pink nipples got harder, and she rolled her tongue around and around her lips.She put one finger into her dripping twat, and twirled it around, trying to make it feel like her father’s dick might feel. But she knew it was too small, so she put two fingers into her cunt. She started to perspire. There was a slight sting as her flesh was stretched wider than it had ever been, but the pleasure was much stronger than the discomfort. She gasped, and her pumping fingers stopped their rhythmic motion for a moment, as Cathy thought of something else that was terribly important. If her father ate her mother’s cunt, did her mother suck her father’s huge prod? She wasn’t sure if it would fit into her mother’s mouth. But then she had been pretty sure it wouldn’t fit into her mother’s pussy! But the thought tantalized her further. Her delight grew as her hands moved around and around on her wet aroused flesh. She began to twitch. It felt like something was hurting in her stomach at first, but then her pussy overflowed with thick syrup, and the twitching became a pleasure that was so intense, she thought she would faint. She started to finger herself faster and faster. She couldn’t control her senses any longer. Her hips went out of control humping upward, driving her fingers deeper into her twat, until they were buried up to the knuckle. She bit her lower lip to keep from crying out loud, and alerting the rest of her family that she was up to no good. Her orgasm finally exploded, and her body twitched insanely in the delicious throes. Her breasts swelled with her passion, and she trembled. Her orgasm peaked and then floated away in little wisps, leaving a residue of hot fleshy pleasure which warmed her belly, and eased out her over-active mind. She relaxed and fell into a deep sleep. Her hand was still between her free-flowing cunt lips. Cathy was determined to initiate herself into the mysteries of sex as soon as possible. And she really didn’t care if it were her brother, or someone in school. She would decide in the morning how she wanted to go about it.Even in her sleep she could feel her pussy creaming wildly. She had several dreams that night. In the first one, her father came into her room with that monstrous pecker of his gripped in his hand. In the second dream, she saw her mother getting fucked by her father. In the third one, she was lying under her brother’s body. He was fucking her like a stallion, and Cathy was screaming. When she woke up from that one, she was trembling all over and covered with sweat. Her bed was soaking wet under her quivering buttocks from the sweet honey which had flowed from her overheated snatch. Chapter 2Cathy had a very difficult day at school the next day. Ordinarily a very good student, she couldn’t concentrate on anything. Furthermore, with all the spying on her mother’s and father’s fucking and sucking, with all the masturbating she had done herself, she hadn’t done any homework at all. For Cathy, that was unusual, and since it was spring, her teachers tended to be a little bit indulgent. But Cathy had a lot of work to make up when she got home from school that day. She was determined to do it all, and she went right to her room, turned on her radio to a mellow station, and dug right in. The French and the English lessons were easy. But she started to have problems with the algebra after the third problem. She got part of it done, and then got stuck. Jimmy would be the answer. He always came to her with the English and the French, and she always went to him with the algebra, and the geometry. She walked down the hall to his room. She raised her arm to knock, but noticed that the door was partially open; she peered through the crack in the door. What she saw really turned her on, really delighted her and made her pussy cream. Her brother was lying on his bed.His pants and underpants were lying in a heap on the floor. His huge prick was standing straight up from his belly, and he was gripping it with his fist. Jimmy’s dick was as large as his father’s. Cathy felt her pussy creaming as she watched it. She licked her lips, wishing that she could have his big dick stuffing her cunt. He was muttering as his big, athlete’s hand pumped on the cock. He started to pull harder on the shaft. He kept pulling on it, until his hips started to move up and down. His breathing became rather short and staccato-like. Judging from his breathing, Cathy assumed that he was on the verge of coming. “Ohhh, I’m coming! Ohh, that’s it, Suzy, pull on it harder!” Cathy gasped. Suzy Wood was the twin sister of Stephanie, Cathy’s best friend. Cathy knew that Jimmy dated Suzy a lot and Cathy had heard that Suzy put out for a lot of boys. Jimmy was on the verge of coming. He dug his heels deep into the mattress, and spread his legs even further. Cathy was wet already, but the sight of her brother getting so frantic, caused Cathy’s blood to boil in her veins.She lifted her skirt, and she slid two of her fingers down into her swollen, hot and throbbing snatch. She started to masturbate wildly. And while she was fingering herself, watching her brother masturbate, she wished that her brother’s nice big peter were stuck in her hot little, untouched hole. Cathy felt the need to suck on it, to play with it, to feel what it was like. Jimmy’s face became anguished as his climax approached. “It’s coming. Ohhh, yes, Suzy. Keep pumping that thing!” All of a sudden, a huge spray of white scum started to shoot out of the head of his prick and made an arc in the air, landing on his bare, flat belly. By this time, Cathy was beside herself. She couldn’t take it any more. Her knees started to weaken and she collapsed on the floor, still fingering herself. Her legs were wide open. Her buttocks muscles rippled as she felt her own orgasm ripple through her. She started to shake, and she came,right there on the hall floor in front of Jimmy’s room, the algebra book forgotten on the floor beside her. Oodles of her juice flowed from her cunt. She felt it trickling down her ass crack, staining her panties thoroughly. She took several deep breaths, to recuperate from the v******e of her orgasm, and then she picked herself up off the floor, adjusted her clothes, and went back to her room. She wanted to give Jimmy time to recover from his orgasm, and to get dressed. Frigging herself was no longer enough. Cathy figured that Jimmy would need about ten or fifteen minutes. In her aroused state, that was enough time to frig herself again. “Damn!” she muttered to herself. She had been determined to finish all her homework, and here she was masturbating again, so horny that she couldn’t even concentrate. She had never seen a cock shoot cum before, although she knew instantly what it was. It looked so delicious that she felt terribly hungry to taste it. Her affection and desire for her brother grew. His cock had been every bit as big as her father’s, and Jimmy was a very popular boy in school. So his cock couldn’t be too big for the girls, because if it were, they wouldn’t go out with him a second time. Cathy lay down on the bed, after removing her panty hose, and her soaking wet panties. She brought the panties to her nose to sniff them. She liked the smell of her juices. It turned her on even more than usual.She wanted something stuffed up her cunt escort mersin desperately, and then she gasped. She did have something she could stick up her overheated twat! There were candles in the holder on her bureau. They were nice and thick and smooth. She was a little scared about using them, but her desperately horny state made it imperative that she use something. She went over to the bureau and extracted the candle from its holder, and brought it back to bed with her. She spread her long, slender thighs wide apart, and pressed the end of the candlestick against her dripping twat. She was a little cautious. She didn’t know if she wanted to break her hymen or not, so her thrusting was shallow. She started to masturbate with the candle. It got soaked with her juices. She slowly started to draw it in and out of her raw cunt, trying to imitate her father’s thrusting motions, to see what it felt like. She had never felt such pressure in her life. Having the candlestick up her twat was better than her fingers! She started to moan and whisper to herself. “Oh, Jimmy, what a nice big ramrod you’ve got. Come on, stick it into my pussy. Come on, please? Oh, please, please, Jimmy. I need it so bad. Oh, yes, that’s nice. That feels good, that feels very good.” Cathy started to lick her lips as her mouth went dry with her growing passion. She began to thrust her hips upward, driving the candle in a little further. “Ohh, yes, lover. Faster, faster, keep it up. Oh, ahhhh! I love it!” Cathy moved the candle faster and faster, trying to imagine that it was Jimmy’s prick.As her passion grew she thrust it in until the end of the candle came in contact with her hymen. She pulled the candle out somewhat, as she felt a slight sting. She was afraid the candle would hurt her. Better have a cock push through that barrier between her and her sexuality. She kept pumping in shallow strokes, feeling the candle becoming coated fabulously with her slimy slick syrup. She rubbed her clit with her other hand, and felt more pleasure rising in her. She started to feel her orgasm rippling deep in her cunt. Her juices flowed more freely. She started to tingle from the top of her head to the toes of her curled feet. She started to feel herself coming. “Oh, please, please! Make me come with your wood. Jimmy, please, oh, I love it! Please put it all the way in and shoot your juice into me. Make me come. Let me have it, please!” She rubbed her clit harder and harder, until she felt the orgasm convulsing her body.”Ohh, I’m coming, ohhh, that’s good! Oh, Jimmy!” she gasped, as her orgasm washed over her violently. She felt her sex sweat pouring off her body as her orgasm peaked. Her body arched up off the bed, taut with the pleasurable convulsions which ripped through her. Then her body collapsed suddenly, and she lay still, her lovely chest heaving with her labored breath. Cathy felt that she had to do something, and do it fast. She thought seriously of going into her brother’s room and begging him to fuck her. But she knew he would get angry, and she didn’t want to make him angry, in case she needed a favor from him. She sighed, and got up. She still had the algebra to do. Reluctantly, she put her panties back on, and her panty hose, and went to her brother’s room, knocking on the door. “Yeah!” “Jimmy, it’s Cathy. I need some help.”Boy did she need help, she thought. She needed to have her cherry busted in the worst, possible way. “O.K.,” Jimmy said, and Cathy pushed the door open. Jimmy was at his desk, studying. Cathy felt her cunt milking as she walked into the room. She remembered what her brother’s cock had looked like when he had been masturbating. That would have been enough, but she had seen it shoot, and the thought of all that creamy jizz, which could have been pouring into her cunt, instead of being wasted on his strong manly belly, drove her crazy!Jimmy helped her with her algebra. It was a difficult chore, because Cathy was so very horny that her mind kept wandering away. “Come on, s*s!” Jimmy exclaimed with irritation. “You’re smarter than that. What’s the matter?” “Oh, nothing,Cathy sighed.”You have a problem?” What could she say? She’d only have another argument with Jimmy, and right now he was being very patient and nice to her. Jimmy was always nice to her except when he was being bossy. Somehow or other, she managed to get her homework all done, including her history, and the history teacher had given the class an exceptionally long assignment that day. Then she went to bed. She frigged herself to sleep until well after her parents had gone to bed. She even got up and went to her parents’ bedroom, hoping to see them fucking again, but their door was closed, and when Cathy pressed her ear against it, she couldn’t hear anything. She had probably waited too long. The next day in school, Cathy really tried to fight the problem of her growing sexual frustration. She paid as much attention as she could in the classes, and raised her hand a lot, just to let the teachers know that she was with it.Tonight was going to be a fun night, she thought. Her parents were going to a dinner dance, and Jimmy and Cathy would be alone in the house. They usually made some junk food, or ordered in pizza. Their parents were nuts about balanced meals and the two young people seldom got to taste the real garbage food that lots of teenagers liked. Jimmy came to her table at noon time. “Do you mind staying in the house alone for a couple of hours?” he asked. “Of course not, silly!” Cathy said. “Well, I just wanted to know. I have basketball practice tonight. But I’ll be home about eight-thirty. Is that OK with you?” “Sure, Jimmy. I’ll make supper for both of us.” Jimmy looked at her grinning. “Why don’t we order in pizza?” “We had pizza the last time Mom and Dad were out.” “Well, what do you want?” “How about Chinese food?” “Nah! I had Chinese food with the guys night before last.”Cathy sighed. Sometimes Jimmy was more exasperating than other times. “How about if I make supper for us?” Jimmy frowned. “I don’t know about that. What do you want to make.””Steak and home fries, and a salad?” “That would be O.K. if you don’t wreck everything.””Of course I won’t!””O.K.! O.K.! That sounds fine. Then we’ll have steak and home fries. Put lots of onions in the home fries, huh?” “Yeah,” Cathy said.Chapter 3When Cathy was alone she began to eagerly masturbate herself again. She had a growing fear that her cunt was so tight, she would never be fucked in her life. She envisioned herself as an old maid, taking cock in her mouth because no one could get a cock into her pussy. would her brother’s fit? She was in such a deep state of thought she did not hear the front door open. Cathy was delirious. She tried to drive her fingers in by humping her hips up. “What the hell are you doing!” Cathy gasped. With a painful wrenching motion, she pulled out of her aching box and sat up. She tried stand up, as Jimmy, the picture of brotherly indignation, strode into the room. “Oh, Jimmy!” Cathy squealed, by now beside herself with rage and frustration, “why did you have to come home now?” “I came home because I didn’t like the idea of leaving you all alone in the house, and damnit! I was right!” He said as he stared at her. sister. He didn’t know if he wanted to kiss her or speech her off. He had had a glimpse of her swollen pink pussy meat, before she sat up. Her breasts were heaving with her rage and excitement. She started to cry, and plumped down on the couch, resting her lovely face in her folded arms. “You’re too young to be doing shit like that!” “Hey, wait a minute s*s!” Jimmy cried, grabbing one of Cathy’s arms as she started to run out of the room. “No!” she screamed, trying to yank her wrists from her brother’s tight grasp.”Where are you going?” the alarmed boy gasped. “You aren’t going to do anything rash, are you?” “I’m going upstairs and frig myself with a candle. I’m going to pop my cherry with it. I can’t wait anymore!” she screamed. With one violent last wrench, she pulled away from her brother and clattered up the stairs, sobbing violently. She ran into her room, and slammed the door and then locked it. She threw herself on the bed, between the devil and the deep blue sea. In the first place, she was horny. In the second place she was so horny that she was enraged. In the third place, her brother had made her even angrier by barging in on her the way he did. In the fourth place, her brother always made her horny, and that added to the intensity of the lust which coursed through her. In the fifth place, she was so horny at this point, that the candle wouldn’t do. In the sixth place she needed that candle, and didn’t care any more what kind of damage it would do to her cherry. She had to have it popped! In the seventh place, she was so enraged with lust and passion, that her knees were now too weak to carry her heaving body across the room to the bureau, where the candle was.She was white and weak with desire. She heard her brother knocking on the door. “Cathy, Cathy! Open this door.” She heard the door knob rattle. “Go away, I’m going to die!” she screamed, sobbing violently. And in fact, at that moment, given her bizarre condition, she was really afraid it would happen. “Cathy you open this door, or I’ll bust it in!” That only made Cathy cream more. She wanted him to bust it in, wanted him to rush into the room, wanted him to take her, violently, with no foreplay, and no little k** stuff. Cathy needed to be fucked so badly that her cunt was contorted with pain. She wondered if she could take a cock in her cunt the way it felt right now. She heard a loud thud against the door, and it was battered inward. Her brother stood in the doorway, his hands clenched, looking at his sister. She hadn’t put her panties back on, and her skirt, with all the writhing on the bed she had done, was hiked up past her ass. That condition did not escape her brother’s attention. His cock was throbbing violently as he stared at her trembling form. He walked over to the bed. “Go away!” she screamed.“Cathy, you’re too young to do it!” “No, I’m not!””Yes you are!” her brother said hotly.Cathy was out for blood. She ached so badly that it was sheer agony for her to remain in this pristine condition any longer. She looked up at her brother, her eyes glistening like jewels with the tears in them. “You’re just jealous, you Fucker!” she hissed, using a word she seldom used, and wouldn’t have dared to use in front of her parents. “What are you talking about!” Jimmy exclaimed, distressed. He got so up-tight with her accusation, that he jumped off the bed, and stared at her. Cathy looked up at him, her attention arrested by his violent emotion. As if someone had handed him a hot potato and he had dropped it because his hand had got burned. Had she, inadvertently, hit upon a truth? She looked at his crotch.He had a hard-on! “You’re just saving me for yourself, that’s what!” she screamed. “Look at you! Look at that hard-on!” She reached out and squeezed it hard. It was like a firebrand and it only added more fuel to her already raging fire. Her brother yelped at the pressure of her hand, and jumped backward. “You’re a hypocrite, Jimmy Jones!” she screamed. She was salivating heavily, and a thin trickle of saliva gleamed on the corner of her mouth. “You’ve wanted me all this time, and you’ve made me stay away from boys so you can have me yourself.” “Cathy, that’s i****t!” the disturbed boy gasped.”I don’t care! Ohhh …!” she moaned, renewing her tears. She had cried so hard that she was hiccuping. “Cathy,” Jimmy said, appalled at the idea, and admitting the truth of it, “that’s i****t. What would Mom and Dad say?” Cathy looked up at him, and then down at his fantastic cock.”They don’t have to know,” she said, angling for her brother’s attention. It was her brother she had wanted all along, and he had just about admitted that he felt the same way about her.She saw her brother gulp, saw his Adam’s apple move up and down as he swallowed, his throat dry, his passion rising at a fast clip. There was no doubt in Jimmy’s mind that his sister had blossomed into one hell of a woman. There was no doubt in his mind that he loved her. He had loved her from the first moment he remembered her, running around after him with her bright smile and her golden hair, adoring him, looking up to him, listening to him when he talked to her. The lump in his throat made his breathing hard. That love had grown into a lust for his sister. “It’s true,” he said, with his characteristic honesty and courage. “I guess I have fallen in love with you. I guess I was jealous of you with other boys. But I don’t want you for myself. That’s wrong. I just want you to find a nice boy. Jimmy’s cock ached. He reached out timidly, and stroked Cathy’s hair. “The least you could do, if you really want to have your cherry popped, is come to me. I’ll get you a date with one of the boys in my class. They’re all really great, and they’ll treat you nice. With respect, the way you deserve.” “I don’t want one of the boys in your class, Jimmy,” Cathy said. Her little hand reached out and she pressed her palm into Jimmy’s hard-on. “I want you.” Jimmy jumped as if he had been stuck with a knife. “Cathy, I told you, that’s wrong!” “Why? You said you loved me. If you don’t do it, Jimmy Jones, I’m going to run away tonight, and get it done by someone–anyone. I’ll go downtown, and pretend I’m a hooker!” “No you won’t because I’ll lock you in your room!””You can’t!” Cathy retorted. “You broke the lock.””I’ll lock you in my room, then,” Jimmy said, furious with the stubborn little girl. “You’re not going anywhere tonight, Cathy Jones!” “If you lock me in your room, I’ll tell Mom and Dad you ****d me,” Cathy said. She didn’t really mean it. She wouldn’t hurt her parents like that, or do something that bad to Jimmy. For as long as she’d known him, he had been kindness itself to her. When other big brothers were teasing their sisters, and being mean to them, Jimmy had always been nice to her, had talked to her, had helped her with her homework–even worked on their parents with her to get something she wanted, like her own home computer for her room.”Cathy that would kill Mom and Dad!” Jimmy said, genuinely concerned, and puzzled how to treat his sister. He had never seen her so wild, so hot and eager. Cathy dissolved into tears again. She couldn’t do that to her brother or her parents. But she had to have sex, and soon.Jimmy leaned over his sister, and hugged her. “I didn’t mean it,” she sobbed. “I know.””No mersin escort bayan you don’t know. I saw you Jimmy. I saw you pumping your prick. I heard you yelling Suzy’s name. How come it’s all right for you to get your rocks off, and it’s not all right for me.”Jimmy didn’t have any pat answers any more. His cock ached for his sister, and her pussy was right there in front of him. “I hurt!” Cathy moaned. Jimmy could definitely identify with that! He had had enough blue balls in his day to appreciate sexual hunger so intense it was painful.Desperate to calm her down, desperate to heal the breach he felt he had made, he reached down with his hand, and cupped her wet, sticky muff. Jimmy felt that his hand was on fire when he touched his sister’s soft little twat. “Shhh!” he said. “I’ll bring you off.””I want a cock!” Cathy moaned, humping her hips against her brother’s eager hand. She felt her pussy cream flowing from her twat, as her brother rubbed up and down on her sweet little snatch. Hungry to feel her brother’s cock, she reached into his lap again, and pulled down his zipper. Jimmy was more than willing that she should bring him off, too. If she didn’t, he was going to have to do the job himself. He was just too hard, and too hot not to relieve himself of the churning load in his balls. As he fondled his sister’s pussy, all his love and desire for her built in his young body. He felt his cock throbbing violently, as his sister pulled it out of its denim nest. She started to pump on it, the way she had seen him pump on it when he was masturbating. “Is that right, Jimmy?” she asked.”Unh!” Jimmy grunted, nodding his head. His sister’s hand pumping up and down on his cock, inflaming his loins, was driving him crazy. He almost didn’t think he wanted to go through with it. He was afraid that once he shot his load, his cock would still be erect, demanding its primary object, which was to be stuffed in his sister’s tight twat. He felt a terrific flush of passion course through his body. His cock lurched in Cathy’s hand. “Jimmy?” she gasped.”What?” Jimmy asked, his voice breathy with lust. His hand was rapidly getting soaked with Cathy’s juices. Her cunt felt incredible. He could feel her swollen pussy lips throbbing with her passion. “Put it in me, please. Take my cherry. I want you!” That request was too much for the aroused boy. He leaned down, and started to remove her blouse, with trembling hands. He took his time, still torn between his need for her, and his conscience, which said that having intercourse with his sister was wrong. Cathy reached up and removed her brother’s T-shirt, and fondled his chest. She rested the palm of her hand over his heart, and felt his heart beating against her soft hand, like a bird, beating with its wings against a cage, desperate to be released.As Jimmy worked on her skirt, pulling it down over her lean hips, Cathy was unbuckling Jimmy’s belt and working his jeans down over his hips. She arched her hips up as Jimmy removed her skirt, and then he stood up and removed his jeans, getting them down over his inflamed hard-on with considerable difficulty.He looked at his sister for one brief moment, and then lay beside her. His hand, sticky-wet with the effluence from her sweet hot little snatch, reached again for her cunt. Cathy pressed into him, her naked breasts rubbing against the hot flesh of her brother’s chest. “Oh, Jimmy, you’re so handsome, and you feel so good,” Cathy gasped, as she felt her little nipples puckering with pleasure. Jimmy grunted, and pried one finger into his sister’s tight cunt. The feeling of her tightness almost scared him. She really was tight! Her cuntal walls closed in around his finger. He tried to get two fingers into her twat, and he couldn’t. “Cathy,” he gasped, in agony at the thought of not getting off his rocks, “honest to God, I think you are too young. Your cunt is too tight! I’ll hurt you.” “I want you to hurt me,” she gasped, arching her hips upward on his finger. “I hurt anyway. I couldn’t hurt more. Jimmy please. I don’t care if you kill me!” Moaning, Jimmy rolled on top of her, and pressed his cock head against her tight little twat. He couldn’t believe how small she was. But her tight little pussy was flooded with the juices of her desire, and his cock was inflamed past all reckoning. He thrust inward, and Cathy gasped, as she felt her brother’s cock head pry open her tight twat for the first time in her life. Her brother reached up, and started to fondle her breasts. Then his head came down and he sucked on her left nipple, making wet sucking noises as he nursed it. Cathy felt the hot pleasure course through her, felt the nipple pucker even more. She ran her hands over her brother’s back, feeling his well-developed muscles rippling with his excitement. “Hurry, Jimmy! Stuff it in. I can’t stand it.” “Hold your horses!” Jimmy exclaimed. “You’re tight. Just let me work it in.” “Ohhh,” Cathy moaned. She humped her hips up, and a little more of Jimmy’s cock worked its way into her tight little twat.Jimmy reached under her back, and pressed her lithe young body against his. The feeling was incredible. There was the knowledge that she was his sister, the years of love he had nursed for her, all the loveliness that had passed between them. And here she was, in his arms, begging him to take her cherry. A wave of tenderness rippled through his young body, so intense as to amount to pain. He pushed inward a little more, and felt her pussy walls spread before the onslaught of his huge, hot hard manhood.”Ohh, Jimmy, it feels so good,” Cathy gasped. Her hips were squirming around under him. Jimmy felt her muscles tighten around his cock and squeeze on him as more of her pussy juices flooding from her cunt, and greasing his long thick shaft, making it easier for him to slither more deeply into her welcoming snatch. He worked his hands down over her slender, soft back, until his hands were cupping her firm young ass cheeks. He pried open her ass cheeks, and started to tickle the inner valley of her ass cleft, as he pushed inward a little more, carefully, afraid that he would hurt her. Jimmy felt his cock head now drooling with his pre-come, hit the barrier of her maidenhead. Cathy was gasping wildly, her hands clutching at him, her body inflamed with the hot pleasure of her brother’s cock stuffing her cunt. He felt so good, and he was being so gentle, so considerate. Added to the pleasure of his sexual skill was the knowledge that he loved her and he wouldn’t hurt her. Her pleasure mounted. She arched her hips upward, and then gasped. She winced as she felt the harsh sting of her hymen being torn from her vaginal walls. Jimmy, while she was suffering from the first pain, thrust all the way in, feeling the blood gush around his cock. He planted himself balls-deep in the warm, wet meadow of her lust, and then rested for a moment. Cathy’s body had stiffened, as she felt the pain of her slaughtered virginity. It didn’t bother her. She knew it always hurt the first time. But as the pain receded, the hot pleasure of her brother’s cock throbbing against the incredibly tight walls of her pussy started to build.Now she was a woman, thanks to her brother! Chapter 3″Are you all right?” her brother asked, looking keenly at his sister’s face. She smiled and nodded.”I’ll feel even better when you fuck me,” she said, throwing her arms around her brother’s neck. Her brother’s finger had found the puckered round ring of her tight ass, and he was teasing it. This inflamed Cathy’s cunt to a furious flame. “Wait a minute, till you stop bleeding,” he said, leaving his cock lodged tightly in her cunt. He had never been in a cunt so tight, and the pressure in his balls almost killed him. But at the same time, it felt so good, that if he were suspended in this moment for the rest of his life, he would consider it heaven. “Bend your knees up,” Jimmy instructed his sister. She did as she was told. This eased some of the tightness in her cunt. Her pussy walls stretched a little more to accommodate Jimmy’s cock more comfortably. She moaned. Jimmy’s mouth came down on hers, and he began to kiss her passionately, still leaving his cock quietly in her little cunt. Cathy started to squirm wildly, as Jimmy’s cock stuffed her cunt. It felt so big and hard and gorgeous. As he kissed her, he flicked his tongue into her mouth, and teased the tip of her tongue. Cathy melted in his arms. Her cunt started to stretch a little, accommodating his cock better. And that’s when Jimmy started to move in her, pulling his cock out to the tip very carefully and then plunging it inward, going nice and slow, so he wouldn’t hurt Cathy. “Ohh!” Cathy moaned, wriggling her hips around on her brother’s cock. The pain was beginning to go away, and Cathy was so wild with lust that she wanted her brother to really sock it to her! “Do you like it?” her brother asked, solicitously.”Oh, yes, Jimmy, yes. Keep pumping it in and out of me. It feels so good.” Her words only inflamed Jimmy more. He started to pump in and out of her faster. Cathy was getting so inflamed that there were spasms in her cuntal muscles. Her little muscles gripped greedily at Jimmy’s big cock. Jimmy thrust his love muscle deeply into her tiny hole, and felt her box close in around his huge prod. The pleasure took Cathy’s breath away. She started to arch her hips upward, matching Jimmy’s downward thrusts. She felt his cock slither into her well-greased cunt with more and more ease, as her cunt was stretched by his repeated thrusts. “Ohhh, Jimmy, cram that dick into me. Fuck me, ohhh!” Jimmy started to thrust his cock with more speed, and strength. He felt her kitty stretch a little, and Cathy was writhing with such obvious pleasure that Jimmy knew he wasn’t hurting her any more. He slammed his hairy groin into her arching muff again and again, feeling his balls churn up their heavy load of love juice. He worked his hands under her back, and pressed her to him. His buttocks rose and feel with his rhythmic thrusting. Jimmy knew that he was going to shoot his load any minute, and he wanted Cathy to come, too. After all this was her first time, and it should be special–something she would remember forever.Cathy threw her legs around Jimmy’s undulating waist. He was covered with sex sweat, and so was she. Her breathing was labored, as Jimmy plunged his pole into the cavern of her forbidden love. His cock began to slide in and out of her pussy more and more easily, as Cathy’s cunt accommodated him more readily. His grunts and moans became more than just whispers. They became cries of delicious anguish. He pounded into her, their sex flesh slapping together with wet, smacking noises, as they brought each other off. Cathy was now feeling pure pleasure. Her face was radiant, her features distorted with unbridled lust. Her hip thrusts became more and more impassioned. She tried to drive more and more of his cock into her cunt. Her tongue rolled erotically around in Jimmy’s mouth as he kissed her. Her nipples were all puckered with pleasure and they were very hard. They sent little shivers of bliss coursing through Cathy’s body, heightening the fleshy ecstasy which had possessed her. Jimmy brought his mouth down and began to suckle on Cathy’s nipple. He ran his tongue around and around on the hard little cherry-red nubbin. He teased and tickled the tiny, hardened bud of her tit, and then started to sink his teeth into her tit.”Ohhh, Jimmy, yesss!” Cathy hissed. Jimmy went from one breast to the other, as his peter plunged deeply into her wet hot cavern of desire. “Oh, lover, suck it!” Cathy screamed. She ground her hot swollen muff into Jimmy’s hairy groin, loving the way his thick cock felt in her cunt. His tongue tantalized her tits, circling the areola, and then the breast itself. Cathy continued to moan in ecstasy and romantic passion. She felt as if she were falling in love with her brother. As the thought occurred to her, she wondered if she hadn’t always been in love with him. He had always been so good to her, and his cock felt so marvelous as it dipped deep into her honey pot, and then pulled out, only to plunge into her again. She started to tremble all over, on the verge of orgasm. Against her quivering ass cheeks, her brother’s soaking wet balls slapped lewdly. “Oh, more, more, more!” Cathy gasped, beside herself with the wild feelings which coursed through her. “Oh, I love your big prick in my cunt.”They started to fuck faster and faster. Their breathing got very heavy. It rasped harshly from their lust-constricted throats, as they wallowed in the fleshy pleasure of their impending climaxes. Their flesh smacked against each other wetly. Cathy’s juices were flowing more heavily than she had ever felt them flow in her life. They trickled out of her stuffed hole and trickled in a shiny flood down her ass cheeks, and pooled on the bed beneath her humping ass.Her syrup covered Jimmy’s big pole as it pistoned in and out of her cunt. Jimmy’s eyes closed, and he pressed Cathy so tightly to his chest that she lost her breath. She didn’t mind in the least. Her breathlessness only increased her pleasure. Jimmy’s balls were aching. He felt them contract, felt them unleash the torrid flood of his liquid desire deeply into Cathy’s aching cunt.”Ohhh!” Jimmy gasped, pressing his mouth to Cathy’s ear. He could feel her spasms getting stronger, knew that she was coming. “Come on, Cathy, come on! Squeeze your pussy around my cock. Ohhh, shit, it feels so great!” Cathy started to squeal as she felt Jimmy’s spunk washing against the walls of her cunt. Her hips went out of control. They slammed furiously up and down, slamming into Jimmy’s wet, hairy groin, as her orgasm started to peak. Jimmy kept shooting his hot load into Cathy, as a wild storm went off in Cathy’s cunt. The slight soreness from her ruptured hymen totally disappeared as Cathy felt her cunt flooded with her brother’s juices. The puddle beneath her humping hips got bigger and bigger, as the two of them came violently.Finally, both of their bodies collapsed, suddenly. They lay in a wet, heaving soggy, fleshy mass, locked together in their pleasure, weak from the aftermath of their violent, prolonged orgasm.Jimmy’s meat was still hard. It throbbed wildly in Cathy’s cunt as they kissed and caressed each other. “Was that good?” Jimmy asked, kissing her warm soft cheek. Cathy squeezed his hot, sweating body against her lush curves, and moaned softly. She reached up and bit his earlobe.”Oh, yes, Jimmy. It was so good.” “Unh!” Jimmy grunted as he pulled out of her. He winced. Her cunt was so tight and it had provided such intense stimulation to his cock that he was sore. Cathy was sore, too. Her thighs were stained with blood and cum juice.Cathy looked down, pleased that she was now a woman.