Michelle’s Fetish

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Michelle’s FetishThis is a pee fetish story so if you’re not into that you probably won’t like this. If you do however I hope you enjoy my first attempt at writing!My name is Michelle I’m 19 and just started college. I’m not exactly sure how to start my story. I could start with the experience that made me into what I am today but I figure that can wait for now. Maybe it’d be better to give you an idea of what I look like.So lets start with the basics. I’m short… very short. Its the first thing people notice about me when I walk into a room. A few weeks ago I was walking by a group of sixth graders that were out on a field trip and as I went to cross the street away from them one of the chaperones hollered at me to get back with the rest of the class… very embarrassing. Though I think he was just as embarrassed when I showed him my driver’s license. It may not have helped that I flipped him off after he called me “little cutie”.So yeah I’m a tiny little thing. Thankfully the rest of my body is in proportion with my height. There’s just not a whole lot to me I guess. A tiny little waist and a butt that most men can palm like a little basketball. My boobs on the other hand are (and this may sound a bit narcissistic) the best but that’s just my opinion. Not too big and not too small. A bit more than a handfull with the perkiest little nipples you’ve ever seen. I’ve got long brown hair which goes down past my waist that I almost always keep in a ponytail. I’ve found when you’ve got as much hair as me its too damn time consuming to do much else with it. Besides if I want to style it that requires hairspray which I will then have to wash out that night. Again that much hair would require a lot of hairspray and a ton of shampoo to style yet keep clean everyday. I’m a college student remember. Cant go wasting money on stuff like that. As for my face… well people tell me I’m cute. I’ve been called pretty and beautiful before but when you’re a tiny girl like me most people stick with cute. I’m not complaining though. My features are sharp which goes well with my year long tan. My eyes though are my favorite thing about me. Its my number one weapon anytime I’ve been hard up and needed a good night of fun from a guy or sometimes a girl. They are extremely dark. Not black but… I think smokey would be the best term to describe them. They work very well in sending signals like “hey bitch don’t fuck with me” or “hey baby come fuck me”. When you know how to use your eyes like that it makes life so much easier.What else would people like to know about me? I guess you’d be wondering what I’m like. Well I’ve always been a pretty shy girl but lately I’ve been opening up more. Guess that’s what happens when you room with a basket case like Maria who is now my best friend. She forced me (quite quickly) to come out of my shell and start speaking my mind. She always says “Shell a girl as little and cute as you can get away with anything. So do what you want. But it wont last forever. Looks fade baby.” Which is then followed with her strange laughing fit which is a bit annoying. Just don’t tell her I said that.I guess I have always been looked at as a good girl. kaçak iddaa Maybe a bit nerdy too. The kind of girl that you see in school and joke with your friends about her being too “uncool” for a suave motherfucker like yourself but who you then secretly jerk off to at night. The kind of girl that never got in any trouble and the “cool” k**s would think didn’t have enough character to be interesting at all.So what made me what I am today you’re wondering? Well maybe first I should tell you what I am and what I’m into. The Japanese have a word for it I guess. This I figured out after many hours of searching for my particular kind of porn. Its called omorashi I guess. Basically I have a pee fetish. I love watching people wet themselves. I’ve spent hours online searching for videos of people in public or at home desperate to pee. I’m not a full on lesbian just bi curious but in my hours of searching and watching I’ve found I prefer watching women pee themselves. You may be thinking “well you’re a girl. Just go pee yourself and save yourself the time”. Believe me I’ve done that too but I’ll get into that later. Something about watching girls cross their legs and hold themselves as they struggle to keep it in gets me so turned on every time.It all started when I was 7 and playing in my backyard with a boy from school. Tommy Packer was his name if I remember right. Anyway we were wrestling in the grass and I remember him stopping and grabbing and his crotch a few times. Finally I asked him if he needed to go inside and use my bathroom. I remember him puffing up all of a sudden and saying “guys don’t need to use toilets cuz they can pee anywhere they want”.I was confused by this since I’d never seen a guys set-up before so I asked him what he meant. He took my hand and we walked over to the toolshed by our fence. He looked around a few times then pulled “it” out. I was shocked to say the least. Not only had I been told to never let others see what was under my clothes but also because he had an outtie where I had an innie. Yes this is what I thought at the time. Then he grabbed it with his fingers and started peeing on the ground smiling at me the whole time. I remember saying “cool” in a long drawn out way. After a bit he stopped and asked if I wanted to hold it and point where his pee went. I jumped at the chance and grabbed a bit too hard at first making him swat at my hand and tell me “not so hard”. Loosening my grip I pointed him towards my fence and he started peeing again. As he was going I felt a funny tingle between my own legs and thought maybe I needed to go too but it wasn’t quite the same.After he was finished he told me it was my turn. I kept telling him I needed to sit on a toilet to do it but he kept begging me until eventually I found myself stripping out of my shorts and panties. I was nervous standing there half naked in front of him but he kept saying it was alright so I squated down against the side of the shed and spread my legs open. He moved his face in really close then until I could feel his breath against my thighs. Finally I felt myself start to let go. There wasn’t much since I didn’t really need too but a little bit tipobet güvenilir mi came out. Then Tommy put his hand over my crotch cupping me tightly. I watched as a little more pee slipped through the cracks of his fingers.I closed my legs shut tightly till he pulled his hand away. I asked him what he thought he was doing and he told me he just wanted to feel me like I had felt him. I put my clothes back on and we went back to playing in the yard. He came over a few more times that summer and sometimes he would beg me to pee for him again but even though I secretly wanted to I never could build up the courage to do it.He and his family moved away before the start of the school year.  I had been glad at the time. Greatful that he wouldn’t be going to school and telling everyone about what happened that day. But little Tommy changed me from that point on. He awoke something in me that I never knew was there.After that experience I found myself turned on evertime I saw someone that needed to pee. The more desperate they were to make it to the bathroom the more desperate I was to touch myself. Thats another neat little thing I discovered not long after that day. Granted I wouldn’t have my first orgasm for a few more years. The feeling of rubbing my fingers over myself would help satisfy at least some of the growing hunger inside me.I remember when it happened for me as clear as I remember the last five minutes of this very day. My family was taking a vacation across country. We were out in the middle of nowhere and my mom had to go quite badly. We would have just pulled over but there was a car that had been pacing us for over an hour so she was stuck up front with my dad complaining about her current situation. I sat in the backseat with sunglasses on pretending to be asleep but watching and listening as her need deepened with every pasing mile. The view wasn’t perfect but I could still clearly see as her hand reached down to her lap as she grabbed herself hoping that would hold back the growing urge to let go. I watch as she crossed her legs and squirmed in her seat and I could feel my excitement building as the car rode steadily down the open road.We had this giant van (which never made any sense to me since it was just me and my parents) and I was sitting in the back. I knew no one could see what I was doing so as I watched I started hiking my skirt up to my waist. Trying to keep my movements as subtle as possible I pulled my panties down to my ankles giving me terrific access to my pussy. I continued to watch and listen as my finger ran gentle little circles around a spot I had found felt the best (I would later discover that this is called a clit but I was too young to know at the time).I heard my mom say she wasn’t going to make it and watched as a dark pool started to flood the front of her jeans. As I watched I felt a growing sensation build from between my legs and up to my stomach. For a second I thought I was going to pee too. I didn’t however but I did feel waves of pleasure pour over every inch of my body. I nearly screamed as my tiny body squirmed in the back of the van.I looked towards the front seat to tipobet giriş my parents and thanked god that they didn’t notice what was happening back there. They were far too concerned with my mom’s situation to worry about me. I tried to touch myself more but it was so sensitive there that I found I couldn’t. From that day on though I made sure to find time to make myself cum at least once every day and quite often I used that memory of my mom wetting herself in the van as motivation to push me over the edge.It wasn’t till my teen years that I found I enjoyed wetting myself. It happened one afternoon in the summer and I had been in my room masturbating. I think I was 15 at the time and I had decided to dedicate this summer to making myself cum as many times as possible. On this particular day I had just had my 4th orgasm of the day and was working on my 5th but try as I might I couldn’t quite finish the job. I had tried to ignore my fetish for awhile but as I sat there and tried to make myself cum again my mind went back to that day in the van. My mind picked up on an idea that I knew was dirty and maybe wrong but I think that made it all the more exciting.I put on some old jeans and headed downstairs to the kitchen trying my best to avoid my parents like most teenagers. I went to the fridge and found the big jug of water mom kept in there during the hot summer months. I poured myself a giant glass and drank it down as fast as I could. Then I had another. Two was all I could handle though so I put the jug back in the fridge and headed up to my room. I turned some music on and sat back waiting for the first signs of needing to pee.It took a little more than half an hour before I started to feel my bladder tell me that I needed to go. I had been so excited about what I was going to do when the plan had first hit that I thought I would go as soon as the first pangs of need showed up but for some reason I decided to wait and hold it as long as I could. Another thirty minutes passed and I was starting to feel overwhelmed by it but I stayed strong holding it even longer. I almost made it another thirty before it just became too much.I stood at the edge of my bed in nothing but a pair of panties crossing my legs as tight as I could while my middle finger stayed wedged between my thighs stroking my clit through the thin cotton material. I could already feel the orgasm building as the first drops started to seep out of my pussy. The warm wetness flooded my panties and spread over my fingers which now rubbed furiously over my clit.Soon I felt the gates open completely and I let go about the same time my orgasm overtook me. My legs were shaking violently and I had to cover my mouth with my free hand to keep from screaming from the ecstasy that poured through my body. The sensation was so strong I thought I may pass out from it. I felt like every bone in my entire body had been removed and I had been reduced to some kind of jelly.I finally collapsed on my bed still squirming as the waves of pleasure continued to course through my body. I knew then that I could no longer ignore my strage fetish. It was part of me and even though I felt a little weird and dirty afterwards it was not worth missing out on earth shattering orgasms to feel like I was what most people would call normal. I also knew that I needed more of this. To experience it with someone else maybe. There had to be others out there like me right?