Lisa and the first snow of the year…

30 Haziran 2020 0 Yazar: admin


Lisa and the first snow of the year…December starts out with a bang! With the first snow of the year leading to the first snow day of the year for Lisa’s k*ds she took them to day care and texted me she would be a little late for work. I texted back and said lets be an hour late and I would meet her at her house. I was waiting in the driveway when she pulled in and she said this is crazy but lets go in, we went straight to the living room and pulled the blinds. I couldn’t wait to kiss her and said I couldn’t stop thinking about her all thru the long weekend. I pulled her blouse over her head and her camisole down around her waist exposing those perfect small but firm and pert tits and those erect nipples so hard and perfectly pointed. She had on one of my favorite pairs of black stretch pants that made that ass and lower back so tokat escort hard to keep my hands off at the office. I took them down and off, saying I want this so bad.Turning her away from me I put her face down on the couch on her knees. I asked her if she wanted to be taken and she said please make me cum I don’t care how you do it! I reached under her and put my fingers over her clit and started to rub and I took my other hand and grabbed her ass hard and started to lick and open it with my tongue. I put my thumb up to the bottom of her tight pink asshole and started to slowly fuck it with the tip of my thumb and tongue. It was driving me insane, my three fingers rubbing her clit, my thumb and tongue taking turns in her ass, suddenly she grabbed the couch cushion and put her face in it and started to scream as she came escort tokat all over my hand, I started to thumb fuck her ass really hard as my fingers grabbed her clit and rubbed, lifting her ass and legs off the floor as she came again and again. I was rock hard and dropped my pants and told her I was taking her ass right now!! I put the head of my cock in that tight little hole, grabbed both of her arms and impaled her on it as her back arched and she grunted and couldn’t stop those guttural sounds as I pounded her ass, it made me even harder and I switched to grabbing those half hand full of tits and her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers and squeezed and fucked like an a****l in heat. It was almost rage it felt so intense. After what seemed like minutes of intense pounding I dropped her face down on the couch tokat escort bayan and pulled her legs up at her waist and scissored her ass with her legs in the air. When I couldn’t take it anymore I let her down to her knees and pulled my cock out of that gaping asshole and then came hard straight into her hole, my hand kept it gaped and I watched every strand of cum go into the hole, she let out little screams as she felt the larger cum shots hit inside her. I finished cumming and sat down on the floor looking directly down that upturned ass and still gaped hole. Lisa was breathing as hard as I was and I told her not to move, I grabbed her right tit in my hand and slowly turned her over up on the couch and caught some cum in my palm as it dripped out of her ass. I held it up to her mouth she licked some of it up and swallowed, I rubbed the rest onto her tits and nipples, making sure to cover them all. I told her she can’t wash it off I want her to go to work and smell my cum every time she sees me for the entire day. She smiled and said anything I want.Its a good day.