Master Turned into Sissy

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Master Turned into SissyThis isnt my story, I saw it online and loved it so thought I would repost. If you see this and it is yours I will happily give you credit.deflowered like the fag she turned me into!Mistress positioned me so that i was facing her on my hands and knees as Master Michael knelt behind me,Mistress continued to verbally humiliate me as she ran her hands all over my body,knowing this combined with her removing my chastity for the first time in months would make me very hot and bothered and follow ANY command she gave me!Mistress stayed in front of me,petting me,carressing me,verbally humiliating me,calling me pathetic and nasty names,making fun of me for crying for her to please not allow this man to fuck my ass,but then a few minutes later,wiggling my faggy ass at him,and dribbling nasty spooty juices all over in anticipation of him penetrating me!”wow sissy boi,I have never seen so much fag filth drool out of that tiny little cockette of yours”,Mistress said to me as she continued humiliating and touching me,driving me crazy in heat,”my little queer must truly want Master to fuck her little fag hole huh sissy? Tell Mistress you want to be fucked like the little whore you are,tell me bitch,tell me you want Master to splash his nut butter deep into your pansy pussy”,Mistress commanded as she kept teasing me,i couldn’t help myself,she had made me so very horny,–“Oh my god yes,please mistress,please make me spray my nasties,please ma’am allow me to cum” i begged,but this is not what Mistress wanted to hear,grabbing my hair and forcing me to look into her eyes mistress scolded me,”NO cunt,I don’t want to hear how badly the bitch wants to cum,I want to hear how badly the cunt needs to be fucked by her Master and Ma’ams boifriend!now tell me cunt,or back into chastity for another 6 months!”,–“oh god no,please no,yes Mistress,please mistress,please have your boyfriend fuck me,please tell master to fuck your sissy plaything until he cries like the bitch you turned me into,please yes,please Goddess,please tell Master to spray his nut seed deep into my sissy hole and make me feel his hardness,just please allow me to make a faggy mess too Ma’am,please” i begged again,hoping mistress would allow me to spray my cum as well,i couldn’t believe i wasb egging mistress to have her boifriend fuck my asshole,but i seriously needed canlı bahis to cum,i was so very hot and bothered,it didn’t matter anymore,and i figured,i was getting my ass fucked whether i liked it or not,maybe if i begged correctly and acted properly,she would allow me to spill my nasties!Just as i started to beg Mistress again,looking into her beautiful eyes,i saw her look back at Master Micheal,and nod,and just then,i felt the head of his cock press against my tight hole,it didn’t feel like it does when Mistress forces her strap on into me,yes it was hard,but not quite the same hardness as her strap on was,i couldn’t believe these were the thoughts going thru my head,then his cockhead pressed into my hole,i moaned out in pain as his cock opened me u.Mistress kept her grasp on me,forcing me to look into her eyes,i could see thru my tears and the pain that Mistress was loving this,I mean TRULY loving this,I seriously think Mistress came as his cock opened me up without even being touched,and the whining and moaning i was making as his cock slowly pushed deeper into my hole,mistress could see the pain in my eyes,and being the sadistic bitch she truly is,she was loving every second of it,Mistress knew exactly when Master had his cock all the way into my fag hole,because as soon as I felt his balls slap into my own little balls,Mistress spread her legs in front of me,got comfortable,as she spoke to me in a very deviant tone”ok bitch boi,now that you are truly a girl,lets have you lick pussy like my slave girls do,now show Mistress you know how to satisfy my pussy better than you satisfy a cock you little tramp,or your ass goes back home with Master,understand cunt?”Mistress stated matter of factly as she guided my face towards her gorgeous pussy,my moaning continued as Master kept fucking me with his cock,slowly drawing it out to the head them slamming it back in slapping his balls against my tiny balls and making me moan out in pain and discomfort as my tongue started to dance over ma’ams pussy,i could tell mistress was wetting herself the whole time,because as soon as my tongue hit her glorious pussy it was wetter than i had ever seen it,her juices dripping off of it,i quickly licked and kissed her beautiful pussy and clit as her boifriend fucked my ass for all it was worth,i was moaning and gasping into ma’ams pussy as canlı bahis she spurted her love juices all over my face as Master continued fucking my assNow he was picking up pace,faster and faster he would pull his cock out to the head then slam it back in harder,faster and faster his pace picked up,i could feel his pre cum oozing out of my hole as he slammed in and out of me,mistress moaning in pleasure as she watched her boifriend fuck her sissy plaything and servantthen i felt masters cock begin to get hotter,his balls begin to twitch,his pace quickened,and just as I heard Master begin to moan in sexual release, Mistress reached under me and tickled my little cockhead only slightly,and this combined with Master rubbing his cock against my prostate forced me to have an orgasm right there,but not just any orgasm,it was one of the strongest and best orgasms i had ever had,the fag filth just kept shooting out of my little cock,and my balls just kept churning out that nasty spooty,it spilled and spilled,i lost track of who was calling me what,but I know they were both making fun of me for making a sissy mess just by getting assfucked,and Mistress was telling me how disgusted she was in me watching me shoot my spooty from having a real cock in my ass,and i also remember feeling Masters hot seed shooting into me as my own cum drooled out of my little cock,i remember Master slapping my ass as he filled my asshole with his man cum,and also remember feeling his cum start flowing out of me as he moaned and twitched with his cock still in me,but because i was having an earth shattering orgasm at the time,it is all kind of mixed into one long scene,with bits and pieces missing,when it was all over and all three of us had cum so hard we could barely breath,Mistress pushed me out of her crotch and off her lap with a disgusting look on her face and very humiliatingly said,”OMG,what a fagot you truly are,I cannot believe you actually shot your filthy fag cream just because Master fucked your nasty asshole,what a complete queer you are bitch,you disgust me to no end,shooting your nasty fag filth just because you had a real cock in your ass,what a complete and total fairy you have become”,Mistress said this to me in such a manner that i actually started to cry,begging her to please stop,”please Mistress,no,you wanted this,please dont güvenilir bahis do this,please Mistress,i only made a mess because you”,and i was shut up by a sharp slap to my face by mistress and a =nother sharp slap to my ass by Master,both of them telling me to shut my fagot mouth,”you my little pansy,are nothing more than a true and total queer,a cum dumpster for Gay men and little fagots to use for sex,that is it,I cannot believe how nasty and pathetic you are,you never made a nasty cummies when I fucked you with my strap on,so obviously it was having a real cock in your nasty fag hole that made you so hot you needed to spray your spooties like you did,dont even try and deny it queer,you make me sick,from now on,you only have sex with men,never again,for the rest of your pathetic life with you ever have sex with a female,you will only feel the cock of a man in your mouth or ass,like a true fagot,you will only get off on cock bitch boi!”,Mistress knew she had broken me right there and then,she knew my spirit,if i had any left,was now gone,and by the look on her lovely face,she was loving the fact that she had just humbled me for life,knowing,never again would i be able to speak back,or try and act like a man ever again,and in the back ground as Mistress demeaned and degraded me,Master micheal,the sissy crossdresser that Mistress took on as her lover,and turned into my Master,(Mistress when he was dressed),was standing there,slapping his cock against my ass as it was still up in the air,dribbling his cum from it,and making fun of me,calling me names,and telling me i was just about the biggest limp wristed fairy he had ever known,but had a nice tight ass that he was going to enjoy cumming into all the time!i knelt there waiting to be told that i could move,and wipe the cum from my asshole as it dribbled out of me,i was totally broken,and started to cry like a little fairy,what a site i must have been,on my hands and knees,ass high up in the air,smelling of nasty sex,cum dripping out of my hole,face covered in pussy juice,crying like a little bitch,as Mistress and Master made fun of me,and Mistress told me how pathetic i was now,and that i was never again going to even be able to think i was a male,let alone act like one,then i felt Mistress slipping my chastity back into place,i didn’t even try to resist,i knew that it was my place,to be a sex toy for her and her lovers,and to be her servant and sissy house maid,my life was sealed,and it was sealed because i made a nasty mess while her boifriend had his cock up my ass,just proves how pathetic we sissy’s truly are!