Maryanne is officially knocked up again

29 Haziran 2020 0 Yazar: admin


Maryanne is officially knocked up againI’m having fun with her. Quite often asking “Who’s the Daddy?”. She has little sense of humor on the subject matter.Readers need to go back to our jointly written story about “Sharing my BBC”.After the 1st time with Frederick she did the morning after pill. No black babies for her. I thought that pill wiped her out till her next cycle. Nope. It just negates anything taking hold.I say 1st time because once the burdur escort d**gstore dipstick showed her loaded, we both had another go at Frederick. We did him together. I’ll write about that later. It is worth telling. How long does semen survive when planted? I do not know. I’ve googled it and seen various reports from extracts taken from a girl and petri dish studys. It was during that week after Frederick that we all fucked free and often. escort burdur Gus with the lazy sperm loaded her up 4 times. All deeply planted from behind. Gus even picked her up afterwards on two occasions and hung her on his inversion machine. He says he really wants to be the one and his actions indcate so.Nick seeded her an equal number of times. A Sunday morning it was when I awoke to Nick and Maryanne screwing almost on top of me. That burdur escort bayan was followed by Gus having a morning go at her. Amazing it was how Gus’s pumping cock seemed to be forcing all of Nicks cum out of her. One huge sloppy and sexy mess.So she is estimated by the doctor at being 7 weeks gone. That lines up pretty darn close to the breeding weekend after Thursday with Frederick.I’m wondering how long some of Fredericks sperm could survive inside of her?My causal research shows there is a chance this k** could be other than Greek Irish.Favor, if anyone knows for sure the realistic expectation for the amount of time semen can survive in uterus, please reply with that info.