Me Only Sauna

1 Haziran 2020 0 Yazar: admin


Me Only SaunaI had another interesting experience this weekend, I went to a men only sauna session at a place near me. I didn’t quite know what to expect but I stripped off, put my clothes in my locker and wrapped my towel round me. I looked around and found myself surrounded by guys who were all very like me. Most of them were pensioners, all different shapes and all were friendly. I went into the steam room and there was a guy there playing with his cock so I sat down next to him and started playing with mine too. Somewhat nervously I reached over and took his cock in my hand and he responded by feeling mine. We chatted for a bit while feeling each other up and told me his name was Andy. He had been to this place many times in the past so I let myself be guided by him. He stood up and I took the opportunity zonguldak escort to take his cock into my mouth which he really liked. Andy explained that downstairs were the play rooms where we could get together properly. I told him I really liked cock sucking and we went down and found a quiet play room. We lay on the bed and I starting giving his cock a really thorough workout. He complimented me on my skills several times and I made the most of his medium sized cut cock. We must have been doing this for at least 20 minutes and he told me he was getting ready to come when another guy came into the room, wanking his cock as he watched us. He reached over and felt Andy’s cock cock so I gave his stumpy uncut cock a quick suck while feeling his balls. He soon left and I had to work hard zonguldak escort bayan to get Andy back to where he wanted to come. Eventually after another 10 mins or so Andy told me he wanted me to make him come. With more serious sucking and wanking he eventually came in my mouth and told me that he hadn’t had such a good sex session in ages. We wrapped our towels around us and left the room. Outside Andy introduced me to another guy called Tom who was sitting naked in a chair in the common area and told him I liked cock sucking. Tom pulled my towel to one side and felt my cock so I did the same to him. Andy left us and Tom asked if I’d like to go into one of the rooms. I agreed happily and started sucking Tom’s cock as soon as we got on the bed. Again another fellow came in wanking his escort zonguldak dick so each of us had a quick suck on his plump uncut beauty but he soon went away. After a while Tom moved into a 69 position so I could suck his cock while he sucked mine but after all this delightful sex I was ready to blow and soon shot my load into Tom’s mouth which he drank with pleasure. Following this I was dying of thirst and went up to the canteen area where about 8 of the guys were sitting round a table and got myself a cup of tea. Food was being served and I had some chips and a few cheese and ham sandwiches. It was all totally relaxed. There were all of these old guys wearing nothing more than a towel sitting and chatting easily with each other and despite it being my first visit I felt completely at home. I was accepted as being the same as them and that we were all here for one thing only which was sex and that nothing else mattered while we were there.I had sucked 4 different cocks, been sucked by 3 guys, made one guy come and come myself and all for £12. I was in heaven.