mom becomes my sex teacher

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mom becomes my sex teachervisit on to see more top rated stories like theseAwesome story and awesome mom.and i am Lucky boyI grew up living with just my mom, I never met my dad and my mom had told me he was an asshole who got her pregnant when she was 15 and he didn’t want anything more to do with her. My mom was very open with nudity and things from as far back as I can remember so I had seen her naked many times and she would also have no problem peeing in front of me if I was in the bath and she needed to. I never really thought anything of it but as I got a bit older I got a bit more interested in her body so I would take longer looks than normal at her breasts and the dark bush of hair between her legs. When I was 11 years old I had started to get erections occasionally, not from any kind of sexual thoughts, they just seemed to happen at random. My mom still washed my hair and would dry me off with a towel after I had taken a bath, and she would thoroughly dry me off including my cock and balls. One day after my bath she was drying my cock and it suddenly got hard. I felt my cheeks burning red but my mom just said “it’s ok sweetie, you’re just becoming a man” and assured me I was normal. She held my erect penis and pulled back my foreskin to dry the head of my cock and it felt really ticklish so I pulled back. She asked if I was OK and I said it tickled and she laughed and gently held my penis and placed her mouth over it. I didn’t know what she was doing but her mouth felt lovely and warm so I allowed her to continue. I could feel her mouth sucking on my penis and it felt tingly and very nice and as I felt her wet tongue flicking over the head of my cock I started to feel waves of intense pleasure and my cock started jerking involuntarily in her mouth. I didn’t know what had happened at the time, but I had just had my very first orgasm. My mom asked me if I felt better and I said I did, and she finished drying me and told me I mustn’t tell anyone else about my erections.The next day after my bath my mom was drying me and I thought about what she had done with her mouth the day before and how nice it felt and my cock got hard. Again my mom took my penis into her mouth and sucked on it until I felt that great feeling again as I orgasmed. This started to happen every day and I began to look forward to bath times because I knew I would experience that lovely feeling when my mom put my penis into her warm mouth. After a few weeks of this I started to get erections a LOT so if I got one when I was at home with my mom I would tell her and she would suck it for me until I came (my orgasms were dry until I was about 13). This would happen about 4 or 5 times a day so at age 11 I was getting a lot of oral sex from my mom, but her mouth felt so warm and wet and she sucked it so nicely that it would only take about 30 seconds for her to make me cum and I was satisfied.Then one night we were cuddling on the couch watching TV and she told me that now I was grown up I could sleep in mommy’s bed tonight like a man. I didn’t really get what she meant because I never had a father and I hadn’t slept in my mom’s bed since I was a few years younger when I would get scared at night. We brushed our teeth together and I put my pjs on and went into my mom’s bedroom, where she was removing her clothes. After she took off her bra and panties she laid on the bed and I got onto it next to her. “Do you know what sex is sweetie?” she asked and I said I did, sort of, and she said that now I was old enough she was going to tell me all about it. She told me that I was getting erections because I was now sexually mature, and that my penis was getting hard because my body was feeling the need to have sex, and to have sex the man has to put his penis into the woman’s vagina which feels nice and makes them both feel better. She told me what orgasms were and I realized that was what I had been having in my mom’s mouth several times every day. She explained about sperm and pregnancy and said that was why I mustn’t have sex with anyone until I was older and must use protection, but said “with mommy it’s OK because I won’t get pregnant”. She asked if I had seen a vagina before and I said I’d seen hers, but really I’d only seen her bush. She sat up on the bed and told me to sit facing her, and she opened her legs and told me to look at her vagina. She put her hands down and used them to open her pussy elazığ escort up in front of me, and the dark hair parted to reveal her pink labia and I was surprised how complicated it looked, with folds of flesh everywhere, I had expected a vagina to just be a simple hole. Being only human, but not really knowing why, my first close look at a woman’s pussy had given me a raging erection in my pjs. I told my mom about it, thinking she would put it in her mouth like usual, but she told me to wait and she’d make me feel better soon. She told me to take a closer look so I put my head down so it was only inches away from my mom’s open pussy. She showed me her clit and told me how nice it felt to be touched there, and showed me the hole where the man’s penis enters to have sex, and due to how close my face was to her pussy I noticed an unusual odor coming from it. “It smells” I said, and she said that was normal but that all women smelled differently, and that the smell was to attract a man to have sex with her. My mom’s scent was quite strong but I didn’t think it was unpleasant, just unusual, but the scent of her pussy had made my cock extra hard and I was starting to feel my first feelings of sexual desire, I didn’t understand why but I knew I wanted to put my penis inside my mom’s vagina. She asked if I would like to touch her vagina so I said OK, and clumsily poked and prodded around her pubic hair and pussy lips and her skin felt warm. She took my hand and said “this is where the man’s penis goes inside” and held my index finger to the opening to her pussy. “It’s OK, push your finger in gently” she said and I did as I was told. My finger slid in easily and my first thought was how warm it felt, almost hot, and it really took me by surprise. I felt around inside her pussy and it felt so strange to me, but I liked how it felt so snug and soft and warm. “Would you like to try sex with mommy?” she asked, smiling at me. My cock was telling me I wanted to so I said yes, and she again told me that I mustn’t try it with anyone else until I was much older, and with other girls I must always use protection, which I agreed to and she also said it was very important to never tell a single soul about what we did together.I took my finger out of her pussy and she took off my pjs and said “remember what I told you? You have to put your penis inside mommy’s vagina like you just did with your finger, and it will make us both feel better”. I didn’t know why but I was really excited to put my penis inside that cosy warm place I had just felt. She laid on her back on the bed and opened her legs and her hairy pussy looked so inviting to me and my young cock was throbbing at the thought of what I was about to do. I laid on top of my mom and felt my hard penis nestling in her pubic hair which tickled but felt really good. Her naked body felt so warm against mine and I was really enjoying it. She put her hand around my cock and guided it down to her pussy opening, and the soft warmth of it pressing against the head of my cock sent tingles through my body. Suddenly feeling so horny I thrust my entire body upwards, and her pussy resisted my cock for the briefest moment before her lips parted around my cock and I entered her and the entire length of my penis went inside my mom. I had never felt anything like it, the heat was so intense and every inch of her soft vagina was gripping my cock tightly inside her and I felt all kinds of new sensations, and a massive sense of relief. My penis belonged in here. I looked up at my mom with an enormous grin on my face, and she smiled back at me, and without needing instruction from her, I instinctively started rocking my body back and forth so her wet vagina would slide up and down around my cock, giving me the most wonderful feelings I had ever felt. My mom was quite a lot taller than me at the time so I rested my head in her large soft breasts and after only a few seconds I felt a familiar feeling building up and I had an enormously powerful orgasm inside my mom’s vagina. I let out a big gasp as I felt such a release and knew sex was the best thing ever. My mom asked me if I enjoyed it and I had such a big smile and told her I loved it, she said she did too and I was still hard inside her and I asked if we could do it again. “Of course” she said and without hesitation I started humping away into my mom’s warm pussy, but this time my orgasm didn’t come for a elazığ escort bayan long time, so I really got to enjoy the feeling of my mom’s pussy around my young cock, and the longer I went the wetter it was getting inside her which improved the sensations. After a few minutes I came again and I was spent. My mom held me for a while and said we should go to sleep, but I barely slept at all thinking about my mom’s lovely vagina that was right next to me and I wanted to put my penis back inside it. After a long night it was morning and I had an erection, I laid next to my mom looking at her and hoping she would wake up. Eventually she opened her eyes and I immediately said “morning mommy can we have sex?” she smiled and said OK so I got on top of her again and managed to put my penis into her vagina on my own this time. I came almost immediately so she let me continue to have sex with her until I came for a second time. We got up for breakfast but after we had finished eating I told my mom I had an erection again, “aren’t you a horny little man?” she laughed and this time she pulled down her pants and sat on the edge of the kitchen table so I could push my cock into her standing up. I was totally addicted to the feeling of sex so I would ask her for it every hour or so, and she always obliged, so during the daytime she would simply pull down her pants or lift up her skirt to give me access to her vagina and we would have sex in whatever position was easiest at the time, quite often she would bend over and I would enter her from behind, which I really enjoyed. After a while I started to last a bit longer before I came so if mom was really busy she would sometimes just suck me off, but if I really insisted I wanted her vagina she would usually let me, and she never let me go frustrated. I started sleeping in her bed permanently and we would always have sex together before we went to sleep and after we woke up in the morning, and she taught me quite a few new positions.By the time I was about 12 I knew that what I did with my mom several times a day wasn’t normal at all, but instead of feeling weird about it, I felt like the luckiest k** in the world and loved my mom for giving me such a wonderful thing. I understood why I must never tell anyone what we did together and I was happy to keep it a secret. For quite a long time I didn’t really understand my feelings about sex, I just knew it felt amazing and I had such strong urges to do it regularly. When I got to the age of about 13 I understood these urges a lot more and my attraction to my mom was getting much stronger. I loved how sexy and womanly her naked body looked, and I loved the erotic smell her wet vagina would leave on my penis after I had sex with her. My penis was bigger now and I could last much longer so I think my mom was enjoying the sex a lot more because her pussy would sometimes get very wet and she would moan and tell me how good she felt. I started to do more than just push my dick back and forth in her pussy, and I would touch and kiss her body all over and she taught me how to french kiss, and I loved to suck on her breasts during sex. It was also around this time I began to ejaculate semen when I came, it wasn’t a large amount to begin with so my mom didn’t notice until she sucked my cock one day. “You’re growing up so fast” she said, and swallowed it. She allowed me to continue to fuck her without any protection and ejaculate inside her vagina, and I never asked why she couldn’t get pregnant, but I was enjoying sex even more now that I could shoot my hot cum into my mom’s pussy. I knew about oral sex now and I wondered why my mom had never asked me to lick her pussy, now I was 13 I really wanted to do it, I loved my mom’s pussy, how it looked, how it smelled, how it felt, and I wanted to know how it tasted. I asked her why she’d never asked me to lick her vagina, and she told me she thought I didn’t want to because of the smell. “I love the smell!” I said. “Do you?” she said, surprised, and immediately led me up to her bedroom. She removed the panties that she was wearing and held them to my nose, the strong smell of her pussy hit me and my cock got hard. I sniffed and she got on her knees and I felt her taking my cock out and she started sucking it. The smell of her pussy and the feeling of her mouth on my cock made me cum in a powerful orgasm into her mouth. “Now it’s your turn” she smiled at me escort elazığ and laid down on the bed. Knowing what I needed to do I knelt down in front of her and buried my face in her hairy pussy. I licked away like crazy and she tasted as good as she smelled, and she was producing sticky fluid on my tongue that I eagerly licked up and swallowed,, and after a few minutes of this she was moaning loudly and getting very wet. I couldn’t wait any longer and mounted my mom and fucked her hard until I came inside her, her pussy was so wet I could feel her juices dripping off my balls. I gave my mom oral sex every night after that before we had sex before sleep, and she taught me how to please her until I was giving her orgasms every night. We would also do 69s regularly which I loved. Knowing how good my own orgasms felt I really felt like a man when I made my mom cum, and I loved the taste of her pussy.My mom would get very wet and sticky when she came, and I loved to lick up her juices, and one night I had made her cum in my face, and her sticky juice was trickling out of her vagina down to her asshole. Her asshole looked so sexy but I had never considered doing anything with it before, but as her juices ran over it I licked them from her asshole with my tongue, and I found it so horny. Knowing I could ask my mom anything, I said “Mom… have you ever had anal sex?” and she said she hadn’t. We both paused for a while, not saying anything. “Why? Did you want to try it?” she finally asked. “Can we?” I said and she said OK. She fetched a bottle of something from the bathroom to use as lube, and she rubbed some over my hard cock, and then knelt on all fours on her bed and told me to put some on her asshole. I was so excited that I got it everywhere and made a real mess, but looking at my mom with her asshole in the air pointing at me, I was so horny and I pressed the tip of my bare cock to her tiny hole and pushed hard. My mom gasped and said “gently!” so I stopped and eased my cock slowly into her tight asshole. The lube helped the head of my cock ease inside her ass and the heat and tightness of it was incredible. I pushed further and only managed to get about half of my cock inside her ass before the exquisite heat and tightness caused me to ejaculate up my mom’s ass. It felt so good that I didn’t want to stop so I pushed the rest of my cock inside her ass and started to slowly fuck it. My mom was moaning and sounding surprised, told me it felt really good. She reached under to play with her pussy while I fucked her ass and she was moaning loudly and she came just as I shot my second hot load up her ass. After that she was happy for me to fuck her ass as well as her pussy whenever I wanted to, and she would even let me switch between holes during sex, which would leave my cock smelling of an interesting combination of ass and pussy.I was 13 years old and I had tried pretty much everything there was to try with my mom, but my attraction to her and love of her body just kept getting stronger, I would love to sniff her dirty panties during sex and I started to become fascinated with watching her pee. If she needed to pee she would let me go into the bathroom with her and I would watch this warm liquid streaming from her hairy pussy into the toilet, and I loved how sexy it looked and how it sounded. I would always need to lick her clean after she had finished and then fuck her until I filled her pussy with my cum. One day I asked her if women could pee during sex, and she said yes but she never had. I looked at her and waited, and waited… “do you want me to sweetie?” she asked, finally. “Yes…” I said, feeling a bit dirty. “OK, we’ll have to go in the bath”, she said. I was so excited but she had to drink a few glasses of water and then we had to wait until she needed to pee. The wait felt so long but eventually she said she was ready so we got naked and climbed into the bathtub together. It was only a small tub so we had trouble getting comfortable, and we ended up with me entering her from behind doggy style. I fucked her pussy slowly, and before long I felt hot liquid running over my balls as I fucked her, and that sexy sound of my mom peeing all over my cock and balls as I had sex with her. It felt even better than I imagined and she was still peeing on me as I shot my load into her vagina. After that I knew I could ask my mom for anything, and the next time we were in the tub she let me pee into her vagina with my cock deep inside her, and then she squatted over my face and peed into my mouth and over my cock while I jerked off.remaining story you can continue on so don’t forget to visit on these website