Mom plays Doctor

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Mom plays DoctorA 14 year old boy gets more than he bargained for when following his circumcision his mom has to help removing his stitches. Author’s Note: Due to the events described below the names of the persons have all been changed. Any similarities are purely coincidental.My name is Jason and the events described happened in 1987 at the age of 14. I was brought up on a bog standard council estate living in a 3 bedroom house with my parents who were more or less happily married.The problem started 2 years earlier when as I used to go to the toilet and found that I was pissing over me and the seat due to a tightening foreskin. The problem became so bad in a short space of time that I had to squat down like a woman so I could take a piss without causing a mess over me. In the end it got so bad that I told my dad who then took me down the doctors who said in no uncertain terms that I would need a circumcision to correct the problem. After 18 months (normal N.H.S. waiting times) I had the operation and was sent back home after 2 days with the surgeon saying I could take the stitches out by myself after a week. If I had any problems I should see my G.P.Well after a week I found that I was having trouble trying to taking out my stitches due to the fact I was left- handed and finding it difficult to manipulate the tweezers and scissors. To cap it all I was having a serious case of blue-balls as I’d been unable to masturbate while the stitches were inside, every time I tried they’d give me agony no matter how gentle I’d try to be. It was the school holidays and in the afternoon I came downstairs to watch a war film that was going to start. Mom watched me come into the front room clearly struggling with the stitches inside me.”Haven’t you cut those stitches out yet Jay?” “No mom!” I replied as I sat gingerly on the sofa. “Why not? the surgeon told you you could take them out after seven days!” “I know mom but there awkward to get to, and besides I’m going down the doctors Monday to get them sorted.” “Monday!” mom answered sternly. “That’s after the weekend . . . Jesus why don’t you let me take a look for you and save you waiting till Monday?” Feeling uncomfortable I said “Nah, it’s ok, I can wait ’til Monday.” “Why not? You don’t need to feel embarrassed I’ve seen your dads enough times.” I answered back knowing what it was like arguing with mom, she was like a dog with a bone when she had an opinion. “That’s different.” “How?” mom responded. “Once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all, besides you’ve all got the same plumbing.” Then she started to chuckle knowing I was getting really embarrassed and losing the argument. I continued, “It is that’s why, you and dad are married and sleep together.” basically another way of saying that they were having sex. “So?” mom came back. “Ya know? you’re allowed to touch each other, that’s why! Moms are not allowed to touch their sons down there.” Mom then came back again. “I know that, all I’m going to do is cut them out for you, I know that you’re worried in case you get a hard-on in front of me, and in any other situation it wouldn’t happen but you shouldn’t be, it’s a normal reflex action, in fact I’d find it a little bit flattering!” then mom chuckled again.I sat there for a few moments trying to watch the film then mom piped up again. “Up for it? the quicker we get started the quicker we can get it done, besides you dad won’t be back until 6, we’ve got the whole house to ourselves so we won’t be disturbed.” Finding I was getting boxed into a corner I snapped back. “Ok! if you’re so keen, YOU TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF THEN!” thinking that would stop her in her tracks. Instead mom replied “Of course I will, I’ve got nothing to be embarrassed about.” Then started laughing knowing that she’d called my bluff.Dumbfounded, I watched the TV despite being oblivious to what was going on in the film contemplating what mom had just said, not only will mom be messing around with my cock, but she’ll be completely naked doing it. Cum started to fill my balls, as I thought to myself. ‘Jesus Christ’ realising the implications of this, most boys would give their rights arms to be in this position. “Well?” mom said “It’ll only take a few minutes!” I nodded in agreement as mom grabbed her cigs and went into the kitchen to fetch the scissors and tweezers she’d need in the next half an hour. She then returned and poked her head around the door and asked me to follow her upstairs which I did, all the time my heart beating 10 to the dozen.Now let me tell you about my mom. At the time she was 35, 5’ft 11in with a slim build (that’s where I eventually got my height from) with a size 14 hip despite giving birth to me, with a 34C bust and shoulder length brunette hair. I know her stats from her panties and bra’s which I did like any other boy at my age has done and looked at in her bedroom, even trying various ones on. The panties that have a sort of see through effect in the pubic area were my favourite.At around the age of 11 I became aware of my parents having sex. Mom was very vocal when she cum, but due to not having had sex education, my school didn’t show us until the age of 12, I was not privy to the mechanics of it only hear say. It was also around this time that I started to masturbate properly. When hearing mom having sex, I used to find myself becoming erect listening to her cum. Later I found out that I knew when mom was starting to cum even before she started to groan. Her fanny used to go wet as it started making a slapping sound as dad thrust inside her, which I could hear even though I was next door. It was only a matter of time when mom was having sex, I could rub my cock at the same time as the headboard banged against the wall, thus I could time my cum at he same time as mom’s, this gave me the most intense orgasms possible.Now, up to the age of 12 I’d never seen my mom naked. It never had bothered me much, as I’d never intentionally tried to spot her naked although admittedly it was one of those rites of passage that every son, sooner or later will see their mom naked. I’d spent numerous school days with my friends all talking about how they’d seen their moms naked in various situations. I would’ve started to feel left out but fate dealt me a good hand the night I saw mom naked for the first time.I got up out of bed one night to go to the toilet and walked up the hall to the bathroom, being half asleep, I didn’t notice that mom had just finished having a bath. Unknown to me it transpired it was normal for mom to walk from the bathroom to her bedroom naked. All of a sudden and without warning the bathroom door opened and she came out without wearing any clothes apart from a bath towel that she had in her hands. As I stopped dead in my tracks, mom didn’t see me at first then looked up in sheer horror knowing that she was exposing herself to me. Dropping her towel in shock mom screamed “Ooohhh! Jason! . . . Shit! . . . Shit! . . I didn’t see you there!” as she fled past me as quick as she could into her bedroom.Seeing your first naked woman, especially if it’s your own mom is a sight to behold, it was only a few seconds but it was enough to take in the view. Her pert tits, her areole weren’t that big but her nipples were gorgeous, at least an inch or so in length and the same in diameter. Her curvy hips which showed off her legs then there was her pubic area, mom had an absolutely gorgeous hairy fanny and lips, some men don’t like sticky out fanny lips but I thought that they were as sexy as hell.At the top of the stairs I asked mom which room we were going in, she said hers as mine had no space in there, you couldn’t swing a cat in mine. On entering the bedroom mom walked around the bed to the other side of the room next to the dresser. She then placed her cigs, lighter, scissors and tweezers on the bedside cabinet. My heart continued to pound as mom facing the dresser with her back to me started to strip.First she pulled her tee-shirt over her head and let it fall to the floor, exposing her back and bra straps, then leaning forward her arms came around her back she undid her bra which went limp then fell to the floor. Then it was the turn of her jeans and panties, her hand moved to her crotch area as she unbuttoned her jeans and lowered the zip. Her hands then headed for her hips which she then hooked her thumbs between her hips and her jeans themselves, she gave them ataşehir escort a quick tug allowing them to fall freely to the floor allowing me to see her arse and legs. I tried not to smile as she bent over to pull her legs out of her jeans when I saw her panties as they were the ones I used to have a wank over a few weeks earlier when I spotted them in the dirty laundry basket. Again mom used her thumbs to hook under the elastic of her panties and let them fall to her ankles which she again stepped out of them. As she did this her fanny and sticky out lips came into view.Mom then stood upright and turned around giving me an unlimited view of her naked body, then started smiling. ‘God’ I thought to myself as mom stood there before me, then got jealous of dad knowing he got to have his way with mom at least once a week, I hoped that if I ever got married my wife would have a body like moms. “Yes!” mom said questioningly. I nodded my head hardly able to contain my excitement then said “Mom, you look dead sexy!”, thinking that she asked her question inquiring as to whether or not I liked the view. “Jay, I’m not asking if you like what you see, I said yes because you’re supposed to get undressed as well.” Perplexed I asked mom why I needed to get naked as well when I only needed to drop my jeans and boxers to cut my stitches out. “Fair’s, fair, I you think I’m getting naked on my own you’ve got another thing coming.” Dread hit me as I realized I’d have to be completely exposed to mom, she didn’t tell me that downstairs, not only that he hadn’t seen me naked since the age of 4, after that dad was the one who always bathed me as mom in them days worked late as a cleaner for extra money.”It’s no good just standing there Jay, get ’em off, besides I want to see how my baby son has grown into a man.” Mom then started to encourage me by shouting “OFF! OFF! OFF! OFF!” clapping in unison as she shouted. Sheepishly I started to get undressed, tee-shirt and socks first, then my jeans. My face turned purple as I removed letting mom know that I had a hard-on. Mom giggled and put her hand to her mouth as she became embarrassed at her son’s predicament. Then with mom staring intently I let my boxers to fall to the floor allowing my cock with its pubes to in full view of mom. Mom stood there transfixed for a moment while she looked at my hard-on, excited at the effect she was having on me. “You don’t mind do you Jay? it’s not everyday you get to see how your son is developing.” For some reason it felt erotic while I was standing there without any clothes on while mom was ogling my cock. This had the effect of tightening my balls which I could feel lifting in my sack. “Sorry mom!” I said commenting on my hardness thinking she might be offended. “It’s a normal thing to happen, there’s no need to fret, that’s the time to worry when you can’t get one when you’re with a woman.” After a few more seconds staring at my crotch mom laughed and carried on. “Besides I feel flattered, I didn’t know I still had it in me.”I asked mom where she wanted me to get, and she told me to stay put for a moment. She took hold of her pack of cigs, after lighting one and putting it in her mouth, she took a few drags, then she grabbed hold of the scissors and tweezers from the bedside cabinet. Mom then walked around the bed and sat on the corner. Beckoning me over, I walked over to her, I then stood in front of her while she opened her knees to allow me to get closer. My cock was then level with her neck.”Ready?” mom asked as she put her cig down on the edge of the dresser, to which I nodded and took a deep breath ready for her to grip me. I looked down mom’s front, seeing her tits close up, her nipples for some reason pointing rigidly. Mom lifted her right hand and with her thumb and forefinger touched the end of my glands. 100,000 volts shot down my spine as both pleasure and pain hit me in equal measure. “Uuurrrggghhh!” I groaned as my legs buckled and twitched slightly causing me to clench. Mom looked up at me and said “This ain’t going to work Jay! I don’t want you cummin’ in my face.” She quickly looked around the bed and let me go and stood up. “Here, sit in the middle of the bed with your back against the headboard, I’ll be better able to control you then.” I did what I was told while mom took another drag on her cig. I sat there as mom put her cig on the edge of the bedside cabinet and looked at me. “Open up your legs wider!” she instructed me as mom stepped up onto the bed which rocked from side to side. “Wider! Wider!” she called to me until my legs were at around 90 degrees to me. Stepping between my thighs I thought for a split second that she was going to step on my balls, her feet just inches from my crotch. I flinched as mom knelt between my knees, then crossed her legs, the weight of her crashing down on top of my legs, the smooth skin of her thighs pressing me into the bed and pinning me there.She leant over again to take another drag on her cig, the weight increasing on my right side as she did, then her right hand came up to my cock as before. Another groan from me echoed around the bedroom, as mom started to cut away the stitches, as cum continued to fill my balls. “If you’re going to come, let me know then I’ll be able to point your cock away from my face, as I said, I don’t want you cumming in my face,” mom said as she went about her job with vigor.As mom cut feverishly, I again looked at mom’s body enjoying every inch of her sexiness. I was completely mesmerized at mom’s nipples which still stood out erect. I began to wonder if she was turned on by the fact that she was naked in front of me or by the fact I was naked in front of her. Looking down at her fanny, I admired her hairiness between her thighs, trying not to let the urge to put my hands down there to get the better of me. Mom noticed I was continuing to drool over her body but carried on regardless, smiling as she used the scissors and tweezers.Within 10 minutes mom was down to the last 2 stitches, but I couldn’t keep in the tension in any longer, I started to breathe heavily and rock back and forth on the bed, my thigh muscles clenching as I groaned. Looking down at my glands turning purple mom said “Don’t keep it in, if you’re going to cum, just cum, let it all out, I don’t mind if you come cum all over me.!” I couldn’t believe what mom was saying, mom wanted me to cum over her, if my friends knew about this they wouldn’t believe me in a million years!I slowly felt the cum rising inside me as I rocked faster and faster on the bed. I put my hands on mom’s thighs and knees and gripped as hard as I could as my orgasmic waves approached. “Mmmm! . . . mom! . . . I’m! . . . I’m! . . . I’m… cumming! . . . I’m cumming!”Knowing what to expect mom pointed my cock towards her stomach and breasts with her fingers. Mom then flinched as up to three weeks of pent up tension shot out of me, covering mom’s stomach and nipples as I convulsed in spasms and groaned.I tried to get my breath back as the waves from my cum subsided allowing my body to relax. Mom just froze there trying to take in what had just happened, the fact that her own son had cum over her, and the huge volume that had struck her. “Jesus Jay, how long has it been since you last cum?” I replied “3 weeks!” “No wonder there’s so much then… I bet you needed that didn’t you? you’ve only gone and covered me!” mom replied looking stunned.Mom looked down the front of her at the mess I’d created, cum starting to trickle off her left nipple and down her stomach and over her belly button. She got up and quickly grabbed her cig and put everything else down as fast as she could. “I’ll be back in a few minutes, I’m just going to take a shower to clean myself up, there’s a packet of wet wipes for you to use in the bottom draw,” pointing at the other bedside cabinet. “Clean yourself up will you, I don’t fancy picking through your cum while I cut the last couple out!” With that she raced through the door and down the hallway to the bathroom before cum dripped off her onto the carpet, her footsteps making thudding sounds indicating the speed she was travelling. I leaned over and opened the draw which she had indicated and proceeded to clean myself with the wipes mom had said were in there. Making light work of that I then put the used wipes on top of the cabinet and relaxed, thinking about the previous quarter escort ataşehir of an hour.As she promised, mom returned a few minutes later and got back into the same position on the bed as she was earlier. Looking down at my limp cock she gingerly gripped it again with thumb and forefinger. I groaned as she did this as I was still a little bit sensitive. “Shouldn’t take long this Jay, there’s only two left,” mom said while starting to cut then laughed. “What’s wrong?” I asked thinking mom had seen me do something funny. “Nothing really!” she replied back, “it’s just weird seeing and hearing you cum that’s all . . . let’s face it . . . it’s something a mom shouldn’t actually see is it? her own son cum in front of her, it’s like you seeing me cum.” Cheekily I said “I can hear you though!” Mom blushed “I know you can, but I can’t be helped can it, as we live in a house with thin walls.” She then carried on “Cumming is one of the most intimate and private things you can do with someone, it shouldn’t be done in public, especially in front of family members.”Moments later mom cried, “Last but one!” as the next stitch came out. She leaned over to the bedside cabinet but grumbled as she realised her cig had gone out depriving her of another few drags. “Well . . . at least you’ll be able to have a wank from now on, won’t ya,” mom teased, laughing at me as I turned red. “Mom!” I protested surprised at mom’s candor.All of a sudden and out of the blue mom asked “So tell me . . . who is it you think of when you have a wank then?” Gobsmacked I stumbled, fumbling for an answer. “Err! . . . err! . . . mom! . . . that’s private!” Cringing at mom’s question I continued to ask, “Why do you want to know?” “Just interested that’s all, there must be someone you think of to bring yourself off, all boys have a top fantasy don’t they?” Jesus Christ I thought, she knows a lot about teenage boys considering she’s a woman that’s for sure.”No-one, really.” I stated, not sure how mom would react if I told her that it was my own mom. “It’s not Eileen by any chance is it? I and she noticed how you used to look at her when she came round for a chat!” It was true, as I told you earlier, before I saw mom naked that night it was all Eileen in my thoughts while having a wank. Being best friends, she used to come around once a week for a chat, and if it was the school holidays it would allow me to sit in on their get together. Eileen was the same height as mom but had blonde wavy hair which was shoulder length, and like mom had the same build. She differed from mom thou in having bigger tits, possibly a DD cup.Eileen being divorced would wear revealing skirts, which would rise right up to the top of her thighs when she sat down. I swear she dressed like that knowing I was secretly looking at her. In fact she used to tease me by saying she’d want to marry me when I got older as I’d make a good husband, much to my embarrassment and mom’s annoyance.While mom was trying to get the last stitch out and talking dirty like she was, it had the effect of making my balls twitch and forcing my cock to rise again. “Come on tell me . . . I want to know!” I steadied myself as I juggled with telling her or not. After another badgering from mom and at last picking up some courage I relented and finally told her. My heart virtually beating out of my chest expecting mom to take offence and hit the roof I said. “Mom . . . it’s you!”Suddenly she stopped what she was doing and looked up. “Uh! . . . Err! . . . me? mom exclaimed with a shocked look on her face. “Yes mom! You!” not sure how mom would take it. “You’re not angry are you?” as I continued speaking. Using her left hand to cover her mouth while she blushed out of control, mom laughed nervously as she came back. “Of course not Jay . . . it’s just a bit of a shock that’s all.” “Most mothers know that their sons have a bit of a thing for them, it’s normally not out in the open.””When did you start to have these feelings?” I then told mom about the night I saw her naked coming out the bathroom. “Oh, I remember,” as she looked into deep space to try and think about the said event. “And you always think about that to bring yourself off?” as mom continued her questioning. I grunted and nodded in agreement as my cock became totally erect, not just from mom’s touch, but from mom’s erotic conversation. “At least I know I’ve still got it in me, that’s for sure!” as she pulled the last stitch out.”Gotcha!” mom screamed as the last one came out, “Thank god for that!” then looked admiringly at the surgeon’s handy work. “He’s done a good job there, he’s made it so you’ll probably have hardly any scar tissue, I’m pleased with that!” She then moved her position on the bed and got up. My heart sank as I knew my fun was all but over.Smoking her cig again after relighting it, mom turned around and told me. “How about going downstairs, as I’ve done those stitches for you and making me a brew, you know . . . the usual, 2 sugars and milk and bring it back up here for your mom.” I moaned as I hated making tea for anyone else but me. Mom became slightly cross and ordered me… “Jason RIGHT NOW! OK!” I got off the bed and under duress went to my clothes on the floor and started to get dressed. “No ya don’t . . . if you get dressed I’m going to, besides there’s no one in the house, and it’s not like anyone can see you in the kitchen is it?” mom barked at me.Confused why mom would want me to make her a cup of tea in the nude I trotted downstairs to do what I was told. While I was down there waiting for the kettle to boil, it was a blessing as it allowed my hard-on to disappear taking with it the tension out of my body. After a few minutes I made me and mom a cuppa and while I drank mine with a little help from some tap water to cool it down, I walked back upstairs with mom’s and re-entered her room to find mom still naked, smoking while sitting on the edge of the bed, with her back to me facing the dresser and the quilt on the floor leaving the mattress and bed without cover.Turning around when she heard me enter, she said thanks when I gave her the cup which she craved. Then mom patted the mattress a few times indicating that she wanted me to sit down next to her on her left which I did, deliberately making sure that mine and mom’s thigh were pressing together. Sipping on her tea mom let out a quiet hum of appreciation. Putting her cup on the dresser after a few sips mom then turned her upper body towards me and put her left arm around my hips.”Look, Jay, you know that what we’ve been doing for the last half an hour has been a bit naughty, don’t you?” I carried on listening, “And you know that I could actually get into trouble for doing all this?” “Yes mom,” I answered in agreement. “Well, if you can keep quiet about it, how about I give you a surprise?” “What’s that?” I excitedly responded to her. Mom continued “How about I show you the ropes, teach you how to make love to a woman properly and then I can pop your cherry, cos’ let’s face it it’s a fantasy of yours, so I might as well be the one to take it, what do you think?” “Seriously mom?” I said not believing my good fortune. Nodding, mom then said, “Up for it?” “Yes mom,” I replied cum already entering my balls.Watching mom finishing off her tea I couldn’t wait for what was about to happen, all the nights wanking off while hearing mom cum next door fantasising it was me having sex with her were about to come true. All those questions that I’d asked myself, What did mom look like when cumming? Where would she put her legs? on top of me or beside me? How would the inside of her fanny feel on my cock, and would it grip me tight or not. All these questions and others would be answered in the fullness of time.Mom placed the cup on the dresser after emptying then shuffled over to the center of the bed and lied flat on her back. Waving her right hand at me to call me over, I crawled over to mom and positioned myself between her knees, not really knowing what to do. She told me to lie down between her thighs with my face a couple of inches away from her fanny. I stared intently as I smelt her womanly odour from her lips and pubes. “Listen!” mom called, getting my attention, “that there is my clit!”, as she pointed with her finger. “Now, what I want you to do is move your tongue like this!” mom showed me what to do as she quickly moved her tongue from left ataşehir escort bayan to right to show me. “It doesn’t matter how I act or what I say, keep doing it until I get you to stop, ok?”With her hands she forced my face into her fanny, breathing heavily I drew in her smell right up my nostrils as fanny juice started to cover my chin, I then started to lick furiously as mom put her head flat on the pillows. Mom’s thighs lifted off the bed as her hands came under them and took my hands and put them on her tits. “Don’t forget these!” mom ordered as I groped them, lecherously taking in all the sensations as I cupped and stroked them. As I licked I took in all of her taste as my saliva mixed in with all her juices, while mom’s thigh muscles twitched repeatedly.Around 10 minutes later and still licking mom’s fanny for all it’s worth, my tongue started to get strained and stiff from its workout, especially not being used to this type of activity. I started to get concerned about not having the stamina to bring mom to orgasm. I needn’t have worried, a couple of minutes later mom’s back started to arch slightly, and her breathing became more intense as I realised I was making her cum. “Mmm! . . . mmm! . . . mmm! . . . mmm! . . . mmm!” mom groaned as her back arched more and her legs began twitching more rapidly.”That’s it Jay, keep it at that speed.!” mom egging me on eagerly, as I licked more excitedly knowing I was doing a good job, the sound of mom’s fanny and my slurping filling the room. Then all of a sudden, mom started to yelp as her orgasm started to take effect “Aaaahhh! . . . aaaahhhh! . . . I’m cummin Jay! . . . I’m cummin! . . . Jesus Jay! Ya making my fanny click! . . . Oh Jesus! . . . I’m cummin! . . . I’m cummin!” Mom’s whole body convulsed like she was having a fit, her thighs gripping me around my head and lifting my face away from the bed as her arse went into the air from her back arching, her hands grabbing hold of my head, pulling at my hair. Then it was all over, as she slumped flat on the bed gasping for air while I remained between her thighs, pushed up against her fanny, my lower face covered in juice.After a while mom had recovered enough to lean up and laughed at the sight of me still between her legs with my face still pinned up against her fanny. “Well! you’ve done that before, haven’t you son?” mom said saying it indicating that I’d done her proud and had enjoyed herself. Despite still being on a high from her cum mom indicated to me again to move closer by waving her hand, my heart beating off the scale as I moved between her thighs and leaned forward to put my hands either side of mom on the pillows, my hard-on grazing her fanny. “Ooooooh!” she squealed then clenched her thighs as the effect of my hard-on rubbing against her clit hit home. “Sorry!” I said thinking that I’d hurt her. “Don’t be silly!” mom called then smiled, “I’m still a little bit sensitive down there that’s all.”Putting her arms between me and her body, mom took my throbbing cock in her hand and pointed it at her opening then told me to push. Unbelievable emotions ran through my head as I entered mom’s fanny causing me to gasp for air, delirious from the pleasure. Her warmth and wetness turning me on more than before. Then as mine and mom’s pubic areas came together, mom then wrapped her legs around me, trapping me in her embrace. This was better than my wildest dreams, except that this was the real deal.”Stop!” mom ordered me before I could start thrusting. “Look, Jay let me explain, now because you’re only 14, you’re obviously new to this and not fully grown yet, so it’s going to be difficult to make me cum just from thrusting away.” I listened on. “It took me and your dad at least 12 months of sleeping with each other before we got used to each other’s habits, rhythms and turn-ons.” She then moved her arms from between us and put them around the back of me placing both hands on each cheek of my arse. “Now, what’ll I’ll do is this, don’t get thrusting!, let me do it for you, all you have to do is let me move you back and forth so I’ll be able to control your speed, and that way it’ll be easier for me to cum, just keep there in that position and enjoy yourself, do you understand?” I accepted what she had said and got ready for action, hardly being able to control my hormones.The bead started to creak loudly as mom’s forced movements of me caused it to rock back and forth. Turning her head to the right, mom let it rest on the pillow and closed her eyes, concentrating on what she was doing and taking everything in. Moving to and fro I looked at mom’s tits as they wobbled on her from the impact from each other’s pelvises as I acted like the cat that had got the cream, every question I’d ever thought about having sex with mom being answered with every collision with me, and mom hips and fanny. Lifting her head up for a second, mom smiled devilishly at me and asked, “Alright there? you able to keep with the pace?”, to which I smiled and nodded, too engrossed in what I was doing to reply to her properly as mom purposely clenched her fanny around my cock, sending jolts of electricity through my body. Putting her head back down she commented, “I know we shouldn’t be doing this, but I can’t help it, it’s such a turn-on!”Letting mom continue to force me inside her I watched her face as she began to bite her lips then started to claw into my arse cheek with her left hand while still pushing me with her right. The bedroom reverberated to the sound of mom’s bed moving under duress and the headboard smacking the wall like a hammer, as mom increased the pace of her forced thrusting of me bringing the point of orgasm for the both of us closer and closer. “Mmmm! . . . mmm! . . . mmm! . . . mmm!” I listened intently as I watched mom’s orgasm start to approach, bringing me with her. As her face contorted with pain, her right hand forced me in deeper and faster, causing me discomfort as my balls had lifted collided with her sodden fanny and lips, while her left hand began smacking my arse angrily in union with herself inflicted thrusting.She then let out a “Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!” as her hips and back started to arch, “Jay! . . . I’m cumming! . . . oh Jesus! . . . You’re making me cum!” She continued to smack my arse like a jockey on the final straight at the Epsom Derby. Pain increased in my balls as mom’s thrusting became even more energetic forcing me into her as our orgasms came, her thighs clenching tightly around me like a vice as if I was a tube of toothpaste, twitching out of control, cutting off my ability to breathe normally.The room filled up with the sound of one big noise, the groans of mom, the slapping of mom’s fanny against me, the sound of mom’s hand against my arse, the bed hitting the wall and the mattress squealing for respite. With this and her fanny clenching nonstop around my cock it was only a matter of time that I too started to cum. Slap! . . . Bang! . . . Slap! . . . Bang! . . . Slap! . . . Bang! echoed around the room as mom’s cum brought me off also. I screamed as a massive squirt of cum shot into mom covering her cervix, then it was all over.I slumped onto the top of mom recovering from my exertion, high as a kite over what I had done and the dream I had that was made true for me by mom. I lied there taking in all the feelings and emotions, especially from mom’s soft skin and also her insides, which my cock starting to go limp was dribbling out of. Happy, but also saddened knowing that this would be the first and only time this would happen.”Feel better?” mom asked as she looked up and unwrapped her thighs from around my waist. I didn’t need to answer as she could already tell from my face. She reached over and lit herself another cig so she could relax as her high continued to subside. A couple of taps of her finger on my shoulder indicated that she wanted me to get off her, which I duly did, rolling off her to lie on the bed next to her. After taking a few drags of her cig she leaned over to me and told me to make her another cup of tea, but to get dressed before going downstairs. This told me that my fun was all over, and with that I got dressed and went downstairs.As I made her tea I could hear her upstairs tidying up the bedroom and getting dressed before coming down the stairs. Stirring mom’s tea I went back over and over again thinking what I had done and smiled that I was lucky to have a mom like her. Weirdly nothing was said after that, even up to today, it was mine and mom’s secret. All in all it was the best day of my life, and as I continue to wank, I still think of mom’s beautiful body and the sound of her orgasms to bring me off. THE END