Mary’s new roommate

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Belle Delphine

Mary’s new roommateI met Mary while working at a part-time job at a video store. Newly out of college in a decent full time job and a nice apartment. Life was good, except that I didn’t have a woman. Mary came into the video store regularly. She had similar tastes in movies and she would often come in on my nights. We would chat, talk movies then she would leave. Finally we got in a screener film that I knew she would be interested in. Screener were videos which were coming up for release soon. They would give them to us so we could watch them and then recommend them to our customers. The next time she came in I told her about it and she said she would like to see it. She told me to come over Friday night she would make dinner and we could watch the movie. It was a date. Screeners would often have blank spots in them so that you wouldn’t copy them and give them to others. They were irregular length so fast forwarding through them is a pain, so we chatted. I made it clear that I was interested in her and that I didn’t just want friendship. She said that was fine with her. Soon we were making out during the blanks. Clothes got discarded and the movie forgotten about. Now I need to describe Mary. Google Mary Lou Retton and picture her with size D tits. That was Mary. She actually had been a competitive gymnast in college, but her tits really didn’t help her, and she couldn’t go to the Olympics. She had long brown hair and sparkling green eyes. She was very güvenilir bahis vocal during sex. She made it 100% clear what she liked and how she wanted it. It made it very easy for me to please her. Mary was on the pill and we fucked with out condoms but she didn’t like for me to shoot inside her. I would pull out and she would then jack me off. She loved when I would blast my load on her body.About two months after we started our relationship Mary needed to take a roommate to help make the rent. She had a two bedroom apartment and Kayla moved in. She was a tall leggy blonde. Nice C cup titties and a bubbly personality. We got a along well. One night Kayla was out and Mary and I were starting to get busy. We moved into her room, but we forgot to close her door. Mary and I often changed positions a lot and with her vocalness we didn’t hear Kayla came in. Mary had her ankles on my shoulders and I was really giving it to her. She came hard and I pulled out. She grabbed my cock and I shot my load on her big tits and face. She giggled and licked what she could reach when we heard a moan. Looking out in the hallway we see Kayla with her hand buried in her gym shorts and she is cumming. When she recovered she opened her eyes and saw us looking at her. She quickly apologized and ran to her room. Mary got up, wiped most of my cum off threw on a shirt and went after Kayla. She came back a little later and told me that everything would be OK. Kayla was güvenilir bahis mortified that we caught her masturbating and sorry that she had watched up, but she just got too hot and had to deal with it. “She really needs to get fucked” Mary said. I said I would do it, and stood up jokingly and Mary said, “Oh no mister, you have to fuck me again. It was hot getting watched.”I went away for work for a couple of weeks and we did the phone sex thing. Mary told me that Kayla had gotten a boyfriend and that he was over fucking her constantly. She held the phone up and I could hear the sex clear as day. “You really need better walls.” I joked. We did our phone sex thing and I could not wait until I got back in a couple of days. I invited Mary over to my place for privacy but she wanted me to come over to her place. She wanted them to hear us. It turned her on. So there we were two couples fucking in rooms separated by paper then walls and hearing everything. About two that morning I was watching TV and Jim, Kayla’s new boyfriend came out. “I needed a break.” he said. We talked a bit and we ran out of stuff. “This is fucking awkward.” he finally said. “Yeah, we might as well just all screw in the same room, that would be more fun.” I replied. He smiled and said, “That would be fun, I wonder if they would go for it?” I told him that I knew that Mary would and we decided to try it the next day. Kayla and Jim went out bahis siteleri in the early afternoon, my job was to be fucking Mary around 4:00 when they got back. We had decided that the living room would be best. Around 3:30 I popped in a porno that Mary liked and sure enough I was deep in her pants within a couple of minutes. Mary wanted to move into her bedroom but I told her that we couldn’t watch the porn in her room and that worked. Kayla and Jim got home as I was balls deep in her pussy and she was screaming my name. They sat down on the chair and watched. Mary saw them and it really lit her fire. She was thrusting at me as hard as I was going at her. She had a series of orgasms that rivaled any that she had ever had before with me. When I told her I was going to cum she took my cock into her mouth and took my whole load. Then she swallowed it. She looked over at Kayla and licked her lips. “Yummy”. Jim had a massive erection in his shorts and Kayla was looking hot and bothered. Mary looked and them and said “Well, do you want the couch or are you going to fuck on the chair. Jim said the chair would be fine. They stripped quickly and Jim sat while Kayla rode him facing us. Her shaved pussy riding his cock was amazing, his cock was longer than mine, but thinner. He was massaging her clit and soon she was cumming. When it was his turn she came up grabbed his cock and jacked him off all over her belly and tits. She ran her hands through the cum and put some in her mouth. She smiled and said that was fun. We moved into Mary’s bedroom and the four of us spent the night together. It only seemed natural that we would trade partners some time soon. But I will tell that another time. Be sure to comment and vote if you liked the story!