Moving turns into a dream fantasy

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Moving turns into a dream fantasyFinally, moving day was here, and it was time to get things going. My son had moved out after graduating college, my husband was deployed abroad by his company,was no longer need for a large house. Found an apartment in the same neighborhood, I had everything all boxed up and ready to go, and decided to put up a pot of coffee, in case the movers needed some extra energy. As I hit the button on the coffee machine, the doorbell rang. I opened up the door, and there were two huge black men standing in my doorway wearing t-shirts that said “Brooklyn Movers”, I stepped back and let them in. They showed me the contract, and bill, and asked me to sign them, and watched me carefully as I bent over to lean down on the coffee table. I know I was blushing, since I could feel the burning sensation throughout my face. I hoped and prayed they wouldn’t notice. I handed the signed contract back, and offered them some fresh brewed coffee.”Sure thanks ma’am, we would love some coffee.””Great, milk and sugar guys?””Yes please ma’am.””Please, my name is Judy,” I said with a smile.I could feel them watching my big ass as I walked out of the living room, thinking that it looked like they enjoy a BBW. I am five feet one inches tall, I have brown hair and eyes, and my breasts are double F. I love men that are attracted to a BBW, since I have no problem with the way I look, I would expect any man that chooses to use me feels the same. Yes, I said use me. I love being made to feel like a whore and slut, and a dirty piece of fuck meat. I don’t know why, and I can’t explain it, but I love it when men call me names, and smack me around when they fuck me. It’s so hot, and a huge turn on.As I was gone getting their coffee, little did I know they were talking to each other about how much they would love to fuck me. I came back and handed them each a cup of coffee, and asked them if there was anything else I could do. They looked at each other in a strange way, but then said no, and to just relax while they do their work. I did as I was told and sat down and surfed the net on my laptop. Things went pretty smooth, and faster than I thought, before I knew it they were done, and asking me if I had a car.”Do you have a car, or do you want to ride in the truck with us?””No I don’t have a car, a ride would be great, thank you.”I grabbed my laptop, and followed them to their truck, and they motioned me inside between them. My heart was beating so fast, I thought I would pass out. Why do I keep thinking about these two guys using me? I tried to get the image out of my head but I couldn’t. They were not very good looking, and kind of sloppy looking, but I didn’t care. I have always wanted to be violated by black cock. I have a fantasy of being owned by a black Master, and shared with his friends, but that’s another story.The ride to my new apartment was uneventful, but also only a ten minute ride. We all hopped out of the truck, and we walked into the building of my new apartment. It was on the first floor, so very easy to bring everything in. We wedged something under all the doors to get in, and they headed out to the truck. The furniture was coming in first, so when they brought the bed, in pieces of course, I told them it went into the bedroom. As they set the pieces down, they offered to put the bed back together for me.”Wow that would be awesome!””It’s no problem, you are the last job of the day so we are in no rush.” one of them said with a devilish grin.”Thank you guys so much.””Please, I’m Jimmy, and he’s George.””OK, thank you Jimmy and George.”They continued to bring things from the truck into my new apartment, as I began putting things away in the kitchen. I began getting hungry, and of course asked Jimmy and George, if they wanted anything. I decided to order Chinese food, and they began to put the dining table together so trabzon escort we could all eat. I hated eating alone, and especially my first night in my new apartment, so I was happy they decided to join me.We sat around eating Chinese food, trading stories, also had a few beers, so we were all a little tipsy. Then I lit up my marijuana pipe, and passed that around. We were laughing so hard, that the box I was sitting on collapsed, which only made us laugh harder. I got up to pick everything up that was falling out of the box, and realized it was my collection of XXX movies. I tried to clean them up fast so no one would notice, but Jimmy was watching me, and I know he could see the titles of the one in my hand. “Black Cocks, White Meat” He looked at me and smiled, and whispered something to George. I quickly got everything in a bag, and put it away. I was so embarrassed, and just sat down with my head down. I didn’t know what to say.They had decided this was a perfect time to put the bed together like they had promised, so I could be alone for a few minutes. I just sat there waiting for them to be done, and just wanted them to leave to be alone. I couldn’t even look them in the face when they came out and said the bed was done.”Why don’t you go look and make sure we put it together correctly,” George said.”Sure, thank you,” I said with my head down.They followed me in to the bedroom, and we all stood there staring at the bed.”Lay down in it and make sure it’s ok,” Jimmy said.I climbed up on the bed to lay down, and they attacked me. I felt their hands on my breasts, pinching my nipples through my shirt. Initially I began fighting them off, but the more they pinched my nipples, the hotter I got. They quickly pulled my clothes off, and I lay there in my bra and panties, wanting them to **** me. What the hell was wrong with me? Why do I like it like this? George forced his big black cock into my mouth, and I greedily sucked on it. His cock tasted so good, and when I licked his balls, he told me what a filthy whore I was, and how they were going to use me all night long. I then felt Jimmy pulling off my panties exposing my bald, dripping wet pussy. He slid a finger inside, and began pumping me while I sucked his friend’s cock. George was abusing my tits, smacking them, pinching my nipples, making me so hot I felt an orgasm building up inside me. Jimmy’s knew this as he pumped my wet cunt, as he called it, and just as I was about to explode and let my juices flow, he pulled his fingers out, and wiped them on my tits. “Time to suck my cock too, fucking slut!”, Jimmy said.Jimmy climbed up on the side of me and I began taking turns on their big hard black cocks, and I was in heaven. They roughly spread my legs and started playing with my pussy, telling me what a whore I was for being so wet. They each had two fingers deep inside my cunt, pumping me while I serviced their cocks.”That’s it bitch, take turns on us, like we’re going to take turns one you.”George pulled his cock out of my mouth, and I begged for them to treat me like a dirty filthy whore. George got down in between my legs, and began running his hard shaft up and down my slit, as I tried to push myself onto him.”Look Jimmy, the bitch wants my cock!”, George said laughing.”You want my big black cock you filthy whore?””Yes yes, fuck me please, I will do anything!”With that George rammed all ten inches of his big cock deep inside my cunt as I screamed, and moaned to be used. There I was spread on my back with a cock in my mouth, and another cock pumping my wet cunt. I was in heaven, and I know I must have looked like such a whore, but I loved it. His cock was so big, and was stretching me so wide, and I wanted this so much, and I have for a long time.”Let me get some of that pussy,” Jimmy said.Jimmy roughly turned me over, putting my big fat white ass high in the air, and escort trabzon I felt his hand come down on my ass. “You like that bitch?””Oh yes, that feels so good, ooohhh.””You’re a hot piece of white fuck meat aren’t you?””Yes a nasty white whore that’s only good for one thing!””Oh yes that’s right, only good for an easy lay.””Yes yes, nothing more than a whore for you to use!!”Jimmy got up behind me, and slowly slid his black meat inside my juicy wet cunt, and it felt so amazing. His cock was about thirteen inches, and so fat, and stretched me beyond anything I have ever felt before. He went slow at first just so I could get used to his huge cock, and then he picked up the pace, until he was pounding into me making me scream, and then moan. When I got used to his size, I wanted all of him inside me, using me. George was now sitting on the bed, grabbing my hanging tits, and pinching my nipples so hard I was screaming from both the sensations I was feeling. George then grabbed me by my hair and forced me down onto his cock. He roughly made me suck his cock, making me gag, and calling me names, as Jimmy filled me up with his massive cock. This went on for what seemed like hours, and then Jimmy pulled out of me, and George got under me, and I rode his cock. Jimmy was holding me and pulling me up and down on George’s cock, helping him fuck me.”That’s it bitch, ride that black cock!”Jimmy let go of me and I put my hands on George’s shoulders and bounced up and down on his cock, as he grabbed my hanging tits, squeezing them real hard, almost making me not realize Jimmy’s cock at my anal opening. I tried to protest but Jimmy pushed me down onto George, so my ear was right by George’s mouth.””You know you want it whore.””No no not my ass, please!!””Shut the fuck up and take it cunt!”, Jimmy yelled.”No no, please no!”Jimmy ignored me and slowly started filling my ass with his cock. Again he was slow at first, but it hurt so much, and I kept begging him to stop, but the more I begged, the more he filled me. His cock was completely inside my ass, all thirteen inches, and it hurt like hell, and he kept telling me I needed to be trained to take cock in my ass since they have bigger plans for me.”Whores always get fucked in the ass,” George whispered in my ear.”What do you mean, bugger plans????” I was screaming now.”You are a white whore for black cock now, and you will service only black cock,” Jimmy said.”That’s crazy, this was just me fulfilling a fantasy.””Bullshit bitch, you love everything we have done to you.””Yes I have but only you two, not more.””You will do as you are told, and you will do it without hesitation, because you know this is what you truly want.””I can’t do this.””Yes you can, and you will. George and I now own your fat whore body, and you will service us and anyone we tell you to.”As upset as I was, I knew he was right. I wanted this, and I should stop fighting it.”Is that understood?” he said as he continued to fuck my ass.”Yes, understood.””Good now pump that fat ass and pussy onto our cocks you dirty slut!”It actually began to feel good being so full, and having both men pound into me at the same time. I know they only looked at me like a piece of fuck meat, and nothing more, and it didn’t bother me one bit. I actually liked it. They continued to fill all my holes, taking turns on me, and all the while calling me names, and treating me like a whore, until the sun came up. When they were done with me they got up and began getting dressed, telling me to get cleaned up and get some rest, because they would be back later to use me some more.I showered and got right into bed, and fell asleep. I awoke to the doorbell ringing, and got up to see who it was, glancing at the clock on the way. Wow it was already 5pm! I slept the whole day, I thought myself as I opened the door. There was Jimmy and George, and some guy trabzon escort bayan that looked to be about 65 years old, and he was introduced as Jerome. Jimmy pushed passed me and they all walked into the living room. They better not think I’m going to fuck that old guy, there’s now way.George, and Jerome took a seat on the sofa, and Jimmy sat in the recliner. I offered them beers, and they all accepted, and the night had begun. Not knowing it then but they would all use me tonight. They would take turns any way they wanted, and I would service all their cocks with my mouth. I would soon find out this is what they had planned, and they knew I would do it.”Get over here and suck my cock bitch!” Jimmy said.”But your friend is right there.””Don’t make me ask you twice,” Jimmy said with a tone I knew meant that he was serious. I don’t know what made me do it, but I got down on my knees between Jimmy’s legs, and began to open his pants. I took his semi-hard cock out, and immediately began licking up and down his huge cock. George and Jerome just sat there watching, and then pulled their cocks out so they could stroke them while they watched Jimmy use my mouth.After about fifteen minutes of servicing Jimmy, he got up and dragged me by my hair over to George’s now rock hard cock, and forced me to suck it. Another fifteen minutes, and my mouth was beginning to get tired, and then George grabbed me by my hair and pushed me onto Jerome’s cock, which was only about six inches but very fat.”That’s it bitch, suck all our cocks whore.”I sucked on Jerome’s cock as Jimmy and George got undressed, and I realized that Jerome was a nasty fuck, and loved to call me dirty filthy names. It was such a turn on I didn’t matter that he was an old ugly man, I wanted him inside me, hell I wanted all of their cocks filling me up.Jimmy suddenly grabbed me by my hair again, and ordered me into the bedroom. I went into the bedroom and sat down on the bed, and they all followed me in. They roughly grabbed me and held me down while they tied me to the bedpost. when they were down, they stepped back to admire their work. I laid there on my back spread eagle, completely exposed, and in their opinion, ready for their use.Jerome was the first to climb up on the bed, and begin fondling me, and calling men names. It was then Jimmy made a comment that Jerome was seventy years old, and is a real pervert when it comes to fat women. He loves to degrade them, and make them feel worthless. He did exactly that as he rammed fingers into my pussy and ass, making me beg to be used by all of them. Jerome removed his old fingers from my wet hole, and began licking my pussy with his old tongue. In and out of the folds, of my soaking wet pussy, fucking my hole with his tongue. I was so turned on, I wanted more. I wanted Jimmy and George using me too, and just as I wished it in my head it came true. I was now taking turns sucking Jimmy and George’s cocks, while old man Jerome sucked my cunt, and fingered me. I was bouncing wildly on the bed, as these men violated me.Before I knew it, I had a cock in each of my holes. Jimmy’s cock was of course in my ass, and George’s cock was in my cunt, and Jerome’s cock was in my mouth. I had every hole filled, and I knew then I was nothing more than a whore that needed to serve black cock. I wanted to be a whore for them, and I would really do anything. They pounded into all my holes, switching from time to time, so each one had a turn at each hole, until I passed out. When I awoke they were getting dressed, and Jimmy told me he would be back again with more cock for me to service, so always answer the doorbell if it rings. He didn’t want my phone number, and I was just to wait every night thinking it may be the night he comes. He reminded me that he and George owned me, and the only cock that goes in my holes are the ones he allows. I nodded my head in agreement, and watched them leave.I showered and lay in bed wondering what would happen next. Would he bring more men to use me, nastier men that don’t want anything more than to use me? I drifted off to sleep with a smile on my face.