lucky guy (part 6)

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lucky guy (part 6)I enterered the house and made for the kitchen,i fancied a drink.Then i caught a glimpse of May,oh shit,she was in her night clothes and had had a bath.This meant one thing,she wanted a fuck.This was the last thing on my mind and worst still i knew what was coming.The routine,i guarantee i know what she is going to say.I get myself a lager from the fridge and enter the lounge,sure enough May is right on cue…with an (empty)glass hand she looked at me and said(as she always does)”dya wanna fill me up”?Oh god how i hated that sentence,its amazing but the first time she said it we fucked all over the house but now i dread it.sure i said,back in aminute.Ipoured the drink and may leaned forward like i knew she would with her tits half hanging out.Oh god why did she drink in the week,shes tired she gets ratty and quite frankly its no fucking fun.Idown my can in one and tell may…”look hun im shagged out i gotta go to bed i cant keep my eyes muğla escort bayan open”Oh ok Adam she says.I wont be late,night hun.I know shes pissed off and sure enough before my head has reached the pillow i can hear her sobbing downstairs.i used to fall for it but not guessing thats what happens in most romances.but fuck it i aint bothered.Not long after i hear May come to bed,i know shes looking at me but fuck it im to tired to give a fuck.”Oh well she says for some reason and i can tell shes facing away from me.i hate when she drinks red fucking wine.2 am….Bang.theres an almighty noise downstairs that wakes me.,i turn to look at May,out of it completley.i make my way down the stairs gingerly but its ok i can hear Ray snoring.great both of them pissed up in one night.I look down on ray,she is soaked.Her nipples are enourmous and its all i can do to stop myself from touching them.Dont be a pervert i say to myself.Ray….Ray,,cmon escort muğla honey its cold down here.No responce,damn how do these pair seem to drop off at the drop of a hat?Ray your clothes are soaking i say,Ray.Warm me up adam,Adam warm me up im freezing she slurs.thank god i didnt touch her tits,, shes awake…well kind off.”Dont be silly i say,you need to go to bed youll catch a death of cold”.”Oh adam your so fucking boring,just leave me alone”she sneers at me.god im getting abused by a drunk.i feel a little bit humiliated.So i make my way to the stairs and go to turn around.Just throw a fucking quilt down ok!”Sure i reply meekly and feeling like a wimp”.I throw the quilt down and head for bed feeling sorry for myself and must of dropped off staight away because the neaxt thing i know i hear the front door slam and realise May has gone to work.2minutes the front door opens and i hear Mays shoes tapping in the hallway,she calls a taxi,shit muğla escort its the snow it must be.I creep out of bed and go to the window,sure enough its white over.”Go to bed” i hear May say,then i remember Ray is down stairs on the sofa.Shit ill go back to bed till ray goes to bed and then get up.The house is so quiet…quiet that is until Ray starts sneezing and sneezing,i hear the taxi outside and May leaves the house.Time for me to think about what needs doing in the room.Suddendley i realised the sneezing and sniffing was getting louder,thank god shes going to bed it thought to myself,all of a sudden the door came open and Ray stood there with just the quilt wrapped round her somehow managing to somehow look half attractive despite a nose like rudolphs and make up like alice cooper.”Adam im so sorry about last night” she says as i look at her.”Its ok Ray hun go to bed youll feel better then”Before i know it Ray has climbed into my bed”What the fuck are you doing Ray?””Im so cold adam, warm me up”….no go to your own room this isnt right.i manage to say somewhat intrigued.”Adam i aint going nowhere now move over” Ray hissed at me.fucking hell what do i do now?If ever May came home.