Letter from America

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Letter from AmericaThe letter from America1968Martin White and his wife Sarah were lying in bed .It wasn’t late in fact it was hardly dark but they had decided on an early night.Martin had decided to give “Don Quixote” another chance but his heart just wasn’t in it.Martin let the book tumble from his hand as it made a satisfying “clump” on the bedroom carpet ……“Fuck it” said Martin “I’ve seen the movie , why do I bother” ?Martin was typically English if there is such a thing and the beautiful Sarah said that indeed there was and it must have been true because Sarah was an American Yankee from Connecticut and said he was .They had met eight years before at Magdalene College where Sarah was an undergraduate in law and Martin was a junior lecturer .It was love at second sight so to speak. Sarah was a pretty enough red head with all the attributes of a cheeky and naughty schoolgirl and she chattered away endlessly during lectures.Eventually Martin had had enough and expelled Sarah from the lecture hall for the remains of the day “You can come back tomorrow “ he had said “when you can learn to keep silent” Sarah had left blushing and had dropped her books and as she bent down to retrieve them Martin couldn’t help but see her cute tightly knickered bottom.In some respects Martin had fallen in love with Sarah’s arse as he constantly reminded her…….After the lecture Sarah was waiting for Martin. She stopped him and said she was sorry and she would remember to be silent in future.That evening they had dinner and the romance bloomed as all good romances do.Sarah was nineteen and Martin was exactly ten years older to the day .Sarah had a thing for handsome Englishmen and Martin had a thing for redheads with nice bottoms .A year later in a small town in Connecticut Martin and Sarah were married in a beautifully colonial church ..Martins parents were both dead but his brother Michael made the trip and was delighted to “be his best man ” as he said , because, as he said , he was indeed the “better man” and don’t forget it sonny ………..Sarah’s Dad was a lawyer too and her Mother , Meg was a virtual twin of her daughter.Not just in looks but in temperament and so many other things as well.The wedding was over and Martin and Simon Brown were chatting.“In case you were wondering “ said Mr Brown “all of Megs family have great butts” “Oh really “ said Martin “Yes really” said Simon “as if you haven’t noticed”?“I must admit Sir , that I had noticed “ said MartinIt was at this point that Simon played his trump card and offered Martin a partnership in his law firm and to be fair it was a very tempting package but Martin and Sarah had their hearts set on returning to England and declined with the greatest respect.“I thought you might” said Simon handing Martin an envelope ..Oh really Mr Brown “ said Martin “there really is no need “ “I know there isn’t my boy “ said Simon “but Sarah is my only daughter and it’s the least I can do “Martin had inherited a half share in Sir Frederick White’s personal fortune of five million pounds and a large house on the estate. Inside the envelope was a cheque for $250,000 .Martin had also been offered the headship of an excellent all girls school in nearby Woodstock and Sarah had passed her finals with honours and was determined to be as good a trial lawyer as she could be.Martin had lost all interest in law and was delighted to accept to post of principal which was a great honour as he was still just thirty years old .Sarah at just twenty would be a junior in a fine firm of lawyers for three years before she could apply for the bar and become a barrister after that.No one could possibly know that Simon Brown would die of a cardiac infarction two years later and never see his daughter as qualified barrister .Forty four was very young to be passing away and Meg who was just two year younger at forty two was devastated to be alone after twenty years of marriage.The funeral had been a sombre affair as well it might and Sarah did all she could to console her Mother . Both Martin and Sarah stayed by her side for six weeks before inevitably returning to England .The years rolled by and Sarah passed the bar and became a second to a famous trial lawyer and Martin was secure in his office at Stratford Private day School for girls and Sarah and Martin are in bed with a copy of “Don Quixote “ on the floor by the bed.Despite the many years of nightly and morning fucking no offspring had appeared. Sarah had discussed this with her doctor in Harley Street and she had declared Sarah to be fertile and in excellent working order and would she mind asking Martin to call in at his earliest convenience.Martin made an appointment and was carefully examined by Doctor Eleanor Parkinson a young and talented doctor specializing in fertility.Eleanor was more than impressed with the size of Martins cock and balls and as part of the examination measured him at nine inches in length and three inches in diameter.Dr Parkinson enquired about the frequency of intercourse and what positions were used for fucking and it was about to ask Martin to go into the private room to provide a spunk sample but in all the excitement Martin couldn’t help himself and came as he was being examined.“Oh I’m terribly sorry” said Martin as a long stream of sperm spurted onto Dr Parkinson’s hand which she deftly poured into a test tube in the nick of time.“Its better to get it out of the way “ said Eleanor “otherwise you might be wanking all afternoon over a porn magazine.“But clearly it wouldn’t have taken long anyway “ she said with a smile. “No” said Martin “I usually last longer than that though” he said with a wry smile.Eleanor began to wipe Martins cock with a sterile tissue and his cock began to grow to full erection once again .“Oh my “ said Eleanor “we are an eager beaver aren’t we” ?“I will run some tests but I cant see an obvious problem Mr White “ “Try and use the missionary position as often as possible and please allow the sperm to remain inside your wife as long as she finds it comfortable”“Rear entry is OK too “ she added “but the main thing is to relax and not to worry . “ Mrs White is a lucky woman “ said Eleanor “ Have fun and I will call you next week “ Eleanor gave Martins cock a quick rub and he was fully erect as he left her office and made his way to the car and made off quickly onto the Marylebone Road and onto Westway and the M4 and home.Sarah and Martin fucked most nights and having disposed of his “Cervantes” he looked at Sarah to see if she were ready . Sarah was always ready for a good fucking and always slept nude just in case Martin got a late night erection or a “Morning glory” which was never wasted on the sheets . Every drop of spunk was going inside Sarah one way or another……………..The house was large and set in beautiful grounds and you might have expected Martin and Sarah to have at least one maid or even a cook but with just the two of them it wasn’t worth the loss of privacy to hire staff. At least not for now.Martin pulled the red satin sheets aside exposing Sarah’s nude body.Her firm tits didn’t sag a bit and her pink nipples were erect as Martin took in Sarah’s beautiful long legged figure and her arse was a delight just as her Daddy had said .Sarah didn’t say a word as she had a submissive tendency that Martin liked . She always allowed Martin to use her in any way that he wished. Martin spread Sarah’s legs for tonight he was going to fuck her in the missionary position but not before he had pleasured her with his tongue.Raising her thighs he had the perfect view of Sarah’s cunt ,arsehole and bottom cheeks as he ran his tongue slowly and teasingly across her clitoris in tight circles, sucking at her pretty labia and even licking her pink arsehole .Sarah was soon moaning with pleasure but didn’t speak a word . It was an unwritten rule that she didn’t speak unless ordered.Over the years Sarah had learned how to accept her husbands huge cock into her wet cunt and even her arsehole when he wanted it . Sarah loved cock but more than that she loved to feel dominated…..She still had the alabaster skin she had as a c***d and one or two freckles that she hated so much as a teenagerMartin lifted her long legs over his muscular shoulders so that Sarah’s cunt was more accessible and taking his cock in hand inserted the end into his wife. He loved to tease her as he slipped his entire length into her inch by inch so very slowly . Sarah was not allowed to respond until Martin said she could ..No thrusting and of course no speaking . Sarah was now fully stretched and completely full of cock as Martin started a slow tantalizing thrusting movement .After three minutes of this relentless fucking he gave the order to Sarah to begin fucking!Her long legs were around her husbands back as she squeezed and began the thrusting that she yearned for so urgently.Sarah was always the first to orgasm as Martin made the most of his wife’s delicious cunt .“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, fuck me darling she cried as she had the first orgasm of the evening .Martin could feel her cunt contract around his cock and Sarah’s cunt juice began to flow ……..Sarah liked to have three orgasms whenever possible but sometimes two was all she had.Even after the first cum when Sarah’s twat was juicy she could still feel the hugeness inside of her and the pumping cock was like a steam piston ramming into her .Sarah screamed out her second orgasm loudly …“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ,Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeee” Martins cock exploded inside her as the hot spunk shot directly into Sarah’s cervix .Martin grunted like a wild boar as he deposited what seemed to be a pint of hot jism inside his wife’s cuntSurely that was enough for quintuplets she thought as she raised her knees to keep the sperm inside her for as long as possible.Martin was used to taking control over young ladies as his school was still one of the few to retain corporal punishment in the form of the cane across the bare bottom in his office . It was for this reason that his school had a waiting malatya escort list of two years.The school uniform was a little old fashioned but Martin had no plans to change it .Black patent leather shoes with a two inch heel , a very short plaid skirt , white regulation cotton knickers and a white blouse with the school tie and a navy blue blazer . No jewellery was allowed and of course no makeup.Any girls breaking these hard and fast rules would soon find themselves in Mr Whites office over his leather wing chair with her knickers removed for at least six of the best with his swishy rattan cane across her bottom . This rule applied to girls of all ages and hardly a day passed without at least one girl being caned for “dress code” violation or some other offence.Sarah had an identical uniform in her wardrobe for sex play and she enjoyed the cane herself almost as much as Martin enjoyed applying it to her sweet arse.That night Sarah slept soundly with her hand around Martins semi erect cock ……..They awoke early as the sun was rising casting its rays through the window and lighting up each room in turn .Sarah went naked to make coffee for he husband . Rising early was nice, in fact the best part of the day and there was always the chance of a cunt or arse fuck before they had to dress and set off for work . This was the reason that they had no staff in such a huge house. They could both wander around in various states of nudity and fuck on the stairs or the kitchen table as they often did which would have been impossible with a maid or cook . Sarah put the coffee on a huge silver salver ,collected the post as it dropped through the letter box and walked proudly up the grand central staircase completely nude which she knew Martin liked ….Martin was in the shower as Sarah returned soaping his body and playing with his huge cock .Sarah wanted to help but she poured herself a coffee and began opening the mail.It was still the days before junk mail had blighted the lives of everyone and there were three letters for Martin and one for Sarah which she opened with a silver letter opener. It was clearly an airmail letter from America.Why Sarah’s Mother felt the need to write was a mystery to her. She could simply call on the telephone for a chat . Perhaps she was old fashioned enough to still actually enjoy writing by hand ,Sarah’s eyes were like saucers as she read the contents.“Oh fuck”! she exclaimed“What is it darling”? said Martin as he left the shower and grabbed a large fluffy towel and began drying off .His cock was still fully erect and the drying off made matters even more urgent .“Its from Mother” said Sarah , “she wants to visit”“Oh that’s nice” said Martin “when “?“In two weeks” said Sarah “Well that will be fine “ said Martin as he disposed of the towel as sat next to Sarah slowly rubbing his cock .“Oh shit” said Sarah , “I think she means for good “ “Well” said Martin “She is your Mother darling and its not as if we haven’t got the room”“Oh come on “ said Sarah “you know what she’s like , she’ll take our lives over and we wont have our privacy “ “Oh don’t worry” said Martin “Like daughter ,like Mother” “If she interferes , I’ll just have to cane her pretty little arse for her”“Hmmmm” said Sarah “Now that’s a sight I’d love to see”!“Would you really like to see your Mothers arse getting caned “ said Martin “I mean by me”? he added“Sure” said Sarah “Just like you do it to me” “ I’m pretty sure Dad used to wallop her butt and I bet she’s missing it by now”“I’ll tell you what” said Sarah “I’ll tell her it’s the house rules when she gets here and see how she reacts, Ok ?“Fine by me “ said Martin “ her arse is nearly as nice as yours darling”Sarah had yet to take her shower but before she did she had two things she wanted. One was to suck her husbands dick as he was clearly in need of spunking and the other was a few strokes of the cane on her still bare ass.Just to warm her up so that she could feel the tingle of the cane on the way to work ……….Sarah leapt from the sheets and went straight for the cock .When they first married Sarah had great difficulty taking Martin’s massive dick into her mouth to say nothing of the arse stretching he gave her when first he ass fucked her!Now she could take Martin’s entire nine inches with expertise .Sarah’s head was soon bobbing up and down on Martin’s cock as her magic tongue went to work on the underside of his dick end .Martin was able to reach around Sarah’s trim body as he inserted his finger up her bum hole as he frigged her teasingly .It was never going to last for long with the added stimulus and within two minutes Martin shot deeply into Sarah’s throat as she swallowed the hot thick salty liquid . “Hmmmmmmmm” said Sarah “That was delicious and because I was so naughty I deserve to be caned .“Make it quick darling “ said Sarah , “I’ve got to be at work in an hour “Sarah knelt on the bed with her bottom well presented and her cunt dripping and asshole agape waiting for the delightful sting of the cane she loved so much …….Martin kept a good selection of sex toys in the bedroom including a nice swishy cane and a leather paddle along with dildo’s and butt plugs of various sizes .It was always a pleasure to cane Sarah’s arse and he was soon in position behind her, cane in hand and ready to go.“Kerrraaaaaaaaaaackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”“Thwaackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”“Thhhwaxkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk” “Is that enough darling “ said Martin “Three more please” said Sarah “I want to feel it all day” “Kerrraaaaaaaaaaackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”“Thwaackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”“Thhhwaxkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”“Ahhhhhhhhhhh , fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkk” said Sarah “ That’s fucking lovely” Sarah’s arse was well striped and it would last all day just as she wanted.Sarah showered quickly and donned her very short skirt and tiniest knickers for the car ride into Oxford .Martin took her there because it was en route to school is Woodstock .As Martin drove through the beautiful countryside he couldn’t help thinking of Meg his pretty and sassy Mother in Law and her imminent arrival Meg Brown landed a London Gatwick two weeks later .Martin was waiting for her as she stepped through customs wearing an extremely short skirt and high heels She was so very much like Sarah is looks and demeanour Martin thought as he greeted her with a hug . Martins hands slipped around to Megs firm bottom as he embraced her and she made no complaint .End of part OnePart Two Meg was wearing a smart business suit in black and looked so very sexy in her very short skirt and nylon stockings. Martin could only imagine Megs knickers and garter belt which wasn’t hard to do . Like Mother like Daughter…Other than the age difference which seemed little enough Meg and Sarah looked virtually identical . Both women had perfect figures and had exactly the same colour hair.Megs tits were slightly bigger but her bottom looked identical from what Martin could see..He wondered if they share any other similarities . Martins hoped that they did and if Sarah was to be believed Meg was partial to a little “household discipline “ Sarah had seen things she wasn’t supposed to have seen !Martin secured an airport trolley and loaded up Meg’s luggage.How he was going to get all of this into the trunk of a DB9 he had no idea .Meg certainly looked as if she was going to stay for an awfully long time .Martin crammed the trunk full and put the remaining cases on the small back seat of the car . They just fitted….He opened the car door and Meg slid her bottom onto to grey leather seat and Martin couldn’t help but catch a glimpse of what he hoped to see.Meg was wearing tiniest pair of panties, hardly more than a G string really and the cheeks of her delightful arse were plain to see along with the wide lace garter belt he had hoped and imagined she had on .Inwardly Meg was smiling as she knew what she was showing and she was such a prick teaser, just like Sarah .Martin was now sporting a clear erection as he sat behind the wheel of the car.Meg made no pretence of not noticing .“Is that for me” ? said Meg looking at Martins prick bulging from his pants proudly “I suppose it is “ said Martin as he pressed the “start button” and slowly made his way out of Gatwick and the M23 .“I’m sorry Meg . I saw your panties and couldn’t help it “ said Martin .“ I don’t mind you looking “ said Meg “ Not a bit “Megs skirt had ridden up about as high as it would go , in fact just short of her garter belt and she knew she was giving Martin a very nice view of her legs.“I would love to see more” said Martin “How long do you intend to stay Meg?”“Oh ,three months at least” said Meg “Perhaps longer or even indefinitely “ said Meg smiling.“That’s excellent “ said Martin “That will give me plenty of time to get to know you even better” “See me better” ? said Meg “Yes , that too” said Martin .“Of course I am very faithful to Sarah “ said Martin “I should hope so “ said Meg opening her legs a little wider “Oh fuck” thought Martin “ I can see her knickers and her shaven cunt and she knows it “Martin grew bolder as he spoke to Meg.“You do know that I am the Principal of a girls school “ said Martin “Yes “ said Meg “Of course I knew that you silly goose” “Did you know that we still cane naughty girls bare bottoms here in England ?” said Martin “In fact I still cane Sarah when she deserves it”“Are you trying to say that you intend to cane my bare bottom Martin “ said Meg“Because if you are that’s fine by me , I love having my butt well caned and always have “ !“As for fucking me , well you wont be sticking that monster inside my cunt “As Meg spoke she reached over a copped a feel of Martins still very erect cock …“Much to big for my pussy anyhow “said Meg“Well” said Martin “That’s your first caning well and truly earned ““One for saying “fucking” and “cunt “ and the other for feeling my dick and the erection that you caused in the first place” “Welcome to England “ said Martin “You escort malatya should stop the car and spank my bare ass right now “ said Meg“I think you need more than a spanking Meg , a spanking wouldn’t do you much good would it” ?“Well no “ said Meg “but it might do you a lot of good” Megs legs were now wide open and her hand was resting on her knickered pussy.She began rubbing her twat and Martin could see she was very wet indeed..“I cant stop on the motorway” said Martin “Its i*****l” Martin was now thundering down the M25 orbital at a fair rate of knots and was soon nearing the M40 turnoff . He could take the old A4 which is rarely used and has plenty of picnic areas And beautiful woodland “OK” said Martin “I can stop soon if you really mean it about having your bottom spanked ““Oh I do , I do” said Meg rubbing her cunt harder now .“Stop that now “ said Martin , fearing that he was going to cum in his pants .“No” said Meg “I cant stop even if I wanted to” “Oh fuck” said Martin “ Please Meg , if you don’t stop right now I’m gonna cum in my pants right now”The turning for the old A4 was two miles away and Martin was doing well over ninety . The tyres screamed as he turned off at high speed and he saw the sign which said “ Lay by 10 miles ahead” Martin knew the road well . There were dozens of parking spots along here and no police ventured along here these days so he floored the pedal and was soon doing 130 .He thought “Its just the sort of thing Sarah would do “ as Meg reached over and unzipped his pants and released his cock from his underwear.Martin was helpless to resist at this speed but he longed to get Meg over his knee and later she might just regret her impudence when she felt the sting of the cane across her fine American arse.“Oh really Meg , what would Sarah say if she knew”?Meg was sliding her hand relentlessly up and down Martins huge cock and stopping at the crucial moment ……. Thankfully.“Sarah knows exactly what I’m like Martin “ said Meg.“And after all, your not fucking me are you ? “Although heaven knows I need a good fuck “ !At long last the lay by was in sight and Martin slammed on the brakes justin time . It wasn’t the perfect spot but there were a few trees and bushes. They would have to do.Martin opened the door and taking Meg by the wrist helped her out of the car …“Over there Meg , behind those trees. Now”“Hmmmm” said Meg “ Don’t you want me to finish you off first ?”“I’ll tell you that later “ said Martin as he lead her to a broken branch which was perfect for the job at hand .Meg was only to willing to d**** herself over Martin’s knee which she did with all of the elegance of a whore…She could feel the length of Martin’s cock against her tummy as he offered her bottom to her son in law for spanking.“These knickers aren’t really worth keeping on are they ?“ said Martin“No” said Meg “I would take them right off if I were you “In fact the knickers were hardly worth wearing as they were little more than a string seeking a home in Meg’s cunt and arsehole and they were sopping wet in any case.Martin peeled the totally unnecessary knickers from Meg arse slowly exposing her anus and then her disgustingly wet and glistening cunt which was perfectly clean shaven or possible even waxed of all pussy hair. Meg was certainly going to be quiet a handful in more ways than one .Martin spanked Megs bottom for ages and she wriggled more with pleasure than pain although her bottom was turning red it was obvious that Meg was enjoying the experience far to much .“Perhaps the cane will have more effect when we get home” said Martin as he allowed Meg to stand and adjust her clothing.“Perhaps” said Meg “at least we can try, I am a very naughty girl” she went on with a slight smirk of a challenge on her face….Martin slipped her wet thongs into his pocket“I expect you will be jerking off with those around your cock later” said MegMeg seemed to know Martin more than she should and wondered if Meg and Sarah were in “cahoots” over this whole thing.Either way both ladies were in for a lesson in discipline in the next few weeks.In fact Meg had no secrets from Sarah and Sarah had none from her Mother.They had always been a upstanding family but their home in Connecticut had always been open so to speak and Sarah had seen or at least heard her Mother being caned by Dad all of her life.Daddy had used the cane on Sarah too and false modesty was unknown in the household.Back in the car Martin sped on homewards and Meg carried on masturbating much to the distress of Martin who had no relief at all .With just two miles to go Meg finally came off with a massive orgasm and her cum juice flowed like a river from her pink twat.“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” Meg moaned as she let it all out shamelessly .Martin pulled into the large paved drive with more than a little relief and Sarah was waiting by the main door to greet her Mother and Husband with an obvious look of delight.With no one to help they started unloading the car and Sarah couldn’t help but notice her Mothers bare cunt as she slid out of her leather seat.Martin pulled Sarah to one side and whispered in her ear.“Your Mother is a cunt” said Martin “I know” said Sarah smiling“I knew she wouldn’t keep her knickers on for five minutes” said Sarah “A bit like you then “ said Martin “A hell of a lot like me “ said Sarah End of Part Two Part three to follow in which Martin tries to keep order in his house and fails miserably. The large house had been in the family for over two hundred years and Michael should have inherited it but he had decided to live in Canary Warf near where his business was leaving the entire property to Martin as his home for all time .It was far to large but it was so very pretty , built in the days when people had eight or more c***dren and several servants and gardeners.Meg was given the option of having her own private suite in the east wing but Meg begged to live as a member of the family and “muck in” with her Daughter and Son in Law.Sarah explained to her Mother that she had no intention of letting Meg spoil her life style and she could expect to see Martin and herself fucking and other naughty things in any part of the house and at any time .“Good for you “ said Meg “ I hope I can do the same “Meg and Sarah had always had a very open relationship and in fact had never had secrets from her Mother . Likewise Sarah was aware just how her Mother was with regard to sex and fucking in particular . Meg had never been a private person as Sarah remembered from her c***dhood and teen years. Dad would fuck Meg where and when he wanted her and Meg was no stranger to the kiss of the cane on her bare ass.“I know I can trust Martin never to fuck you “ said Sarah “Otherwise you can get your “jollies” in any way you wish ““Just be aware that Martin is my husband and Master and he will expect obedience from us both ““You mean he will cane my bare bottom “? said Meg “Certainly he will “ said Sarah “ and sooner rather than later , but if memory serves Mom ,you always liked a good ass warming didn’t you?”“Oh yes” said Meg “I can hardly wait , I haven’t had a good caning for years”!“Actually , I don’t thing you will have to wait long “ said Sarah Sarah showed Meg to her lovely bed chamber which was just across the hall from her own .“There are no locks on any of the doors in the house “ said Sarah , “we have never needed any except for the main door , so don’t expect any privacy Mother dearest , we have nothing to hide here and I hope you don’t either”“Not a thing dear” said Meg with a smile which said everything .Meg made herself at home . She felt as though she had always been there.It had been so lonely in Connecticut and Meg hadn’t felt any cock since her husband had passed.She was under the strictest orders to not fuck Martin but as Sarah had said everything else was fair game .Martin had her knickers in his pocket and she was bare arsed as she lay on the magnificent four poster bed .Sometimes Meg slept nude and sometimes she slept with a tiny night dress on which didn’t even cover her bottom . Tonight she would sleep nude.Meg was used to having a maid bring her food when and where she wanted it but it would be no real hardship to get snacks when she wanted them and dinner and main meals were served in the great dining hall or in the huge conservatory in a relaxed style she knew she was going to like .Meg was tired after her flight and decided to have an early night.Tonight Meg slept nude and masturbated herself to sleep imagining herself being caned with a senior cane over Martins desk on her bare bottom .Meg was asleep by nine o’clock, nude and with a wet pussy …….Martin and Sarah were relaxing in the lounge .Sarah had some case law to research which didn’t take long and she was soon by Martins side and caressing his huge dick and teasing him into an nice early fuck before bed .“I know Meg excited you “ said Sarah , “She’s an even bigger prick teaser than me “ “Do what you want to her” said Sarah .”except fuck her of course, she is a most awful exhibitionist and I know she loves the cane so please don’t hesitate to thrash her arse dear” “Oh don’t worry about that darling “ said Martin ,”I’m looking forward to it “ “Two can play at that game” said Martin as Sarah took her husbands huge cock into her mouth for a lingering blow job ,…….Martin soon responded after such a stimulating day and was soon about to cum .Sarah felt the beginnings of his first spasm and quickly stripped stark naked and sat astride him impaling herself on his dick . She felt his helmet nudge her cervix as she bobbed up and down seductively .Sarah always tried and nearly always succeeded in cumming at the same moment as Martin as she always though she stood a better chance of being fertilized that way . Whether that was an old wives tale was irrelevant . She liked it that way either way.“Oh fuck me “ she cried “fuckkkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeee” “Arrrghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” yes ,yes ,yes . Said Martin as he shot his hot spunk deeply inside Sarah’s sloppy cunt . Quickly Sarah turned to lay on her back and raised her legs so as not to waste malatya escort bayan any of the precious spunk ……… Sarah felt that she could still feel Martins cock inside her as she fell into a deep slumber in her cosy snug bed.It was a warm July night and a full moon and Martin slept alongside Sarah until he woke . The clock by the bed said it was three AM . Perhaps it was the moonlight that woke him or did he imagine that he heard someone walking about? .Sarah’s arse was sticking out from beneath the sheets and he admired the swell of her hips and the wet cleft in between her long legs. Her damp cunt was almost steaming in the warm air and Martin felt the urge to wake her and fuck her all over again . He was sure she wouldn’t have minded. She never did .Martin threw the sheets off and lay there with his cock exposed and he slid his hand across its meaty length . It was always erect these days which was fine at home but an inconvenience at school when he had some luscious girls arse to cane over his desk as he knew he would have come the next day .Martins school was one of the few that had retained corporal punishment much to the delight of the parents who chose the school for that very reason.Never a single day passed without at least three girls being sent to his office for the cane and it was always on the bare bottom , it always had been and Martin could see no reason to change the tradition .He was pretty certain that was how the girls liked it in any case which was the reason he saw the same girls over and over again and they all seemed eager to drop their knickers, much to eager in fact . Sarah was no different which was why Martin kept a cane not only in the bedroom but in his office and well stocked library at home.Martin just couldn’t get back to sleep with his boner and the room seemed almost oppressively warm despite the huge sash windows being partially opened. Sarah had been surprised that English country homes had no air-conditioning and even more so , no screen doors . English insects, it seemed preferred to be outdoors and the occasional fly or butterfly tended to agree. Martin decided a nice cold drink of juice was what he needed as he slipped out of bed and made his way to the kitchen and the large refrigerator which he knew had an endless supply of chilled drinks .He walked naked down the central staircase and into the delightfully appointed kitchen .Leaning against the large American style fridge was Meg with a glass of milk in one hand and a cigarette in the other. Meg was also nude.Not that this bothered Martin in the slightest and it was clear from her smile that Meg was delighted with the company …“I’m starving” said Meg.“Well make yourself a sandwich” said Martin as he moved Meg side to get a drink . “I’m sorry” said Meg “perhaps I should have errrr slipped into something “?“No Meg” said Martin ,”There’s really no need to dress, as you can see I’m naked too” ““Yes” said Meg as she looked at Martin’s hugely erect dick “I can see that “Megs tits were perfect, just like Sarah’s but a little larger perhaps and her nipples were longer and fully erect.“Is that for me”? said Meg nodding towards Martins engorged cock .“Partially Meg” said Martin as he poured a tall glass of pineapple juice for himself.“I assume you know we don’t smoke in this house” said Martin .“At least you could open the French windows Meg and stand by them if you insist on smoking …. In fact Martin himself did have an occasional cigar and he was used to doing just that . Except in the conservatory which was his designated smoking area.Meg walked seductively towards the huge French windows and opened them standing on the threshold as her silhouette highlighted her perfect arse in the moonlight.Meg opened her legs slightly as her hand dropped to her cunt . Martin had the perfect rear view of Megs arse and hand as she shamelessly masturbated herself . “I do hope you don’t mind a mature woman pleasuring herself dear Martin “ said Meg.“Or do we masturbate outside too” said Meg smiling.“You can play with your cunt wherever and whenever you like Meg “ said Martin .“You may find cock a little hard to come by though , unless you brought your own with you” ?“I have indeed” said Meg , “I never go anywhere without my little toys , would you care to watch me use one “said Meg as her fingers moved more quickly now and her clitoris was standing to attention as she said the words..“Perhaps later, or later tomorrow “ said Martin “I would like to see your cunt well stretched “ he said “Before that “ said Martin “I do have to cane your bare arse for smoking “ “Oh really “ said Meg “well if you have too , you have too” she said ,.Martin couldn’t help but grasp his cock and began wanking in earnest at the same pace as Meg.“How do you want me “ said Meg bending over slightly to expose her asshole and cunt ..Martin took her by the hand and Meg could feel the strength in Martins hand as he took her swiftly into his private study . Meg felt totally helpless as Martin made her bend over the green leather chesterfield so that her arse was well raised and her legs were flailing in the air like a naughty c***d.The sight of Megs arsehole twitching made Martin even harder and her cunt was wetter than ever as Martin selected the senior cane he had appropriated from school some time ago .“Its always eight strokes for smoking “ said Martin as he flexed the cane .“Do you think that’s fair” Meg had never had more than six strokes of the cane before and had almost forgotten what it felt like . “Eight strokes”? said Meg , “ couldn’t you let me off with six if I suck you off Sir “ “I could give you twelve if you would prefer” said Martin “and you would still be happy to suck my dick ““Oh “ said Meg , “I suppose I’d better settle for eight of the best then ““Bottom well up Meg” said Martin “and keep those pretty legs well spread”“Yes sir” said Meg spreading wider than she had ever spread them , even for her own husband.How nice it would be ,thought Martin to have Sarah and Meg up ended together for a good caning … Perhaps he should discuss it with Sarah later?Megs bottom was almost identical to Sarah’s , perhaps a little plumper but still in excellent condition . Even her twat and asshole were the same colour and both Mother and Daughter were cunt waxed so that there bare cunts were perfectly displayed.“Thhhwacccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”“Twacccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”“Kerrrrrrracccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”“Ouchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeee”“Oh fucking hell “ cried Meg“Be quiet” said Martin “I don’t want to hear a squeak from you Meg “ “Your only getting what you so richly deserve after all ““You are after all just another cunt to me” said Martin “Yes sir” said Meg “Then say it girl “ said Martin “I’m just another cunt sir” said Meg“Thhhwacccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”“Twacccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”“Kerrrrrrracccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”“Arrrgggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh oh cunt , fuck ,fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk” “That will be an extra stroke for swearing “ said Martin “Say it again girl”“Yes sir, another stroke for the cunt sir” said MegMegs arse was bright red and stinging like crazy but she was beginning to leak badly as the tell tale rivulets of woman spunk ran down her thighs and onto the leather of the chesterfield.“Thhhwacccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”“Thhhwacccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”“Kerrrrrrracccccccccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk”“Fuckkkkkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeee” cried Meg.“I cant fuck you as you so delicately put it “ said Martin “Although the offer is very tempting”“Now you can get on your knee’s and suck my cock , cunt as I know you’ve been gagging to since you arrived. Meg was rubbing her sore arse as she obeyed. It was all true , she couldn’t wait to get that thick cock inside her even thought it wouldn’t be her cunt Meg would settle for third best rather than go without …Meg took Martin’s cock deeply into her sweet mouth halfway which was all she could manage as she licked her tongue around the massive pole. It had been so long since Meg had tasted man spunk and she missed the salty taste of spunk badly.Meg had hoped that Martin would fuck her in the arse but that would still be fucking ,wouldn’t it ? She would ask Sarah if it was allowed . She so wanted to be penetrated in the ass she was desperate for it . A blow job would have to suffice , at least for now …………………….Megs cheeks were bulging with cock as she tried to take as much as she could and she prepared herself for the gush of spunk which would inevitably and imminently be spurting into her throat.Martin had both of her tits in each hand and was pulling at her long nipples mercilessly . Meg’s hand was equally busy between her legs as she masturbated furiously and a white froth was building into a huge orgasm . She knew that Martin would have to cum first which was as it should be . Otherwise she might be over the chesterfield once again and her bottom was still tender from the previous caning . After what seemed an eternity Martin grunted and let go of his first wad of spunk . It hit the target nicely and went straight into Megs throat ……“Keep sucking cunt “ said Martin “there’s plenty more to come yet dear”And so there was … Three more spurts of salty spunk entered Martin’s Mother in Law’s throat.Most of it was swallowed quiet well but a little was dribbling from Megs lips as she withdrew. She licked her lips so as not to waste any and finally Martin gave her permission to finish herself off .With her legs wide open Meg was finally allowed to masturbate in full view of her new Master .Four fingers did the job nicely as Meg had her first orgasm ..“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I’m cummmmminggggggggggg “ she cried as the woman juice spurted from her gaping twat .Martin replaced the senior cane on its hook and finished his juice.As if he was able to read Megs mind he said “I will ask Sarah if I can ass fuck you tomorrow “ “Oh yes please” said Meg “You may go back to bed now Meg” said Martin .Martin watched Meg as she ascended the staircase in her naked grandeur .He was going to have a lot of fun with Meg . Of that he was certain …………..