Mike’s Second Time

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Mike’s Second TimeMy friend Mike was a bit quiet after I’d introduced him to the pleasures to be found in looking at hot cocks and being a wank buddy (see here http://xhamster.com/user/daviea9/posts/235933.html) Once we had finished pleasuring each other he was a bit subdued for the rest of the evening. When we finally went to bed I was sorely tempted to ask to join him in the spare room but I think that now that the initial thrill and pleasure had subsided, he was feeling a bit “guilty” about what we had done.By the time I got up in the morning (no pun intended) he had gone to work and my wife was just getting ready to go to bed after her stint on night duty.“Mike was a bit quiet this morning. Maybe he is coming down with something. That spare bedroom isn’t the warmest place to sleep.”I said nothing in reply and just got ready to go to a meeting with some clients who were visiting the area and who usually asked me for a drink after we had finished our meeting.“I’ll try and get back early,” I said “so we can all have a drink before you go back to work.”“No booze for me, but yes let’s get together. Mike’s off home again tomorrow.”That evening after we had our promised drink (just tonic water for Anne) and my dear wife had departed for work Mike and I sat chatting. But it was clear he was uncomfortable.“What’s the matter mate? You bothered about last night?”“Just a bit. It was unsettling to find myself aroused in that way and then for us to wank each other off… well it was strange.”“Did you think about it when you were in bed? I did and I was rather hoping you might want me to join you, canlı bahis siteleri but I suppose it must be odd and confusing doing it for the first time.”“Well … part of me was thrilled by the idea of coming through to be with you but … well it was like having a devil on one shoulder prompting me to do it and an angel on the other telling me it was wrong.”I laughed lightly. “I suppose that must be what it does feel like but at the end of the day you should only do what you feel comfortable with and only what gives you pleasure.”“Well I did enjoy it. Very much in fact and I suppose we are not doing any harm to anyone. But I wonder if we should be doing it even if it is nice.”“You’re feeling guilty about Polly aren’t you?”“Don’t you feel guilty? Cheating on Anne.”“I don’t view it like that and neither would Anne if she knew. In fact she’d probably enjoy the idea and want to watch us.”Mike looked suitably shocked. “Polly isn’t like that. She’d be horrified if she ever found out. She’d be straight down the divorce court. Her father would probably kill me.” That wasn’t an idle threat. Polly’s father owned a building company and had a reputation as a hard man. Everyone knew that he wouldn’t take kindly to anyone upsetting his darling little girl. Neither would her two bruiser brothers! They ran up and down ladders with hods of bricks all day and were “well ‘ard” as the saying goes.“Come on Mike, you were horrified at the idea last night but now you would like to do it again. Wouldn’t you?”“God yes. I really would like doing it again but …”“But nothing. I’m not going to tipobet tell Polly anything and neither will you. How is she ever going to find out? And as you say yourself we aren’t doing any harm to anyone.”I got us new drinks and Mike sat and thought about it for a while. “You’re right,” he finally said. “I’m just being stupid. What the heck. What shall we watch tonight?”When I heard him say that I leant over him and kissed him lightly on the lips.“Come on then, let’s go through to my office and see what we can find.”* * * * *Mike’s mood had lightened now and he was quite perky. I switched on my computer and browsed for something I thought he’d like.“Would you prefer to see some straight sex, lesbian or boy on boy video?”“Let’s try boy on boy,” he said “it might put me in the right mood.”I put on a fairy short video featuring two cross dressers. The film opened with the boys – well middle aged men really – lying side by side on a bed stroking their cocks. It then cut to show them standing facing each other wanking and thrusting their hips back and forward.Mike said he really liked that and it was a pity we weren’t dressed like that too. I said that could be arranged but in the meantime we should get our clothes off.I paused the video and we helped each other out of our clothing, Mike taking the opportunity to massage my cock a little. I didn’t complain.I restarted the video and we continued watching. As the two guys started to wank each other’s cock and feel their balls Mike and I began to mirror the action. His balls felt gloriously full and heavy with spunk; his tipobet giriş cock was dribbling pre-cum onto my hand. It was lovely.He might never have been with a man before last night but he was either a quick learner or had a natural aptitude for pleasuring a man. When the guys on the screen started rubbing their cocks together or slapping them against each other he just did exactly the same. When he stroked the purple knob of my cock with his own livid red knob I spurted a couple of shots over his cock and he used his other hand to rub it in. He was really getting into this wasn’t he. I knew that as the video continued one of the guys got down on his knees and started on the other guys cock. I wondered which of us would do that. When the film reached that point Mike looked at me and said “I’d rather you did that to me please,” and I was happy to oblige.His cock was very engorged and so I started by pushing it up towards his belly ad using my tongue on his balls still nicely full. Gradually I licked and sucked up and down the shaft of his cock until finally I used the tip of my tongue to lick and tease that little “Y” cleft just under his cock head. I couldn’t see what was happening on screen but whether it was that or the feel of my tongue he suddenly cried out, arched his back and shot an amazing jet of hot cum up in the air. Most of it landed on me but I was too involved in my own orgasm, achieved without me even touching myself, to notice.“Fuck,” said Mike “if I’d known it was possible to have a guy do that to me I’d have started doing this a long time ago.”“Well let’s have a rest and later we can go and put some undies on and have a rerun, but this time you have to suck me off.”“It’s a deal,” said Mike with a sexy leer at me “let’s get to it as soon as our cocks have recovered.”I’ll tell you about that in the next instalment.