lets talk, third installment

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lets talk, third installmentOk, on with this story. Fast forward now 6 years and I am now 16.Mom and dad and I went to the family farm in Kentucky. This is where my mother was raised. Small farm about 20 acres. I had aunts and cousins that lived in town, and we were about 10 miles outside the town. There were 2 horses and a pony on the farm, chickens, and 1 cow. The pony belonged to my cousin Sue, who was a year older than me.So one day Sue and I were out riding, she on her pony, and I was riding the big stud. We were about a mile from the farm and we got off the horse and pony by the creek where the swiming hole was located. I wanted to get in but Sue said we cant, no bathing suits. Well us boys never worried about that but she wouldnt hear of it. That was when the stud decided to piss. His big cock came rolling out and he was pissing a gusher. Sue was wide eyed and couln’t seem to tear bahis firmaları her gaze from that cock. Her breating had increased and the next thing I know she has that huge cock in her hand. She turned to me and smiled and went back to jacking her hand up and down that cock.I moved to her and put my arms around her from behind and grabbed her tits gently, but firmly and she did not resist or stop me. So I wispered “want to take your clothes off now and go in the creek?” I started unbottening her shirt and soon had her top half naked. No bra because her tits were not that big, but they were firm and the nipples stood out stright. She just dropped her pants and panties, and then got hold of that horse cock again. I bent her over at the waist and shoved my cock in her. She was sooo wet and soooooo willing. This was my first experience with a female relative. After I had filled perabet güvenilir mi her cunt with sperm, we got dressed again and rode back to the barn. I unsaddled the horse and pony, and when I turned around, Sue had her clothes off again and the farm og was licking her cunt and my cum from it. When the dog backed off a little, she quickly got on her hands and knees and the dog mounted her. That dog fucked her harder than I have ever seen anyone fucked, including me. Dog Cum was just running out of her cunt, and then the dog pulled out and the knot made her scream it was so big. I turned around toward the door and there stood my mother. Scared the shit out of me, but I quickly noticed she had her hand under her dress and was fucking herself with her fingers. She walked in and asked Sue if She had fucked her son (me), and Sue said, I guess I had to be the one tipobet to get him started in the f a m i l y. Mom just quickly pulled my pants down, took my cock in her mouth and sucked it hard. She got on her back on a bench outside the stalls, spread her legs, and told me to fuck her like I fuckd Sue. I sure didnt need asking twice. I shoved my cock and all 8 inches went in without resistance because she was so wet. I fucked her about 10 minutes before I came inside her. When my cock got soft and fell out, she got up and without a word, left the barn and went to the house.Sue then told me about the f a m i l y, and that the aunts, uncles, and the k i d s all fucked when they had the opportunity, but had witheld that information until today. She then told me she looked forward to fucking me again, but she really wanted to see me fuck her mother so she could suck my cum out of her cunt. I couldn’t wait. Since I had some other female experiences before this time, I had figured out that I loved pussy, but still liked a cock and getting my ass fucked too. I will save the nights activity until later when I have more time to add to this.David