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ME,HUBBY AND IFirst let me tell you the kind of relationship i have with my husband,he is my best friend,my confident in all matters,my lover,in short he is the only person who could really hurt me if he chooses to but he never doesWhen i was much younger ,in my teens and twentys,sex to me was something i liked but didn’t really know how to handle it ,my boyfriends had about the same age so basically it was all very clumsy and kinda selfish,sure there were the saturdayevenings in the back of a car,the minute long french kissing while i was giving the guy a handjob ,he was trying to open my bra to get his hands on my breasts,fondling them wich sometimes was a pretty painfull experience because some guys actually believed that the harder they would pinch my nipples the more i would like it,the more audacious ones got theyr hands in my pantys and started to rub frenetically hoping to get me ready for some more action ,needless to say that it never worked and i started waring only very tide jeans to discourage them with good result i might add as my hand would get them off long before My first orgasm was when i was about 12-13 years old and it took me by surprise,i was in my bed sleping casino oyna one night when i suddenly woke up all sweatty and kinda riding my wrist ,i explain,i used to sleep with my hand between my tighs and cuddled up like in a foetal position,it gave me a warm feeling of security,so that night i woke up with my lips and vagina all wet and a very warm extremly good feeling,i noticed that by leaving my wrist where it was and moving a little the feeling got better and better untill my body started to tremble and heatwaves comming from my underbelly left me breathless,calming down after some time i started to ask myself what exactly happend,i was sure it couldn’t be bad being so incredibly goodThe next morning i came down for breakfast and wondered if all could see on my face what happend that night ,to my relief nobody noticedNeedless to say that this was the beginning of a very warm relationship between mee and my hand ,it didn’t take me long to discover that i could get this feeling back whenever i wanted as much as i wantedWhen i was 17 i met a cute guy who was nice ,intelligent ,respectfull and i decided that it was time to see if others could give me what i was giving canlı casino siteleri myself for the last years and while my parents were away we ended up in my room and on my bed,it started up very nicely ,we undressed and our hands were all over eachother,i was nervous but allso very exited ,my pussy was in flames as he rubbed my clit and the familiar feeling came over me ,all the time i was stroking his penis gently not to make him cum to soon ,finally he came on top of me and pushed his dick against my vagina and then unexperience kicked in ,i had hoped reading books and magazines that this would bring me to 7th heaven,well i can tell you it didn’t,it was painfull,messy and i lost my virginity in about 3 seconds flat leaving me close to tears and the guy ashamed and telling me how sorry i was wich didn’t bring me any comfortWe never did it again and shortly after that he went to universityThe only two things that changed was my vision on sex with others and my masturbation,i felt quit contempt with what i gave myself and swore not to have sex with a guy for a good whileMasturbation became more intense having the full use of my vagina,oh sure before every once casino şirketleri in a while i would slip in a finger and when in a hurry it got me off sooner but now i discovered a totally new horizon,stimulating my clit and putting one or two fingers as deep as i could in my pussy gave me a whole new kind of orgasms,from rubbing only my clit i got kinda sharp explosive climaxes,using fingers in my vagina i could feel them building up from the inside untill i was left shaking and my body rocking ,my hips fucking airI invented,i mean nobody told me how to,some new techniques like pressing hard your legs together can give you a very good sensation wich you can controll endlessly ,bikeriding,horsebackriding and showerheads allso have advantagesWhen finally i got to university i met a bunch of new people,guys,girls of all kinds,i had sex with two guys wich was nice ,not good mind you but it was ok ,one drunken night i even made out with a girl and it felt strange having another girls pussy and breasts in my hand ,fingers and mouth,in short it felt awkward When i met my now husband my whole life changed,it’s strange that love can change a person so much ,sure i loved and cared for my family and close friends ,sure i was inlove with different people but really,deeply love someone was completly new to me and i think i can say the same about himIn the next few days i will go on telling you how my life ,allso sexlife went on from that point on