Learning the Ropes

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Learning the RopesThe first time my penis got hard, I didn’t know what was happening and I was a bit scared. It was like a bone and I tried to bend it to make it go down but it wouldn’t. So I showed my mother my penis and she said: “It’s nothing to worry about, dear. It’s called an erection. It will go down on its own.”And she was right. After a while my erection went down and my penis was normal again. Some time later, I went for a walk through the woods near our house, and I saw a man leaning against a tree. As I passed by, he whistled and when I looked, I saw that he was naked under his coat. His penis was really big and it was sticking out all stiff and hard. “What do you think of this, k**?” he said, waving it at me. “You have an erection,” I explained, “but my mommy says it’s nothing to worry about. It will go down on its own.” He looked at me as if he did not believe me.”It’s true,” I said. “I get an erection sometimes but my penis always goes back to normal after a while.” He smiled at me, sort of. “I know a better way to make a cock go down, k**. Wanna see how I do it?””You should call it a penis. Mommy says that cock is not a nice word.” “Sure, k**, whatever you say. Now, watch. Come a bit closer and watch.” He seemed to be a nice man, so I went a bit closer. I looked at his penis again and thought Wow. It had blue veins all along it, and the knob thing at the top was a sort of reddish purple. He wrapped his fingers round his penis and started to sort of rub it back and forth. It seemed a funny thing to do. Then he started to move his hand faster and faster. He made funny grunting noises and his eyes were closed and I thought he was in pain. Then suddenly he seemed to stop and then a big spurt of stuff shot out of his penis and splashed on the ground. It happened several times and he was moaning even more, and then said Aaaaahhh. He opened his eyes and looked at me. “What was that stuff?” I asked. “It didn’t look like pee.” “No, k**, that is special man stuff. Some people call it cum, some call itspunk. Didn’t you ever do that when your cock got hard?” “No!” I said quickly. “Mommy said to leave it alone when I had an erection.” “Come on, k**. Try it. You’ll like it, I promise. Come on, let me see your co… penis.”I thought Wow, this was something different, so I took out my penis, which wasn’t hard at all. “I am sorry,” I said, “but I don’t have an erection.” “Let me show you what to do. I promise I won’t hurt you, and if you don’t like it, we can stop.” “All right,” I said.I moved up to him and he took my penis between his thumb and forefinger and rubbed it. It felt nice, and I like it, and I looked at his penis, which was sort of rubbery and red now, but mine was getting hard and soon I had an erection and I felt a little dizzy, but I didn’t want him to stop. But he did stop. “OK, Richard,” he said (I had told him my name), “now you do it for yourself. Just like I did.” “But my mommy said…” “It’s all right, Richard. Women don’t know about this thing. It is just forboys and men, ok?” I nodded.”Private. Our secret, right?” I nodded again. I wanted to do the thing to my erection more than ever, so I started to work my hand up and down my penis the way he had done. He slid his hand underneath, where my scrotum is (mommy taught me that word too) and it felt really nice having his hand there while I did the thing to my erection. “Attaboy! Keep going. Harder!” And then it happened. It was like I had a million little pins sticking in me all over my body. I felt A big thrill in my penis like nothing I had ever experienced before and a stream of sticky stuff shot out of me. The man cheered at I did several spurts and held me up because I wanted to fall down.”Attaboy, Richard!” he said. “You just jacked off and you just spunked up. Well done!”I felt really proud of myself and I thought to myself: I just jacked off and I just spunked up. And there was still a lovely tingling in my cock. Yes, I thought I will call it my cock from now on, not my penis, which was just a woman word. “Now, you can do that for yourself whenever you want, Richard.” “I will, sir,” I said. And I meant it. “So, she made you stop.””Yes, she said stop, so I stopped.” “So you didn’t make sticky?” “No. I wanted to, but she said stop, so I stopped and I didn’t makesticky.” “It’s not good to stop like that, Richard.” the man said. “Would you likeme to help you make sticky now?””Oh yes, please,” I said. I knew I was very lucky to have such a good friend. “But you said there was another way. What other way is that, please?” “Be patient, Richard!” “Yes, sir, I will wait.” “First, come and stand facing me. Very close.” As illegal bahis siteleri he spoke, he took out his cock, reached out, took my hand and made me wrap my fingers round it. It felt so good. I like wrapping my finger’s round a man’s cock. I felt my own penis start to twitch and I knew it would get stiff in no time. The man groaned, but it was a nice groan. “Oh God, Richard, I love when you hold my cock for me. Now, take out yourown cock. I want to see your darling stiffy!” So, I unzipped and pulled out my penis for him, and it was already stiff. “Mmmm, I could EAT it!” he said, looking at my penis with a hungry look in his eyes. “I don’t think I would like that,” I said, not wanting him or anyone to eat my penis. He smiled his nice smile. “It’s just an expression. Now, would you like to spunk up?” I knew spunk up was another way to say cum which was another way to say make sticky. I think it is good that we can say things in more than one way. “Yessss,” I whispered, and I reached for his hand to put on my penis. “No, Richard. I want to make you spunk up without touching your cock atall.” I couldn’t see how he could do that, but I knew he was a clever man as well as being a nice man, so I just nodded. “Don’t let go of my cock, will you, Richard?”No no no, I thought, I want to hold it FOR EVER! I started to stroke it up and down the way he had taught me. I wanted him to spunk up too. “Good boy,” he hispered. “Now, don’t worry, I am going to touch you in a very special way, ok?” I nodded.He slipped his hand down my back and inside my pants and caressed my bottom. Nobody had ever touched my bottom before, except once when the doctor did it, though I don’t know why the doctor wanted to touch my bottom. Doctors can touch any part of you, though, they are allowed to. “Mmmm, you have such a nice butt,” he said, squeezing my bottom in his big rough hand. I liked the word butt. Butt. My butt. I have a nice butt. Then, I felt his fingers slide between my buttocks and the tip of his fingers touched my hole, just like the doctor did that time. Then my nice man withdrew his hand, licked his middle finger till it was real wet, and then put his hand back and this time I felt his wet finger pressing against my hole. “Don’t stop wanking me, Richard,” he said, his voice sort of rough now like he had a sore throat or something. “And tell me if you don’t like what I am doing to your pretty butt.”And then his finger pressed harder and it went inside me. And he wiggled it about and it felt nice. I wriggled and I think I might have giggled a bit too. I held his cock even tighter and wanked it because I wanted to show him that I liked him pushing his finger inside me. I remember I liked it when the doctor did it, but not so much because I wasn’t holding the doctor’s cock at the time. I think that is why I giggled.”Does it tickle?” “Sort of, but it’s a nice tickle. I don’t mind if you want to push it in further.” “Bless you, Richard,” he said. I felt his cock twitch and get even harder so I knew he was pleased with me. Then I felt him push a second finger in me, and it hurt a little bit and made me squirm. “Shhh, it’s all right, Richard,” he said softly. And he held his fingers still inside me till the little hurt went away, and then he started to work his fingers inside me again and I felt it all along the length of my stiffy, like he was touching my stiffy only from inside me. It felt good,and I knew this was the other way he told me about.”I think we are ready now, Richard,” he said. And with that, he withdrew his fingers, gently pushed my hand off his cock and then laid his coat on the ground. He took off my pants and told me to lie face down on his coat, and then he went behind me and pushed my legs wide apart. Then he knelt down between my legs, lifted me by my hipsand I felt his hard cock against my bottom, between my buttocks, where his fingers had been. I was a bit afraid and squirmed a bit. “Do you know what massage is?” he asked. “Yes, I think so. My mommy has a massage sometimes. A lady comes and they go into mommy’s bedroom and the lady massages her and mommy says it makes her feel better.””Good. Well, I am going to give you a very special massage, Richard, only I am going to massage inside you like I did with my fingers, only this time with my cock. Do you understand?” “I think so,” I said uncertainly. “Will it make me spunk up?” “Oh yes, definitely! Just hold yourself up so I can go inside you.” And with that he pulled my buttocks apart and then guided his cock inside me. I think he must have stretched my hole when he did that thing with his fingers, because his cock seemed perabet giriş to slide into me without difficulty. But it still hurt a lot. I think I screamed, or at least I yelled.”Shhh, hold still, Richard, it will be all right.” And he stroked my hair, and he reached round to touch my stiffy but didn’t hold it, and all the while he kept his cock inside me, but only a little way, and after a while it felt good and I said”I don’t mind if you want to push it further into me.” And he did, and it hurt again, but not so much, and he held still and when it was all right he pushed it in a little more until I could feel his legs against me. And then he started to work his cock back and forth, it was like my hole was wanking his cock now instead of my hand and Iknew it must be nice for him because it was nice for me. I couldn’t understand how him pushing his cock into my hole could make me have such good feelings in my penis, but it did. Very good. Special. I knew I could easily spunk up if he kept doing that thing to me in my hole. “Is it good, Richard? Do you like me fucking you?” Another word: fucking. I knew what it meant even without him telling me: fucking is when a man puts his hard penis inside a boy and works it in and out until the boy spunks up. It was a good word.”Yes, I like you fucking me. It is making my penis really tingle and like I think I will make sticky very soon.” “Oh god,” he groaned. And then: “Me too, Richard. Inside you.” And I thought wow. There was something special about having his cum inside me like filling my belly. And then his cock stiffened and shuddered and then he held still and then I felt a huge like explosion inside me. Deep inside me. Warm milky man cum filling me. I could hear squelchy noises in my bottom as he went on pumping his man cum into me, and the feeling of it made me suddenly spunk up too and I loved itfeeling my penis shooting my sticky on to the man’s coat, while he was. After my meeting in the woods with the man, I went home. I was still tingling between my legs. That night in bed, I thought about his cock and how he had let me watch him j-a-c-k o-f-f. I kept saying the words over and over. I liked these words. I remembered how he had spurted lots of cum and I thought Wow! All the time I thought about his cock and how he had helped me to spunk up. And I was hard again, my penis was just like a hard bone, but I knew now what to do. So, I got my head under thesheet and jacked off. You have to think of something nice while you do it, so I thought some more about his cock and imagined what it would be like to hold it. Wow again. I soon spunked up, it came so quick and so sudden, I just let it spurt on the sheet. And that was a mistake. When I came home after school next day, I went up to my room. My mother was in my room. The sheets were thrown back and she looked at me and then pointed at where my cum had dried and made a stain. “What is that, Richard?” she said. I didn’t know what to say. It was a man thing, a secret, women couldn’t understand. “Dunno, mommy.” “Well, I know, Richard. You played with yourself, didn’t you? You rubbed your penis and stuff came out, right?” You can never hide anything from mommies. I nodded, trying not to meet her gaze. “Get undressed, Richard, and sit on the bed. I want you to show me exactly what you did.”So I did. I wrapped my fingers round my cock and rubbed it the way the man had shown me and it got hard in no time. I didn’t look at my mother, I just looked down at my penis. “Go on, Richard, show me exactly how you made all that sticky stuff.” And I thought Wow. Maybe women do know about spunking up and stuff. By now, I was enjoying my wank so much, I sort of forgot that my mommy was watching me. I just concentrated hard and getting to that point where it’s like a million little needles all sticking in your tummy and your legs and your toes curl and suddenly everything feels like you are on fire only it’s a nice feeling.”Stop!”I opened my eyes and looked at my mommy. I was SO close, I didn’t want to stop. But I did. And she said: “I don’t want you to make another mess on your sheets, Richard. Just stop it right now!” I nodded. Then she got up and went out of my room without saying another word. I thought: I better find the man again and tell him about this. Ithought: I hope he won’t be angry that I let out our secret about erections and cumming and stuff. I met him at the same spot in the woods a few days later, and told him about what had happened. He wasn’t angry at all. He just smiled and said: “Sooner or later, mommies find out. Don’t worry about it.” “OK,” I said, “I won’t worry about perabet güvenilir mi it.” “Do you want to spunk up with me again, Richard?” I thought wow. I was lucky to have found such a nice man. “Do you want me to show you another way to spunk up? I think you’ll like it.” Another way? How could there be another way? But I said ok anyway, mostly because I wanted to see his cock again, because seeing his cock wouldgive me stiffy, and I wanted to show my stiffy to this kind man shooting his sticky deep inside me.His cock stayed in my asshole a long time, gradually getting softer and smaller till it finally popped out with a little plopping noise. The man rolled over on to his back and pulled me on top of him. “Richard, I want us to kiss full on the lips. IS that ok?” And I hugged him and put my mouth on his and we kissed and hugged for ages and I was happy and I was proud because I had his man cum inside me even though I could feel it now oozing out of my bottom, but that was a nice feeling too. “When a boy is filled with a man’s cum, it makes him strong, Richard.” “Strong?” “Yes, from now on, every time I fuck you, you will get stronger and healthier and your cock will start to grow and soon it will be man-sized and you will be able to show it to other boys and they will say wow because they will wish they had a cock like yours.” And I thought wow.When I got back, my mommy said I looked tired and sweaty and go take ashower. So I did and it felt good, specially my boyhole which was a bit sore, well, very sore, because that was the first time a man’s cock had pushed into me.And my penis was a bit sore too where it had rubbed on the man’s coat while I laid face down so he could f-u-c-k me. So I soaped myself real well, and then mommy came into the bathroom and said oh my god are you playing with yourself again after what I said? and I said no I am washing myself, mommy, and she went quiet for a moment. “Let me do that for you, dear,” she said. I like it when she calls me dear because it means she’s not angry with me. So, that was it, really. She started soaping my penis and I said that’s enough mommy it’s clean now, but she said, not quite, just a little more, and she went on and on and on soaping and rubbing my penis and it was not my fault if it came up big and hard. I’m sorry mommy I said, I have an erection but it’s not my fault, and she said that’s all right, dear, and carried on soaping my penis, only more like the way the man had done it to me, and I thought wow.Then she rinsed me off and I thought ok now I can towel myself dry, but instead she said: “It looks sore, darling, but I know just how to make it feel better.” “How?” “Saliva, darling, it’s the best thing for soreness.”And I thought ok, I guess she wants me to spit on it, but instead she bent forward, held my penis by the root – oh my it was really hard now and twitching a lot – and she put my penis in her mouth and I thought wow. It felt all warm and wet inside her mouth and I liked it, and the best bit was when she moved her lips back and forth from the very tip to the very base where my pubic hairs must have tickled her nose. Taking it out of her mouth briefly she said “Does that feel good, darling? Would you like mommy to do it some more?”I nodded. I like when mommy calls me dear, but I like it best when she calls me darling, because that means she really loves me, so I thought, yes, I will let mommy do the thing with her mouth some more because it makes me feel good and it makes her happy. And then I thought, oh no! what if I spunk up? what if I spurt my sticky into her mouth? I knew I was ready to cum again what with me soaping my penis and mommy soaping my penis and rubbing it that special way, and now her mouth all warm and soft and wet sliding on my cock and her tongue doing nice things too. So I thought about it for a moment, and then I said “”Mommy, I might make sticky. It’s not my fault, though, it just comes when….””I know, darling,” she mumbled (you mumble when you can’t talk properly because you have a cock in your mouth) – “but it’s all right. Don’t worry. Mommy loves her darling boy’s sticky.” But not on the sheets, I thought.And then I came. Big time. In my mommy’s mouth. And she didn’t mind at all. In fact I think she really enjoyed it from the way she was licking all my boyspunk off her lips and off my penis. I know it’s a man thing and supposed to be secret, but when your mommy holds your penis and does that thing with her mouth, I guess it can sometimes be a woman thing too. Well, a mommy thing anyway. That night, remembering how it felt to have my cock in her mouth, I started playing with myself again and even cummed, but only a little one, not big time like in mommy’s mouth. And then I remembered everything that had happened earlier with the nice man in the woods and how he had fucked me and how much I had liked it even if it did hurt a bit. And I thought wow, and fell asleep.