Moving to a Retirement Community

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Big Tits

Moving to a Retirement CommunityChapter 9Rob and I retired to my bedroom where we sat on each side of the bed and began to undress. I looked over at him and he was bent over taking off his shoes an socks and his shirt was riding up his back, exposing the top of his butt crack to me. I decided to hold my judgement until I saw him completely naked, so I turned around and continued getting my things off as well. Once I was finished I turned and saw him lie back on the bed, his cock resting on his belly. From what I could see he was also uncut, but the size of his cock completely surprised me. He appeared to be no bigger than one or two inches! I also noticed that he shaved his crotch. Not a hair to be seen anywhere around his cock or balls and then, upon a closer inspection, I noticed no hair on his arms or his legs. Apparently he kept his body shaved, with the exception of his face and head. While he didn’t have a beard or a mustache, his eyebrows were still there. I found myself eager to see what his body felt like once we got started.I joined Rob, lying on the bed and snuggling closer to him. I could feel his body heat and it wasn’t long before I felt his hand on my thigh, slowly moving up towards my already expanding cock. Once contact was made he propped himself on one arm and leaned closer, letting his mouth envelope all of me. He took me right down to my hair, without any hesitation whatsoever. For a man of his stature I was surprised that he could ‘handle’ me with such ease. I felt him work his tongue into my foreskin and lick around my cock head, probing into my piss slit shortly after that. He was using his hand on my balls at the same time, massaging them and applying a gentle pressure at the same time. After a couple of minutes he pulled off me and descended to my balls, where he lavished them with his mouth, sucking each one into his mouth one at a time. Then he moved around and positioned himself between my legs, pushing them wider with his knees and then settled on his stomach and proceeded to continue his oral manipulation on my cock and balls. He pulled my balls back towards my belly and lowered his mouth and planted it on that area just behind my balls and I had to moan with pleasure. It sure felt good to have someone paying attention down there. I enjoyed that almost as much as having my cock sucked.In his current position it was totally impossible for me to do anything with him, so I just lay there and let him do what ever he wanted to. When he did try to probe my ass with his fingers though I stopped him.”I’m not into that,” I told him. “I’m not letting anyone stick anything up there. If that’s what you’re interested in the you can forget it. If that’s what you really had in mind afyon escort then you might as well just get dressed and leave.” I was quite set in my ways and I definitely wasn’t about to let anyone jam anything up my ass. I love the oral aspects of man-on-men contact, but that’s all. I’ll suck cock, lick balls, and suck nipples, but I will not stick my finger or my cock up someone’s ass and I expect to get the same respect.”It’s not a problem with me, Mike,” he told me. “I wasn’t aware of how you felt and I’ll not do anything that you don’t want done. OK?””Thank you, Rob. I appreciate that.”With that resolved, he lowered his head and continued with his oral assault. He moved higher and took my cock into his mouth once more and this time he started to hum while he sucked me. Now I’ll tell you this. I may not be much of a cocksucker, nor have I had too many men suck my cock, but this is the first time anyone hummed while sucking on me. I found, though, that I liked it. It was definitely a new sensation and the combination of his sucking, licking and humming soon hand me ready to fill his mouth with my cum. At one time he used his teeth, biting down on my cock just behind the ridge of my cock head and pulled forward, until his teeth were stopped at the base of the ridge. Once there he increased his humming and it was only a matter of a few more minutes before I shot a huge load of cum into his sucking mouth, where he greedily sucked it all down his throat and into his belly. He continued to use his mouth on me until I was finished and then he pulled back, licking up and down my shaft and gently sucking my cock head, like he was sucking on a straw to get the last bit of drink at the bottom of the glass, and then let my now limp cock fall back onto my belly.”Damn! I’ve never had anyone do that to me before,” I told him.”Did you like it?””I sure as hell did,” I told him. “Where did you learn to do that?””A man I once knew told me about it. He used that technique on me several times and I just knew I’d want to try it myself one day.””Is this the first time you’ve used it?””Oh no. I’ve used it a bunch of times, but always with the same result. While you might think you’re not ready to shoot your load, I find that the combination of my sucking, licking, and humming gets your juices flowing a lot faster and before you know what’s happening, you’re ready to let loose with a long hard shot of cum. And that’s when I get ready to drink your juices and totally enjoy the feel of an erupting cock in my mouth.””I’m going to have to remember that one myself. I’ve got a couple of friends that I’d love to use it on, too.”Now Rob was lying on his back once more and I realized it was now my turn to work on him, escort afyon so I slid over to his side of the bed and reached down to explore his shaved cock.”I see you keep yourself shaved,” I mentioned.”Yes. I always have. Just makes me more comfortable, and the feel of my clothing against my skin is a wonderful feeling as well.I started with just my balls and then my cock and balls and eventually I got where I wanted to keep my whole body shaved, so I started doing that, but all that stubble only irritated areas of my body, such as my ass and under my arms. I checked into hair removal methods and thought I’d try Laser Hair Removal, but the cost was too prohibitive. Next I thought about waxing, but that was too painful to even really consider. Next I thought of edpilatories but found I was allergic to most of them and all I got for my efforts was a rash. Damned itchy, too. Then there was electrolysis, but just the thought of that one was enough to make me realize I couldn’t do it.”So what did you do then?” I asked.”I found a new method a couple years ago called Finally Free. It uses radio waves to kill the hair cells, stopping the growth. I’ve been using it now for almost a year and since I started I’ve not discovered any regrowth of hair anywhere on my body.””Is it expensive?””Not really. It does take time though and a lot of patience. You get something that looks like an electric set of tweezers, but it’s not like what you know as tweezers. You have to use it on each individual hair you want to get rid of. It sends a radio wave through the hair down to the root and in just a couple seconds the hair slides out painlessly and it will never grow again. I just love it.””How long did it take to do your whole body?” Now I was curious.”All in all, I’d say it took about 2 months to do my entire body. Well worth it, too. I’ve used it on my face, too.”For the first time I noticed that he didn’t have the ‘five o’clock shadow’ he once had.”I hated shaving every morning and then having to do it again when I got home from work. You remember how thick my beard was, don’t you?”I did. I’d often commented about his ‘shadow’ at work and he’d once told me that if he could find a way to quit shaving then he’d invest into it. I guess he found that method after all.”Did it hurt at all?””Not a bit. I just had to prepare myself for a daunting job though.”I let my hand slide up his right leg and noticing that there were no bumps from hair. I got to his balls and squeezed them, getting a moan from him, and noticed no shadow around the base of his cock, either. Now you’ve got to remember this, I was used to seeing a man with a lot of body hair, and now there was nothing there. Simply amazing. I’m sure he was quite afyon escort bayan happy now. I know I’d be, if I had been in his postition. Luckily for me I have real thin hair so it’s never been a problem for me. I only shave a couple times a week myself, as my beard is so light that it’s almost like it isn’t there at all. I never liked a beard or mustache anyway.I leaned over and got my first close look at his tiny cock. I was the smallest cock I’ve ever seen. I put my hand on it and found that it easily fit in the palm of my hand and I could feel it filling with blood as an erection approached. Once he was fully rigid I’d estimate his length was 3 inches, with only a small amount of foreskin covering his cock head. I pulled that skin back and revealed a slightly pinkish cock head, with a piss slot on the top of his crown, much like mine. A drop of precum was alredy there so I dabbed it with my finger and plucked it off, raising my finger to my mouth so I could taste him for the first time. His precum reminded me of the cum I’d sucked from Ed all those months ago at the ABS. I lowered my head and took him entirely into my mouth and found that, not only could I get his entire cock into my mouth, but I could also get both his smallish balls in there as well.Rob was now moaning with pleasure, so I applied a little pressure with my tongue, pushing his balls against the base of his cock and worked around them while sucking as well. At first it was a little difficult with both cock and balls in my mouth, but I soon got a rhythm going and they all began to feel more comfortable in my mouth. After a little while I released his balls and concentrated on that small prick. Since I couldn’t get it in my hand and use my mouth at the same time, I worked at it with my tongue, probing into his skin, which wasn’t as loose as mine, and licked around his head and cupped my tongue under his crown and worked there for a while. There wasn’t really a need to bob up and down on this organ, since I could wrap my entire tongue around it and suck it like a straw, a small straw, but the concept was the same. I could almost imagine my tongue wrapping completely around the girth of his cock and touching itself and I’ll bet that if I really tried I could do just that. But this was a time for sucking and not experimenting, so I returned to what I was doing and sucked his cock. I was soon rewarded with a couple shots of his cum, which landed on the back of my tongue, just on the edge of my taste buds, and was surprised at how good it was. I greedily sucked him dry and swallowed the two loads he gave me. Only then did I move to the side and lay next to him.”Thank you, Mike. That was wonderful.””I’m glad you liked it, Rob. We’ll definitely have to do this again sometime.””Yes,” he answered, “we will.” The next thing I heard was his snoring, as he dropped off to a deep sleep. I lay there for a few minutes and then shut my eyes and joined him in slumberland.