My 58 year old aunt

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My 58 year old auntMy aunt is 58 years old and hispanic and has an ass that just don’t quit. Well she has asked me to do some landscaping for her and i agreed, she has been single for over a year now. Yesterday i went over to her house and she answered the door in a pair of short shorts, exposing some of her ass cheeks. I hugged her and kissed her on the cheek and said I’m here to work. She then started to explain what she wanted me to do, At one point she bent over showing me her ass cheeks and that puffy Vagina of hers O.M.G! i felt my shaft get hard. we walked through her back yard and said it’s no rush and to take my time, because she wants the job done perfect. I said o.k, but i don’t think i will get much done you wearing them shorts out here and we both started ataşehir escort to laugh and she smacked her ass and said oh am I showing too much? I said your not showing enough. we laughed and joked again and she slapped my ass and said get to work. My quick reaction was to do the same to her…so I did. I slapped her ass and said OK! She then did this noise like ESSSSs MMMMM! WOW! that felt good daddy she said, and said enough of that we can slap asses later. I don’t know what she meant by that but I almost came in my shorts just by touching her ass. Hours went by and i walked in for a drink and saw her on her bed napping laying on her belly and ass up with one leg bent up enough for me to see her hairy muff. I stood there and started to feel myself through escort ataşehir my shorts. I slowly walked in and wanted to get a better view, I took my dick out and started to jack off on her bedside, she then opened her eyes and saw me jerking my dick, she said OMG! what are you doing, I said “ANITA! what are you doing? your so fucking sexy i was just getting a better view, she looked at my dick and said WoW! let me see this, she took it all in her mouth, I pulled her shorts down and started fingering her and all this wet Vagina juice started to flow down to her big ass crack, she then got on here knees on her bed and hiked her big ass up and kept sucking me. She was saying how long it’s been and that she needs a good fucking and that my Big Dick should ataşehir escort bayan give it to her. she then turned her ass to me and said Here you go, is this the view you wanted to see Nephew? I said yes TIA! she said Now fuck ME! FUCK ME GOOD don’t let me down. I went down to get a little taste of her hairy muff and it was Delicious. I then stuck it to her for about 30 minutes changing positions and slapping her ass. I nutted all up in her hairy pussy. She can’t have anymore k**s so we knew we were safe in that aspect. I have gone back a few times because she text me at night or sometimes early in the morning for me to go fuck her. I have to admit that this is some weird SHIT! But I’m loving it and so is she, she says she’s my cougar. This is my Dad’s sister, my dad is deceased, so she is hardly ever around our family functions.I am 38 years old and love fucking the mature women now, she has opened new doors for me. She said that she may have a friend whom needs landscaping as well. I told her ok, to let me know when.