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mbyaJune and Mark worked together as a team for an International Company, June was a vice president an Mark her assistant. They were called away to London to sort a deal out, they did not get on together at all so were both annoyed at being put todether for 6 days! The two spent the first morning working, thankfully they sealed the deal so had 5 days free in london. Let’s go to Oxford said June I’ve never been there! Off they went in a Hire Car. A private Hotel, 2 separate rooms they met later for coffee in the lobby. Mark ordered a pint of lager, asked June what she wanted and she said I don’t drink! Mark said why don’t malatya escort you trust or like me? Let me show you how to enjoy yourself! Give me 20 minutes June, that’s all! O K she said, Mark ordered a bottle of Gewurztramminer for the room, and took June upstairs to her room. In the room Mark said now my Dear you have given me 20 minutes “COME HERE” He sat her on his knee and kissed her, she kissed him back! The wine arrived, June tasted it, it is really aromatic, God that’ s lovely she said! gulped two glasses down! Oh I feel woozy said June.Right said Mark, turned her over, lifted her skirt and spanked escort malatya her on her bottom. No – One has ever done that to me she said! Well it has happened now hasn’t it! He put her hand between her legs inside her panties and carried on with a firm spanking on her bottom and the tops of her legs, she had an orgasm and nearly fell off mark’s knee! He took her to the bed, cuddled her they both fell asleep then at 4 in the morning Mark lifted her nightdress and slipped his cock right up, she woke and gasped Darling!!! The next morning June said she had enjoyed being spanked,she had heard about things malatya escort bayan and could it be taken further? Sure said Mark, first lets sort the rooms out, Down to the Lobby, converted the two singles to an isolated cabin near the lake, then into the car! Mark asked June if she would like a more severe punishment like she had thought about? Yes please said June!O K visit to yhe Garden Centre then ! At the Garden Shop Mark bought a 4′ long cane and some soft rope, they went back to their cabin, he took her in, layed 3 pillows on the bed undressed her and put her across the pillows and tied her hands together! Mark picked up the cane, the fisrt 2 strokes were very gentle, hows that then? Lovely she said! Mark gave her 100 more, REALLY hard where the bottom meets the thighs, turned her over kissed her then fucked her from behind, rubbing her bottom all the time !